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Comment 18 Nov 2018

Disagree.  Urban Meyer can stay as long as he wants.  The success of Ohio State football is measured in many ways.  One of those is most likely assisting Urban and his health issues, not throwing the man out when the fans are measuring this 10-1 team by standards of past teams they no longer resemble.  Urban is an Ohio guy, hope he retires in Columbus and reaches Woody Hayes record thru high and low times.  

Comment 04 Dec 2017

I get the feeling that the silent majority feels the same way as you kiddbuck.  The naysayers and negativity aren't even worth responding to.  Thankful to be able to watch a great program like tOSU continue it's winning and..........losing, but also continue producing fine young men and woman of character with an understanding of what really matters in the journey of life.  Nice to see Urban relaxed and at peace in his press conference.  It reflects a welcome character trait that hopefully translates into a program known for not just winning games, but also winning the struggle of our human lives.  

Comment 26 Nov 2017

If you listen, Urban said he was angry with himself too.  The sidelines are his responsibility and that's where he must certainly feel things have gotten just a bit too loose.  The larger picture speaks of a trick knee that JT has been dealing with for what sounds like most of the season.  Despite the knee, the dude has played himself into the BIG CG!  A Buckeye legend and perhaps a Buckeye coach one day.  

Comment 20 Nov 2017

He's waving for the Kansas players to "bring it on", "come over here!",  like a school yard bully with all his buds backing him up!  He's an immature punk that will not succeed at the NFL level.  Maybe he can go find Johnny football to practice being a punk with.  I got no tolerance for these type of "competitors".  I'd be willing to bet that there was a history of untold reasons that the KU players refused to shake hands going back several years.  Things said, done or otherwise by Mayfield.  He just made the target on him that much bigger.

Comment 15 Nov 2017

Agree, it all came together perfectly.  I'd add that it wouldn't have happened if JT wasn't the quality individual he has shown us to be.  Him and Brax.  That trio of QB's never complained or whined about the situation, they all showed class in their commitment to TEAM.  Great legends and story line to boot.  

Comment 15 Nov 2017

The QB brotherhood of Brax, JT, and Cardale was memorable.  Their commitment to tOSU and team during the 2015 experimental year was a great thing to watch although the outcome was fan miserable it showed me that Urban does indeed care for the players beyond just winning.  Boys to men, good men leaving behind a legacy and going forth to continue being good people.  All the best to JT and success to whatever he endeavors.

Comment 08 Nov 2017

I'd be lying with you!  If our defense doesn't get it's shit together quick, MSU just may do the same thing Iowa did.  Lots of unknowns with this Sparty team.  Their QB is clicking and we all know Dantonio likes to add a bunch of wrinkles.  My guess is OSU defense sits back in the first half and plays less aggressive, stays in their assignments better and plays a solid TEAM game instead of trying to be highlight reel material.