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Comment 15 hours ago

I totally get how you feel. Imagine the oh so lofty expectations of being an average runner on a D3 cross country program. That was my life, yet by November my freshman year I already had 1 emergency room visit and another separate visit to do a stress test and blood test. Turns out the stress and anxiety of balancing a full course load, a part time job, and the cross country season took aim at my heart -- something I never had a problem with in high school. Eventually I was cleared, but I went through the same song and dance again during my senior season.

My point being, I can only imagine what DJ has gone through at that high level of competition and expectation. And that it doesn't matter if you're a D1 star or a D3 relative nobody... we're all humans and all deal with these things in our own way.

Comment 20 Feb 2020

Excellent news. Academics > basketball. He just needs to ease back into it with the time frame that works best for him. And when he's ready to lace up again, we'll welcome him with open arms. Mental health can take just as much damage as the physical body with the difference being you don't always see it when someone is struggling internally. Both take time to recover and you definitely don't want to rush anything.

As a side effect of everything, I hope this sends a positive message to the rest of the athletes at the school -- if you're struggling with something, there's no shame in taking care of yourself, even if it means stepping away from the team for a bit. We all understand.

Comment 16 Feb 2020

So my keys to victory at Iowa on Thursday: 1. More assists than turnovers. 2. More assists than Iowa. 3. CJ takes care of the ball. 4. Keep the game in the 60s or 70s.

5.) Score more points than the other team. If we do this we have a legit chance to win.

In all seriousness, I agree. Our offense and defense both have to step up. Defense to of course slow down their high powered O, and offense needs to do enough to keep pace with their (hopefully limited) scoring. The offense is what worries me. An extended drought in this game can be a killer.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Valid question, I don't know the answer to that. I'm not sure how they're obtaining defense (court-appointed or on their own), or if they can even have the same defense attorney. I'd say very unlikely to the latter in the event one of them would turn on the other in an attempt to plea down, creating a conflict of interest.

EDIT: Separate attorneys -- I overlooked that in the article.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

IF our secondary can hang with Clemson, we can hang with LSU in the passing game. Burrow's ability to move would end up being the bigger concern in my opinion.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Apparently they're not the only ones. My company is based out of the Bay Area, the heart of new technology, and I recently had to sign a document for them... by printing it, signing it, scanning it, and sending it back like a neanderthal. As you mentioned, my house purchase 5 years ago was way more advanced technologically.

But cut the NCAA some slack, they're based in Indiana. Are we sure they've reached the industrial revolution yet?

Comment 12 Dec 2019

How many non-top 25 ranked mid-major conference champions have gone on to win the NCAA basketball tourney?

I don't like the inclusion of only conference champs because it overlooks many other teams that would be deserving of a spot. The best format I think would be 8 teams -- 5 P5 conference champs, 2 at large, 1 group of five rep, no special consideration for ND. This still guarantees a spot in the playoff for a mid major.

This year's set up would be:
1) LSU vs 8) Memphis
4) Oklahoma vs 5) Georgia

2) Clemson vs 7) Baylor
3) OSU vs 6) Oregon

The only snag being a potential rematch of LSU and Georgia in the semi.

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Those "easy" teams just went out and won conference championships. I'm glad Arkansas did the same thi...

Comment 08 Dec 2019

And all 3 non-conference teams made their respective conference championship game -- 2 won.

But we'll probably get penalized because we played Rutgers.