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Comment 18 May 2019
I wish I knew how to put a video in here but being a 10 year old watching Montana to Taylor rip my heart out made me hate them and the 49ers to this day!
Comment 07 May 2019
For me I think the 2003 Xichigan game. We were ranked 4th and they were 5th. We win that game were playing for the NC after Oklahoma loses the big12 championship game. Plus it prevents Xichigan from claiming their last outright B1G championship! MICH 96 MSU 97 MICH 98 ALL of these sucked ass as well but I had no faith in Cooper to think we would have won any of those NCs.
Comment 02 May 2019
JTs season highs were 2900+ yds passing 35 tds and 900+ yds rushing and 11tds. Going by those numbers with Day running the offense to Fields strengths and Fields being a better passer and a faster runner then JT. Fields should hit 3500 passing yards with 35 tds and another 700 rushing with 8 tds. That should be about what he does. If he does more then that will be just a bonus and would put him in the HEISMAN talk which should mean a B1G championship and a spot in the final four.
Comment 26 Apr 2019
Wow fucking BENGALS! Mack Wilson sitting there and we need a LB and you take some TE I've never fucking heard of! But you did pick up yoir 15th 6th round pick in that trade. Way to go fucking morons!
Comment 25 Apr 2019
Broncos draft Lock please for the love of GOD! Elway will kill Haskins!
Comment 25 Apr 2019
As a Bengals fan I really only want to see them draft 1 of 3 players and trade up if you havent o get 1 of them! Devin White. Dude is a difference maker on D! Ed Oliver. Pair him with Geno inside with Dunlap and the young ends. Scary d-limr right there! Haskins would be my pick period! Dalton will never get us over the hump! Sit Haskins behind Dalton this year and maybe even next year let him learn just like Rodgers did behind Favre. I don't wanna hear he will get killed or has no skill players around him. You can pick up o-line in the 2nd or 3rd rounds just like LB. You also have next year's draft to get the o-line players to protect him. He can make every NFL throw and can read a defense! DO NOT DRAFT BUSH OR GARY! It will be hard for me to root for a meatchicken player on my team! Plus I think they're both overrated! Do us a favor Mike Brown and pump some life back into this fan base and organization!
Comment 25 Apr 2019
Bengals fan here. I know I'm gonna hate their pick tonight, Brown is gonna screw it up somehow. There's only 2 players I will actually be excited for and will prob have to trade up for either of them, and that would actually show me that the Bengals would be changing like ive heard about all off-season. Give me White because he will be an absolute difference maker on defense! Don't you fucking dare draft Bush! Even if he turns out to be decent(I don't actually think he will i think he's overrated) I can't root for a guy that played for TTUN! Give me Haskins! I'm done with Dalton! Dude is a decent QB but has shown he can't win the big game. Doesn't have the arm to do anything. The ONLY reason he's been a starter for this long is AJ Green! Haskins can make every NFL throw! Pump the life back into the fan base and organization by doing something big!
Comment 05 Apr 2019
He won't ever see those numbers. He won't be able to stay on the floor enough to get them due to his foul trouble that's he's had for 2 years and will probably continue to have. Look I hope he does get better and we see those numbers from him and he carries us to a final four. I just think he's hit his ceiling and I would rather not recruit a kid that's going to be the same exact type of player that sooo many people on this site have bitched about. Give me a big that can move without fouling. Shit I would rather have a big that is quick that can play D and run the floor. Doesn't have to be offense first player. Get an offensive board and dunk it, go down and play defense for 30-35 mins a game. Not sit the bench for 10 mins a half cause you can't move your feet and cover a guy w/o fouling.
Comment 05 Apr 2019
Sully didn't play above the rim but had the ball skills that Wesson doesn't and had more quickness to be a competent defender. Wesson just doesn't have the quickness and doesn't play smart to compensate for said lack of quickness. Hugley may end up being a better player but I don't want to chance that because if he's not better it means 4 more years of "Wesson 2.0" after Wesson leaves
Comment 05 Apr 2019
I'm sorry but I don't want to see KW 2.0. Hugley may be a decent player but a dude that's 6'9" should be finishing at the rim with authority, not a bunch of contested layups cause he doesn't have the explosivness to get up quick. Will lack the quickness to defend and end up in foul trouble. So no I don't want to see wesson and his clone for 8 years in a row.
Comment 10 Jan 2019
I know Sheffield is track fast but I haven't seen it carry over to the football field at all. Dude is ALWAYS a step behind the receiver which is one reason he doesn't turn around for the ball. If he stays hopefully the new coaches can teach him some damn technique. If he leaves his 4.3 at the combine will get him drafted in the 3rd round. I'm just ready to have our corners playing up to their first round talent whomever that might be.
Comment 09 Jan 2019
I agree our wrs are gonna be good but don't i don't see them having even close to a year next year as this year. Haskins was a special once in a generation QB. Day will play to the strength of whichever QB wins the battle so unless it's Baldwin expect to pass for no more then 3500 yards next year. Fields and Tate are going to be running the ball way more so I expect at least 700 yards rushing from either QB and 1500 yards from Robbins. Better passing game then JTB but way less the DH.
Comment 02 Dec 2018
I find it comical reading an ESECPN this morning that there is no mention of Haskins in the HEISMAN race. It's down to 2 , Tua and Kyler. Tua should finish 3rd period! Haskins blowing away every Ohio State and B1G season records and having better stats then both, other then total yards for Murry, and Murry not touching Oklahoma or Big12 records, should make him this years Heisman winner!