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Comment 07 Dec 2019
Well we have 30 mins left to play. Will the 2019 Bucks show up? let's hope so! Holy shit I thought I went to mgoblog with as much shit some of you are talking right now. Calm the fuck down and have faith! Don't act like those fans from TTUN!
Comment 05 Dec 2019
Dude if you don't know anything about she Bengals don't interact. Their O-line is 1 of the worst in the NFL and Finley only started the last 3 games not the entire season.
Comment 02 Dec 2019
Yes he may be the starter but I have all the faith in the world that Hairball will make him the worst mccaffrey brother by a WIDE margin! Which will be a glorious thing lmao
Comment 30 Nov 2019
MGO boards still down lmao! We didn't accuse TTUN of cheating or the refs cheating us or bagmen during the Cooper years...we blamed Cooper! Maybe they should blame Hairball and not everyone else! Bunch of sad sad fans they are!
Comment 19 Nov 2019
Mark my words Bama with 1 loss at the end of the year will NOT get in over a P5 1 loss conference champ period! Be it Baylor, Oklahoma, Utah or Oregon. Bama will not make the playoffs this year unless there's a power 5 champ with 2 loses
Comment 15 Nov 2019
Minny needs to win out and get in the top 4 before we play them and gives us a chance to finish as the top seed. Auburn needs to win! Them winning helps Oregon and if Oregon wins out they should be #4 for the playoffs and keeps Bama sitting at home bitching that the playoffs need to have 8 teams! Fuck TTUN! Indiana cause I hate Franklin! Cyclones cause Herman is a Joke!
Comment 14 Nov 2019
I've lived long enough to know that nothing and I mean nothing is given! No matter how stacked we look this year and we look like one of the best Buckeye teams I've ever seen, we are going to have to face some really good teams down the road! I worry about Clemson, LSU, and Bama in that order and I will worry until the clock hits 0 with us in the lead
Comment 12 Nov 2019
I think he will finish at worst 4th and will still be behind CY who will come back and rack up at least 5 more sacks through the B1G championship game. I still think of he comes back he has at least 2nd place behind Burrow. He pretty much wrapped that shit up against Bama
Comment 09 Nov 2019
Get well soon Mr. Sawyer. For you people that doesn't want him playing QB...I know you don't want to see our commits to get hurt but did you not play HS football??? You want to win and you want to do whatever it takes to win, it's called being a competitor! It's being a team player! Get off his coaches ass because his job is on the line just like coach Days! His job is to win games and if JS gives the team the best chance by playing QB then I'm all for it! JS wants to win a championship! Do you think when he gets to OSU he wont be on special teams? That's how he's going to get his chance to play. Are you gonna call coach Day an idiot if he gets hurt other then playing DE? No you won't! So sit down and shut the hell up!
Comment 08 Nov 2019
Wow this sucks ass! How hard is it to keep clean?!?! I know everyone makes mistakes especially at that age, but holy shit you know you're going to be a top 2 pick in April, no need to take money illegally!
Comment 03 Nov 2019
A blocked punt doesn't count as a turnover so that 7 points wouldn't count towards that number. Also that wouldn't have happened if Borland hadnt gotten sucked in with the inside rusher. He didn't recognize the outside rusher until it was too late so I don't blame the side step for that blocked punt