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Comment 04 Apr 2020


Appreciate you sharing knowledge/experience in public health in these Covid threads! 

Serious questions:  I have yet to see or hear a sound explanation for why testing capacity in the US lagged so substantially compared to S. Korea, etc.  In the early weeks, I heard Dr. Fauci use terms like "glitch" but never saw him or anyone else drill down on exactly what the issues were.  The one thought I had was behind-the-scenes validation since no information may have been less damaging and panic-inducing than wrong information (i.e. bad false positive and false negative rates) - as you say, data must be accurate.  At the time, I also recall there being a big outcry to get private industry involved for rapid scaling up compared to the slow pace of government bureaucracy.  Now you are suggesting the state health labs are able to turn around results much more quickly than the private companies.  What are your thoughts about these issues?

Comment 04 Apr 2020

1.  No one I know personally has gotten ill or lost his/her job

2.  We had a virtual team meeting yesterday, and my manager allayed any fears that our jobs were in jeopardy

3.  And a shout-out to the 11W community - it's a rare day I don't get a good laugh and learn a couple things perusing these boards

Comment 03 Apr 2020

You all are being unnecessarily hard on the kid.  He had offers from Penn and Princeton...he's clearly going to be a good fit at the Harvard of the Midwest.

Comment 29 Mar 2020

Colossus, none of the other replies to your question are intrinsically wrong, but everybody's situation is different.  Whether it is retirement, you kids' college, a major home renovation, or any thing else, there are two things you have to figure out before you can even thing about choosing individual investments:  (1) what the goal is, and specifically how long you have to reach it (a.k.a. time horizon - such as how many years until you'd like to retire in an ideal world) and (2) your risk tolerance.  Your mix of investments/asset allocation might vary widely from any single person's suggestions because their numbers 1 and 2 are different than yours.

Comment 27 Mar 2020


They are back to 'trust the process' and 'trust the coaches'.  Then come next December it will go back to 'they just out recruit us and have better athletes' as though the athletes just magically appear. "O$U pays for better players."

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Setting aside the unproven hypothesis that ibuprofen can exacerbate Covid-19, your niece's advice is because ibuprofen is cleared from your body via the kidneys (rather than via the liver as Tylenol is).  If you take ibuprofen in large doses for long periods of time, it can lead to kidney damage/failure.  You lessen the chances of the damaging effects of ibuprofen (and other NSAIDs) if you stay well-hydrated and make lots of urine to flush the ibuprofen out.

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Was hoping to use it toward my federal tax bill, but I ain't getting one.  Oh well, first world problems for sure.

Comment 23 Mar 2020

Not to mention the methodology for diagnosing influenza A and B is well-established and available before the annual flu season amps up.  Covid-19 had been spreading for quite some time before we got a "reasonable" number of testing kits into use.

Comment 23 Mar 2020

Lots of great choices already.  A couple versions of The Game also come to mind:

1.  Tressel's first.  A big upset in the Big House that changed the tone of that game for that past 2 decades.

2.  In the Shoe the following year to clinch a berth against the Goliath Canes in the BCS title game.  I was in the South Stands right behind Will Allen's game-saving INT.  I was so nervous that this was going to be another instance of UM ruining a great OSU season that many details are hazy...would be fun to watch now knowing the outcome was in favor of the good guys!

Comment 22 Mar 2020

Stay at home/social distancing now an order rather than a suggestion per Gov. DeWine.  Still allowed to go out for essential services, exercise outside, etc.

Comment 21 Mar 2020

Along those lines, you are starting to hear folks in the media (and even science) ponder if the economy could recover from a "complete" shutdown.  See for example ($):

I haven't dug into this viewpoint, but I didn't see at first blush anyone specifying exactly what measures could be taken to strike a balance between flattening the infection curve and keeping the economy from being decimated.