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Comment 12 Aug 2017

To some degree we've been spoiled by Hyde the Zeke bc they were pretty much finished products right away. We are having to watch Weber develop as he goes. If his development is even with the freshman and he loses reps bc of a hamstring...just saying things could get dicey for him. On the flip side, the coaching staff seems to love him. We'll see. 

Comment 12 Aug 2017

You got that right. Weber has always struck me as an "I" guy. From Day 1, to lack of effort when he doesn't have the ball to dumb penalties.   He goes down to easy in the open field and has very little wiggle to him. He's been a young guy with lots of room to get better. But if the new guy is already there...well, that could be the end of Weber. 

Comment 29 Jul 2017

Go to Coldwater next weekend during their Community Picnic.  You'll be amazed (or maybe sickened) how such a small town can throw such a HUGE, DRUNKEN 4-day party/bender in a public park. Most of the town lives for it and looks forward to it all year.  My wife is from there and from my times there, it's something else.  They sell beer in the park. Instead of trash cans, they use use these makeshift 10'x10' temporary fenced in areas and people just throw their cans in there. They fill em up repeatedly.  It's nuts. 

Comment 29 Jul 2017

Some teams definitely live by the philosophy that more snaps you take the higher the probability is for points.  I'm sure the studies are out there to prove or disprove the philosophy. I'm just saying I don't see that ever being Meyer's philosophy.  I think he still wants to manage games and keep a grip on things. I don't see him saying, "Well, the stats show that we will win X% of the time by being driven by a goal of 90-100 snaps a game. I think he feels comfortable with how he's done it. 

Do i think we could see the Buckeyes get 90 or more snaps sometimes?  Sure. But I'd be surprised if that goal was the MO of the offense. With that said, I do hope they play a lot faster with more spurts of tempo than the last 2 years. 

Comment 29 Jul 2017

I can't see see Urban Meyer ever saying, "Our goal is to run 90 plays because running 90 plays will give us the best chance to win field position, time of possession, and be as efficient as we need to be with scoring TDs."  At least not in a big game. I think his goal will be the other way field position, time of possession and score enough TDs. That could lead to 90 plays and if it does, so be it.  But too much can go wrong in a big game if you let tempo (goal of 90 plays) drive the whole thing.  

A lot of coaches operate that way but they don't win as many games as Urban. 

Comment 24 Jul 2017

Nice to see coaches using common sense in planning their days. I coached high school ball for 15 years...not many I was around ever wanted to back off the kids.  We'd be dead and waste practices. Then kids would have small injuries and miss practice, feel guilty and stressed out which would lead to other problems. 2-a-days SUCK!  Even for coaches. 

Comment 17 Jul 2017

I wonder if he has hired a service to accompany him to public places?  Basically someone to babysit him so he doesn't get pulled into problems. 

At the same time, no details have come out and no arrests were made, according to the report.  So, maybe it's being blown out of proportion. Still, cmon Zeke!

Comment 10 Jul 2017

My expectations are tempered by the statement made by Wilson:  It's not like I'm here to change things.  The hardest part is learning the nuances of the offense.  

I know Irban has said it's an OSU offense regardless of the OC.  However, he needs to give the keys to Wilson and let him go at it.  Regardless of what people want to say about urban as an offensive guru, he's never  been an OC and Wilson has been an extremely good one.  Let him coach!!

Comment 03 Jul 2017

But Tressel won the Big Ten to get to those games. Once with a team that had already beat #2 in the country and one that probably shouldn't have been there in the 1st place and didn't have the talent to match up. 

Meyer has one B1G championship in 5 years. Tress had 3. I just simply like Tress better than urban. So, I'll always be a Tress guy. Meyer is a prick. He was a prick before he got here and he's a prick now. But he's our prick so that makes it ok and it allows people to forgive and forget. 

Comment 30 Jun 2017

A friend of mine works on the football staff at PSU. He just told me the other day it's shocking how many people in State College don't give a damn about any of the abuse. They love JoPa no matter what.  

On the flip side, he made the promo video (he's their video guy) for their throwback unis and the battle to keep out any and all references to a paterno team were intense. Strict orders were to keep it all out. That's why it's a "1959" uni. Everyone is afraid to be fired if they ever reference Joe in any way.