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Comment 13 May 2019

I think they'll be good to go when it comes to in-game adjustments.  That's what he's been doing his entire career.  I guess the wild-card with that could be how well he does it with the new "OC" from Ok State.  I think the biggest thing will be keeping control of the team through any adversity they may face early.  Let's say the team is down by ten heading into the 4th quarter of the UC game.  What do they do??  If they play their ass of but still do they respond?  That kind of stuff will be where Day defines his 1st year, in my opinion.

Does the "NH" mean you're in New Hampshire?  Going there the 1st week of June for vacation.  Worried about the weather being cold and rainy.  What do you think?

Comment 29 Apr 2019

I just hope they can make every type of block so the run game (with the RB) can be complete.  I want to see our RB's run power...not only the QB.  That's one of the things I loved about watching the Okie State offense...they could attack in so many ways running and passing.  OSU hasn't really been that way since we had Vannett and Heurman because there hasn't been a TE who could really block.  For the RB to get the ball on power, the TE must be solid at both leading through and kicking out.  For Fields to get to run power, JK must be able to kick out, lead through or seal back side.  Very hopeful to see that stuff return to the offense.  Those create explosive run plays.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

I get they wanna protect the players but’s not like they are coming outta fall camp. 15 practices in a month isn’t exactly the Bataan Death March.  I hope “no tackling” isn’t a preview of the season. Running, 10 minute clock?  Could miss a quarter going to the bathroom. 

Comment 06 Apr 2019

The one in the article. Not the one at the top. Not saying he’s a bad looking kid. These schools don’t spend money on official visits for bad lookkng kids.  He may have been a sophomore in the pic for all I know. Just saying he has to know...he’s probably not waking right into Bama, OSU, etc and being in the two deep. Bosas do that. Then get picked in the first few picks of the draft. Unless he’s a guy like a Bosa or JJ Watt...he will need time to develop. That’s all I’m saying. 

Comment 06 Apr 2019

 He mentioned he wanted to talk to 3rd stringers and ask if they still like the place even though they don’t play.  Sounds like maybe he is partially trying to figure out where he will be happiest while he develops.  Maybe that is an old picture, but he doesn’t look physically ready to play at OSU.  Could take a couple years to work his way up and he may realize that. Look at all the physical specimens and incredible athletes who can’t get on the field. He’s aware of that. 

Comment 11 Mar 2019

People worried about Urban hovering too closely won't have to worry about that if Urban is on the west coast coast doing this show every Saturday.  He was tired of the grind of the season.  It'll be a grind just getting too and from LA every week.  That sounds miserable.  

Comment 28 Feb 2019

Love how people talk about Haskins being not as good from a dirty pocket. Well, no shit. Nobody is good from a dirty pocket. That’s why a pass rush exists. Brady stinks too when a 6’5” 300 pounder is in his face and knocking him down. That’s why the emphasis is to get the ball out before the pocket becomes dirty. 

Comment 23 Jan 2019

Yeah...I love reading comments by people on her who think Schiano is good enough for Belichik but not good enough for the Buckeyes.  That's absurd.  I'm not against Day letting him go and building his own staff.  But I'll bet if 11W put one of those polls up asking Schiano or Hafley.  100% would pick Schiano.  It took 3 different google searches to get Hafley's name, by the way.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

Chris...what do you think of this thought?  Because the short-crossing routes were used so much AS the run game, defenses were able to align to stop the run and that crossing route approach didn’t really move the D enough to create numbers or angle advantages in the run game.  Put that with an OL that was SO DAMN TALL that the pad level was high (low man wins) you get an average to low average run game. 

Comment 11 Jan 2019

1. I'm going to trust that Day, Smith, and the lawyer know a lot more about how this will go than anyone else on the outside.  What they know has driven the process that led to Field's transfer into OSU.  Fields will be granted the waiver.  The lawyer wouldn't risk his reputation and future ability to get clients on this if he wasn't damn sure.

2. I'm going to assume that Day is not a fan of Tate being the face of his program (I'm not either).  This being due to his Tweeting, his comments to the media, and probably his overall demeanor.  He strikes me as an "I-guy" and one that is great to have when things are going well but a cancer when things start to go south.  Day probably foresees trouble with this young man that could derail a season.  So...he has gone and gotten his own guy (Fields) and told Tate that he will have to compete for the job. Tate apparently doesn't want to.  Why?  Because of the demeanor and the "me-1st" attitude that he has demonstrated.  He probably doesn't feel he should have to.  He probably feels disrespected.  Boo-Hoo...poor Tate.  (Can you imagine Jalen H. acting like Tate in the media?  Hell no)

3. I don't think anyone really turned on Tate.  Tate's Tweets, comments to the media and his demeanor have soured people's opinions on him just like they have soured Coach Day's opinion of and trust in him.