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Comment 03 Apr 2017

He might be a talented athlete, but like most talented athletes he is proving himself to be wanting in the cerebral area.   Could have gotten himself killed but I guess he thinks too much of himself.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Us, being in the CFP, proves beyond any doubt that the pollsters have no effing idea what they are talking about.   We did NOT belong on the same field as Clemson or Bama!   Too damned bad it was not PeeSU or *ichigan there to take the annual whoopin!

Comment 21 Oct 2016

It is about time the Buckeyes started quickly and kept it going.   These slow starts like against Wisky are very risky.    Come on D, punch em in the mouth early and keep on hitting.   Come on O, block like it's the BCS championship game and run and pass down the field all night.