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Comment 20 Jan 2020

No apology needed...poorly worded on my part!  Thanks for the update...didn't realize Bob was injured.

Comment 20 Jan 2020

I am no fan of SEC preferential treatment or Chicken **** Saturday.  However, how realistic is it for a southern team to come north in November during the heart of conference play.  Even, if by some miracle, a team like Bama wanted to play a big OOC game instead of an FCS school in November, who would be able to reciprocate and not already have a conference game?

Comment 20 Jan 2020

Crazy to see this team playing meaningful hockey games at the All-Star break given where it was at Thanksgiving.

OP:  What do you mean Bob is not playing for FL?  I haven't followed that situation...just knew his numbers were pedestrian.  Bob was a great Blue Jacket but management was smart not to give him the type of contract he wanted and got in FL (especially the length of the deal).

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Very nice post OP.  I'd take 4-2 and think that's perfectly doable.  It's a long season and the last few games have looked ugly, but there's plenty time to grow/improve before March.  Such growth/improvement may not always correlated with W's, especially, on the road in-conference, however.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

There are myriad reasons to dislike ESPN, but to think they wouldn't have been excited for an OSU-LSU title game, especially given the Burrow-Fields storyline this year, is asinine IMO.

Comment 24 Dec 2019

Please share your methods!  Others' ears have suffered too long.

Comment 23 Dec 2019

It always blows my mind that two of the greatest musicians of all time, Lennon and McCartney, could have done "So This is Christmas" and this song.

Comment 19 Dec 2019

Came in to say things that have already been covered:  you can set up an outdoor bike on a trainer, and their are plenty of sessions available on YouTube.

Comment 17 Dec 2019

Oh man, wish the Tribe would have one of those 90s WS appearances.  Lots of other memorable players...Belle, Ramirez, Fryman, Baerga, Nagy, Hersheiser, Martinez, etc, etc.!

Comment 16 Dec 2019

Well said.  I've been trending in this direction for many years.  Hard to blame any one instance, but the G. Cole-Yankees deal is giving me serious pause about investing anymore time following the MLB season.  Saw this article after the Cole deal...look at the graph showing how some teams top 2 players' salaries compare to other teams' entire payrolls.