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Comment 03 Jun 2019

As a Steelers and Ryan Shazier fan, I'm glad to see him continue the grind on the road to recovery.  I do think he would be foolish to strap the pads on again.  However, I love the fact that he is inspiring the folks in the Steelers organization from top to bottom.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I guess Colorado State was technically closer. This new norm is really upsetting. Correct me if I’m wrong but Ohio State paid for his knee rehab. 

Comment 09 Feb 2019

If Fields lives up to the hype, which I think he will, he puts in 2 seasons and is off to the NFL. Don’t forget that Baldwin backed up 2 D1 QB’s in high school so he is accustomed to grinding and then getting his shot. Baldwin redshirted and Fields did not.  I don’t think Miller beats out Baldwin year 2 on campus. That is if he signs in December. Also, Baldwin says his knee is 100% now but another year of not taking a pounding will make it stronger.

 I go back to a guy I know, who says Field’s is the best he has seen the last 2 years in the Elite 11 QB program.  Better than Lawrence and Tua you ask?  His answer is an affirmative yes.  His son was in the Elite 11 finals this year. He knows his football.  This was a HUGE get for the Buckeyes!

Comment 11 Jan 2019

I personally was hoping to see Martell compete with Fields just as Burrow competed with Haskins. Now I understand Burrow’s situation was slightly different because he had his degree in hand. Put yourselves in Tate’s shoes. He has worked his tail off for 2 years expecting that his time had finally come to be the starter.  In hindsight, he should not have gone and said what he did, if he fully intended on competing.  What I have not read in these comments is it is pretty obvious that Haskins’ boy is Fields not Martell.  Based on notes from the Ryan Day recruiting trail, he prefers a pro-style QB which Meyer did not. I have heard Day is a very honest coach so I’m thinking a meeting occurred and it was implied that Martell could compete but his role might not be as the starter.  Thanks for working hard on the scout team and preparing the Bucks to win some big games. Best of luck in an offense that fits your style of play because I do think you will find success Tate. Go Bucks!

Comment 09 Jan 2019

I watched an _ichigan fan on YouTube this morning that was just distraught over losing Mattison.  The video was made before losing Washington too.  I guess both of them are excellent coaches and recruiters per this fan.  This guy told TTUN fans to quite lying to themselves that this poaching of 2 quality coaches, by your enemy, was alright.