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Comment 27 Nov 2019

Here's a take, and it won't suck....

My wife grew up in the Toledo area and, as such, is a part of the local community that divides pretty evenly between OSU/UM fandom.  AA is less than an hour from her parents house and she actually considered attending for her undergrad (God bless my MIL who convinced her to go to Miami(OH) instead).  She was attracted to the campus and the academics and had the added benefit of many of her friends who would attend UM as well.  If/when Michigan plays Miami, she's a die hard Redskin all the way but, any other day, she's proud to show off her UM gear. 

Now that she's settled in Columbus and started a family, I think she clings to her fandom because it bucks the norm in town.  She hates that she can't wear a UM hoodie around town without someone commenting, but I think she enjoys riling OSU fans up a little bit.  For me, as the winner of the last 7 'special bets' on The Game, I can't really complain.  


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Comment 08 Nov 2019

This poor guy has lost his front teeth in a game (and returned!) and now a fractured eye socket. 

If my old man were still alive, he'd be up on a soapbox about how "basketball is not a contact sport!"

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Become an official! 

Ref indoor soccer/lacrosse, hockey, basketball, volleyball, etc.  

This will also carry over to outdoor sports during better weather.  I used to make good money doing soccer and baseball in the summers.

Comment 23 Aug 2019

Sadly, the big difference here is that OSU would rush to secure office space at the Fawcett Center or inside the Woody if the NCAA started beating their drums in Columbus.  ESPN would set up a satellite studio outside the RPAC for the remainder of the CFB season.  

 Alabama, Clemson, etc all seem to understand the best way to avoid controversy is to deny deny deny and not give access to anyone they don't trust.  When will we learn? 

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Bonay has you covered in both places, but i'll offer 2 insights from my time in Paris:

1.  The Museum Pass is your best friend.  Skip the lines at over 60 museums and/or landmarks, admission is covered.  

2.  If you can afford it, Hotel Lutetia.  Walking distance to the Louvre and Musee D'Orsay, train station across the street.  Gorgeous views of downtown at night.

Comment 17 Jun 2019

I can't really pin down an exact date, but it was the early 80's for sure.  I became a fan because my mom worked at OSU (still does, retiring in December at 50 years) and we had season tickets.  Her Aunt (my great aunt) would buy her season tix, then she'd buy her boss's because better seats, and we'd all go. I probably remember more about basketball at St. John's than I do football in the pre-Cooper years.  

Comment 28 May 2019

Never been yelled at louder in my life than when I called a kid safe at the plate on a bang bang play in a 2-2 game in the bottom of the 6th (this league played 6 inning games).

I had almost this exact experience in my first ever baseball game, only the coach in question was also my  7th grade football coach.  Down a run in the bottom of 6 and with a runner on, his son stepped to the plate and tattoo'd a ball to right center that seemed to roll forever! (rec leagues don't get fences y'all).  The outfield managed to get the ball in and make a close play at the plate.  Dust cloud rolling, parents from both sides yelling in excitement, coaches on the edge of the dugout waiting to either celebrate or challenge my call and I uttered two words that shut them all down....."No pitch". 

I had dusted the plate off and gone to the backstop to collect my mask; when I turned around, the pitcher was halfway through his windup.  Rather than rush, I just threw my arms up and said "No pitch!" but the batter swung and chaos ensued.

Coincidentally, I saw a post on a local parents facebook group a couple of weeks ago, a mom had posted to complain that her son's team had played yet another game without umpires because none showed up.  Several hundred comments from pissed off parents about no show or "horrible" umps, a veteran offical finally stepped in and said "You parents are the very reason that no one will sign up to call your kids games."