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Comment 18 Sep 2020
You Browns fans are hilarious! "We had 6 starters out on defense!" That just shows how absolutely terrible the Bengals O-line is on the right side. Burrow might have had 5 plays out of his 61 pass attempts that he had a clean pocket for more then 2 seconds. I don't care if your name is Brady, Brees or Manning, your not going to do any better then Joe did last night. If you traded Joe for Baker last night Baker would have faired way worse! I honestly think The Bengals can be really good if we can protect Joe and open some lanes for Mixon. I'm very optimistic that we can actually win a few playoff games within the next 2 years, we just need to last couple of pieces to allow Burrow to thrive!
Comment 18 Sep 2020
With the 33rd pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select Wyatt Davis, guard, Ohio State
Comment 14 Sep 2020
I didn't like the Higgins pick in the draft. I wanted them to take an OT and there was a few decent ones left on the board for the very same reason we watched Hart continue to be a turn style at an amusement park! There has to be someone not signed to a team that can be better then that ass clown! He's going to get Burrow killed!
Comment 24 Aug 2020
I'm like a few other posters on here that just doesn't get that as Buckeye fans, a lot of you will have no interest in watching winter/spring football just because we won't get a chance to play for a Natty. If we go 8-0 and win the B1G and not get a chance to play for a NC, it's gonna suck ass! But your damn sure I'll be tuning in for all those games just like I do every game, every year! Do all of you not remember 2012 when we knew we couldn't even win the B1G??? We all still tuned in every week to watch already knowing we were just playing for pride! For anyone saying it will be like a JV game every week. Yes we will have a few players sit out, but stop acting like the entire starting lineup on both sides of the ball aren't going to play. Plus our backups that will be forced to start are actually starters in waiting, not some scrubs. Listen I'm just as pissed as everyone about no fall ball. Just stop acting like your going to turn on this team. Suck it up and enjoy what we all love to watch. THE BUCKS KICKING ASS!
Comment 19 Aug 2020
Don't bury the man before he is proven guilty. You can't take the word of 2 different women that didn't even go to the police or say anything publicly until he got in trouble for something else. Not saying he's innocent but we all know better then to crucify anyone based on 1 side of a story
Comment 19 Aug 2020
Seriously my 9, 8, and 7 year olds can explain their actions better and can give examples of why they did what they did better then this clown! Is it just me or does it truly seem like he's trying to sabotage the B1G? Trying to run it into the ground like this, not listening to anyone with a voice. He is the biggest "look at me and how accomplished I am" ass ive ever seen! It's seriously time for players to lawyer up and sue because it's obvious none of the presidents of these universities has the balls do stand up to this guy!
Comment 15 Aug 2020
I have thought the same thing about Warrens threat and have read all the responses claiming it is about more then football pertaining to leaving the B1G. Yes we would lose the $50 million from the shared tv money but would get plenty of that back from joining another conference and sharing that tv money with them so that's not a worry at all. Then you have everyone saying we won't be a part of the $10 billion in R&D if we leave the B1G. But wouldn't we join the new conference schools in their R&D programs? People act like the B1G is the ONLY conference that has R&D programs that bring in all that $$$. Show me where joining a new conference would hurt OSU in anyway other then the tradtion of being in the B1G
Comment 20 Jun 2020
Congrats MN. I've golfed for 27 years, not as much now as when I was younger and am a 16 handicap. I've never had 1 but had 1 lip out and roll about a foot away about 20 years ago and then 2 weeks ago had 1 stick about 16 inches behind the hole and didn't roll back at all. Those are the closest for me. Never have seen one either and those are the closest I've seen from me or anyone I've golfed with.
Comment 28 Apr 2020
IMHO I love most of the alts we've used! I'm 42 and I think our reg unis are the best ever except we kneed to bring back the gray sleeves. But that doesn't mean we can't stray from the norm once a year and it doesn't take away from the traditional look. The dark gray/black helmet we used against TTUN in 16 should never come back out ever again. The black helmet with the all black look needs to be gloss instead of matte and the helmet stickers need to stand out more like maybe green instead of red and the numbers on the jerseys need to be white instead of red. If the players like them then let them wear them.
Comment 24 Apr 2020
"LSU gets 100% of the credit period. Cool story that three bench players from a team went 1 2 3. In reality 1 left the team, 2 disappeared in all big games, and 3 was another reach by a shitty GM. Again good story but it’s not what it appears to be." A comment from 1 of their delusional fans lol
Comment 18 Apr 2020
Ya pretty sure we played 11 reg season games plus bowl game a year which would add up to 12 games not 10. So 9-3 every year which included beating Michigan more then losing to them is worse then Cooper going 10-2 or 9-3 or 7-5 and going 2-10-1 against TTUN and 3-8 in bowl games.???? Who cares if you had better recruits if it didn't help you win the big games! In my book Bruce>Cooper just my opinion and you can have yours