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Comment 02 Mar 2020

Since it's clear that McCall has the skill set to be a slot, it would've been nice to see him used in the playoff game at RB after JK's ankle injury.  They kept trying to throw to JK out of the backfield but he just couldn't be himself.  If he had been, the outcome may have been different.  Kept hoping to see McCall in there for him and make a huge, game-changing play.  Since he never appeared, makes me think the coaches, for some reason, don't trust him .

Comment 31 Dec 2019

In sports, a team should have to overcome the other team and their own mistakes. No team should have to overcome officiating. Especially, when the play in question was called correctly on the field but overturned by some mystery man. To say, OSU shouldn’t have made mistakes and it wouldn’t have had to worry about officiating is flat out stupid. 

Comment 16 Dec 2019

Clemson's OL will not have seen anything like what the Buckeye's DL is capable of bringing.  Unless it's in practice against their own guys. The DTs will need to be in the backfield ALL DAY and the rush lane integrity will have to be perfect all game long.  If the Front Seven can stop the run and allow the secondary to get comfortable, I think the Silver Bullets will hold them under 31.  If they can...OSU has a REAL chance to win.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Kills me that the cycle keeps repeating itself in regard to position coaches and coordinators being considered locks as HC's.  There are a lot more assistants who come from a great head coaching tree that bust than boom.  I think the new blue print is in place at OSU.  Build an ORGANIZATION and appoint the guy from within that understands all the moving parts that are in place and can enhance the organization.  Rather than having a shit organization and expecting somebody to come in who's never managed a program (Chris Ash comes to mind) and expect them to build the next great dynasty.  It's unrealistic.  But as long as a guy can go get paid millions to fail, it won't change.

Comment 09 Jul 2019

I’d love to know how many missed tackles there were among the players making 85% of them. I don’t think there’d be many. It was a lack of gap integrity that usually led to the big plays on the ground...not bad angles or missed tackles. So, if the new scheme makes it easy to play fast and still know where to be, this team could once again dominate the run game like the Silver Bullets we are all craving!

Comment 02 Jul 2019

Exactly. And have there been any stories at this point of Urban being involved in anything from a football standpoint?  I haven’t heard anything other than him observing practice. His duties at FOX seems like a full time gig to me. Between the time it will take to travel back and forth plus the time to prepare for the show and do whatever little bit he is supposed to do for OSU, when will he have time to really bother Day?

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Everyone on the outside wants to say the Buckeyes are the underdog this year. However, I have yet to read an actual analysis for that conclusion. I’m not talking about one from the dip shit Gameday host from up North either.  

Home game - check. (But who cares?)

Returning QB - check.  (Again, who cares?  What’s he have around him?)

Anything  else?