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Comment 19 hours ago

All of this sounds like normal coach-speak to me.  The team's had a hell of an off-season, so they need to be reinforced where they can be.  Build up their confidence - but make sure you're correcting the issues seen in practice.  Need to make sure they're ready for Nebraska (not that this should be a problem, but neither should Iowa or Purdue) and then PUS.  

They've got some key pieces to replace, but should have plenty of talent to do so.  As much as I'd love to have Predator back for another year, along with pretty much the entire team, that ain't happening.  Maybe this year we're able to have more of a team defense to help disguise where the attack is coming from on D?  The offense already spread things around quite nicely - so hopefully that continues.

Comment 22 Sep 2020

I'm less worried about the competitive teams keeping their infection rate low. Many players have a legitimate NFL opportunity, so they'll want to keep clean.

It's the 2nd tier teams that worry me the most.  They don't have a lot to fight for so may not bother to be as strict - especially since they won't have team mates there to help keep them in line.

Comment 18 Sep 2020

He needs to prove it on the field before I'm concerned.  Points of order:

  • A good last drive - but that long pass was underthrown and should've been knocked down or picked.  Defenders screwed that one up.
  • His good last drive came when we had a 4 score lead and under 5 minutes to play.  Defense was about as unfocused as they could get.  
  • Sure - the run in was nice, but that was more scheme and the defender not keeping contain.
  • We didn't have any real tape on the guy.  Once enough of that has been recorded and reviewed, I think he'll move back to the normal level of Hairball QB - good against inferior talent, lost against a real defense.
Comment 18 Sep 2020

That's sort of the normal deal.  Beat the lower quality teams by a significant margin, especially early in the game.  If we're up by 28-35 in the first half, the opposition is under 100 yards total offense, and we look clean, that's what matters.  After that, we know we'll start get more conservative and probably only get to the 42-49 point range and they'll likely get some yardage against our 2nd team defense.  

For the more competitive teams, just win.  Preferably win big, but wins count.  

Beating the skunkweasels by a large margin is good for us, as always.  Same with the championship game.  

Comment 18 Sep 2020

My only concern with that is that the coaches may not know until late in the week that they're switching opponents.  In baseball, that level of game-planning isn't that big of a deal given that they play roughly 1,000 organized activity sessions (they're not games as baseball isn't an actual sport, it's an organized activity), so dropping 1-2 that way isn't a big deal.  Here, if they've been rehearsing a certain game plan and have to switch at the last minute, they won't have film on the other, tendencies, etc.  

Comment 18 Sep 2020

There wasn't much margin for error before, either.  A one loss Buckeye team could've been excluded based on the the SEC, ACC, and PAC10, and B12 conference winners going undefeated anyway.  A one loss Buckeye team could've been excluded if we had another Purdue or Iowa style loss vs someone else who had a loss against a better team.  

The biggest difference I see here is whether or not they'll be able to play all of their games.  If they can do that because the other teams don't screw things up (and they keep their noses clean), then the strategy is the same.

  1. Go undefeated
  2. Beat the rival
  3. Win the division
  4. Win the conference
  5. Win the NC
Comment 17 Sep 2020

Defensively, I think the losses up front and in the back will be felt - but I think we should have enough talent that the downgrade isn't significant enough to really be bothersome.  Togiai and the others were getting snaps and into the rotation, which should give them the necessary experience to excel.  For the secondary, I think it's similar.  With the simplified scheme they're running, it should let the athlete's excel as it plays to their strengths.  

Offensively, I'm most worried about the RB position.  Day has shown that he can adapt his scheme to fit the talent, though, so we should be okay there, too.  

And honestly, it's not as if the other teams haven't lost key players as well.  

Time to get back to basics.

  1. Beat the rival
  2. Win the division
  3. Win the conference
  4. Win the national championship
Comment 16 Sep 2020

I sort of agree.  If just one person contracts it, then they'll probably get caught before they're able to infect too many others.  However, depending on how they interact prior to the test, that could still be a problem.  Also, if several attend a party or something where they get infected, that could be a big problem.  

However, they should have quality incentives to play nicely so they don't lose the system.  Not that we didn't see two idiots blow that up last year with their off the field activity, so I'd expect that we'll have a few examples here in the beginning but they'll get with the program quickly.

Comment 28 Aug 2020

I'm with everyone else.  This is, at best, a lame and transparent attempt at saving face over a Very Bad Decision.  If November ends up being the start date, at least it gives the players a chance to build up their draft stock and maybe recover enough after the season to do well in the NFL.  

But in terms of how it looks to the outside world?  Yeah, incompetence is too light of a word.  If it's safe enough then, it'd be safe enough now.  Man the hell up, say that new data has come to light (it hasn't, but whatever) and that you're going to go with the previously suggested 10 game within the conf season.  

Comment 27 Aug 2020

Worst case is worse than above:

  • Fields and those who could go to the NFL and had good enough seasons last year do that this year, and forego a later season because they don't need it to get their draft stock up.
  • Those on the bubble with multiple years left, or who need a great season as a starter this year to get into the NFL, decide to transfer to a team that's playing.
  • We lose several of our top-ranked recruits simply because other teams can leverage this against us.
  • The season for everyone else goes off without much of a hitch.
  • Clemson or 'Bama win it all and we get more of the B10 doesn't matter crap from other conferences - and there's not much you can say about that this year. 
  • Warren sticks around and screws up more stuff.  

TL;DR version - we lose our best players, lose the best recruits, and fall completely behind and have to rebuild for a few years to be a contender again.

Comment 26 Aug 2020

Making this worse is that:

  1. Other sports in our and other countries have been doing this for a couple of months now.  The model has been clearly shown to work.  
  2. Fans and others have been calling for this model, too.  While we'd all prefer to have packed stadiums and normal life, we'll accept empty stadiums to get football.
  3. From what I can see, the players are okay with this, too.  They're okay with the quarantining bubble existence - because it lets them play.  We wouldn't even need to compensate them.  Provide the space for the bubble, sure.  But compensate them?  We can avoid that stab at amateurism for now.  Plus, the NCAA has already said they'll allow players to opt out of the season with no downside, so the adults taking the risk have the choice.
  4. I agree with the non-salaried staff (volunteers).  Bubble and give them a small stipend. 

This has been an easy solution for some time now.  It's incredibly disappointing that it's turned out like a runny turd floating in seawater in the hot sun.    

Comment 05 Aug 2020

If you look at the Premier League and other soccer leagues, they're playing without fans.  Yes, they have fewer players on the field - but there's still a large staff needed to make things go off properly and they're doing it.  Hell, they're doing it in England and other countries who've had higher per capita infection/death rates than the US.  

Spectators is a different thing - but having the games without spectators is certainly doable.  

Comment 05 Aug 2020
  • SEPT. 3 (THURSDAY) at ILLINOIS:  Probably a good opener.  6-7 last year, including 4-5 in the conference.  They seem to hover around the 50% range, so this should be good to knock the rust off.  
  • SEPT. 12 RUTGERS:  They should have enough time to get their crap in order but it's still doubtful that they've improved too much from a 2-10 record last year.  My biggest concern here is that they infect us.
  • SEPT. 19 at PURDUE:  4-8 last year.  Traveling to them does worry me, but we should be able to win this one without too many problems.
  • SEPT. 26 INDIANA:  8-5.  Might be our toughest early test and, for some reason, I remember these games being closer than they should be - but we don't lose.  
  • OCT. 3 - Bye week.  Right after 4 games, so a good time to review, heal up, and practice things that aren't working.
  • OCT. 10 NEBRASKA: 5-7.  Will they rebound enough to be a challenge?
  • OCT. 17 at MICHIGAN STATE: 7-6.  New coach this year, so who knows what to expect.  At least we'll have 5 games of film to look at.  
  • OCT. 24 MICHIGAN:  9-4.  Don't care what the record says, we need to stomp them.  Stomp them hard.
  • OCT. 31 at MARYLAND:  3-9.  Hopefully, another easy game so we can get a win, not pick up injuries, and maybe even rest some players in the 4th.
  • NOV. 7 at PENN STATE: 11-2.  Probably our toughest overall game of the year.  At least we shouldn't have to deal with that white out nonsense.
  • NOV.14 - Bye week the second.  I can see this one being very useful after the last 5 game stretch.  
  • NOV. 21 IOWA: 10-3.  We need to beat them to close the regular season out properly.  I believe their record is less indicative of their skill levels and more because they're in the West, with only Minny and Wiscy to deal with.

Regardless of my thoughts on moving The Game - we need to beat everyone here and do it soundly.  That's the only thing that gets us to the play-offs (assuming they happen) and if we don't beat everyone here, then we've earned our own fate.

Comment 31 Jul 2020

I don't know that I completely agree that defense is dead.  We had our year of no defense when we had to outscore everyone - but that seems to have been an aberration.  

Until it comes to the play-offs - then the offenses we're facing are generally so good that we can end up in a shoot out.  Hence, the Clemson nonsense.  And yes, I want to see us face them again and finally get that monkey off our back.  

Comment 30 Jul 2020

I see this all the time.  At my job, I don't know a single skunkweasel fan that talks smack.  Even during the ReVenge tOur, they weren't talking smack.  Most were either silent or, when we were discussing the game in a civil manner, they'd say there's no way they're going to talk any smack until they actually win something worthwhile.  

Comment 30 Jul 2020

Looked at the list and did some compares.  The following points are worth noting:

  1. The Ohio State University has the highest ranked player when looking at teams that managed to get 5 players on the list. 
  2. If I average the player rankings, TOSU comes in at 40, Bama at 43, LSU at 45, Notre Dame at 62, and Mississippi at 65
  3. TOSU has 3 players in the top 25 vs Bama's 2.  

Take-away: Bama may have more players than us on there, but the quality of our players is higher.