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Comment 20 Jun 2016

Born and raised in Canton, OH, die hard Buckeye fan and all Cleveland fan.  Lived in Florida and now NC and it's amazing to see how many Buckeye fans I run into everywhere.  Go CAVS!!!

Comment 22 Sep 2011

How the hell are we 16.5 point favorites in this game?  I was thinking more like 7.5. With a first time starter for us and Colorado's ability to move the ball, you have to think this has the potential to be closer than that.  Braxler, however, is still a big wild card.

BTW, now that B-Rax is starting, a certain trend for the future, perhaps it's time for a nickname? 

New contest, 11W?

Comment 12 Sep 2011

New Banners:  If we're going complete redesign, I like Rych's 3rd one down with the grass and the top two as well, and Cob's take too.







Comment 21 Jan 2011

Hilarious.  I haven't laughed this hard all week.  This is my favorite Men's Bball team of all time!

Comment 19 Jan 2011

Outstading article.  Everything I was thinking but couldn't find the words to say.  Dropping the Bucks in the final ballot was the last straw.  F**k Herbstreit.  If his boys are anything like him (e.g. lacking character, loyalty, talent, etc.), they won't be getting an Ohio State offer anyway.

Comment 02 Dec 2010

Hilarious.  I guess when you get to be a certain age, you've earned the right to not have people object to everything you say and do.  My father apparently believes that age to be 60.

Comment 18 Nov 2010

"Ah, for crying out loud!  Another fricking loss to Northwestern?!  Come here, Ferentz.  Walk into this," says Coach Fry waving his hand back and forth in a vigorous slapping motion.

Comment 16 Nov 2010


Early predictions from Fox Sports writer.  Has Buckeyes winning it all, Michigan State in Final Four.

Comment 02 Sep 2010

This just in:  Cameron Heyward already in beast mode.  Approach with caution.


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