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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Every time Ohio State beats Michigan
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Every Buckeye that's ever beaten Michigan
  • NFL TEAM: Aaron Craft's favorite team
  • NHL TEAM: Team USA
  • NBA TEAM: Whoever will give Aaron Craft a chance
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 11 Apr 2019

Wow, what a dork. This guy reminds me of the least competent guy in my workplace.

Comment 14 Mar 2019

Here you go. Hit me again.

I log in the morning of the biggest OSU bball game of the year and get this negativity hitting me in the face. Nah.

Fill me up, buttercups. This -10 is really gonna cause me sleep tonight.

Comment 20 Feb 2019

First time I ever heard of PJ was when WMU came to OSU and they showed his pregame speech. It was corny and manufactured. First reaction was that he was fake. Still think he's fake.

Comment 01 Feb 2019
I'm 9 days post procedure. Things got really uncomfortable on day 3 and 4 so I went out and got some tighty whities. Good decision. I'm almost back to normal.
Comment 31 Jan 2019

I'd go TCU. Virtually the same end result, and fewer recruiting ramifications than losing to PSU, most likely.