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Comment 3 hours ago

In the big picture, does it matter?  Either way, if we want to be crowned as the best in the country, we've got to beat two teams.  Plain and simple.  If Clemson is as good as everyone thinks (I'm not sold on that - they've faced no one), then we'd be facing them anyway.  Now we just get to face them sooner rather than later.  

What I'd love to see is us beating Clemson and beating them soundly.  We need to get out on the field and show them what it's like to play a team that's faced actual competition.  Dominate them like we've dominated everyone else so that there's no question.  

Then, assuming everything goes as one might expect, we get to face LSU.  Again.  Beat them like we've beaten everyone else.  Show them that the SEC isn't what people think it is - just like we beat Bama in 2014.  

Simply put, if we're going to get excuses and less respect than we'd like, we can fix that.  We need to beat the teams in front of us and beat them soundly.  Then we need to do the same thing again next year.  Keep this up for years and we'll no longer get the disrespect.  

And in the end, nothing else matters but the wins.  They can talk about other conferences being better, but what they can't do is take away our performance on the field, the wins it garners, and the championship.  Therefore, what do we need to do?  

Win two more games.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

I was looking at our comparative stats and it makes me wonder how early on in games (if at all), Wiscy started playing the backups?  If they didn't or it was always late in the 4th, then damn - we're head and shoulders better.

But, much like the old timers, I'm nervous.  Always am.  I think they'll do things to make sure CY doesn't have another field day so we'll have to move him around quite a bit a to help minimize that impact.  I'm also hoping Day has another play or two designed to mess with their defense as they don't seem to adjust well to that.  

Comment 05 Dec 2019

The biggest differences here, in my opinion, is that unlike the comparison between his freshman and junior seasons, are:

  • He's got the same exact cast of characters around him this year, unlike 2017.  This means they should all be angry.  
  • They've played us before and know what we want to do.  Does this allow them to throw some wrinkles, correct what wasn't working, etc?
  • Playing for the spoiler vs playing for your chance to be in the play-offs.  It's a different thing.  

What I'm wondering here is do they try to do something different than what they've done in the past, just to see if it works.  Their identity is very ingrained, so I'm not sure there's much they can do - but maybe they can come up with a few wrinkles.  Plus, since their playoff hopes are dashed at this point, they've now really got nothing to lose.  Come out, play loose, and take chances.  They're already expected to lose, so that wouldn't make it worse.  

I still think we win and win well.  Regardless of what they try, I think we're going to limit Taylor and that'll end their chances.  The changes they will make, though, could make things a bit more competitive.  They'll likely give whoever's facing Chase help - just like the skunkweasels did.  If they can, they'll look to stack the line against him.  Roll outs for the QB to run away from him, that sort of thing.  To combat that, I'm hoping we plan on lining Chase up everywhere.  Move him around so they can't see where he's coming from.  

For our offense - yeah, just keep doing what they do.  

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I'm wondering if this is a deeper game play.  Tell the world that he'll not have the mobility so everyone thinks very limited running (though the injury occurred on a passing play).  This causes Wiscy to get even more blitz happy.  Figuring this as their play, Day has bunches of plays designed to counter the blitz.  Screens, short passes, rushes away from the blitz, etc.  Wiscy gets torched.


Comment 02 Dec 2019

I don't know that they've got the speed to get outside consistently.  They're built to be run up the middle bruisers with an occasional pass thrown in to keep things honest.  The QB rushing is their mixing it up.  I'd expect that they can burn us 1-2x with sweeps or other plays then we'd adjust and they'd be hitting a brick wall.  

Their better plan of attack is the crossing routes just behind the line.  Use that to push our safeties and LBs back some, then pound it up the middle.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

We need to hold on to the ball - plain and simple.  If we do that and play our game, we win.  They seem to have done a better job lately of holding on to the ball, but I'm hopeful that Chase will reverse that trend.  Personally, I'd love to see us hang as many points on them this year as we did last, while letting them score less.  Seeing our back ups in in the 4th would be money.  

I just can't see their offense getting anything going against our D.  PUS couldn't unless we spotted them within our red zone.  

Comment 19 Nov 2019

I think there's a problem with using the star level of a player to say that talent equates.  There are always disappointments and surprises at multiple levels.  It's because of that we have to look at on the field play for the players.  That is what makes me so TOSU is clearly better.  We've played similar teams and beaten them soundly. Now, it could be that our beating them helped expose issues and those were shored up with PUS faced them - but I tend to think that's not as much of a factor.  

Right now I'm predicting a competitive 1st half, Buckeyes taking a lead into halftime and then us pulling away in the 3rd quarter, never looking back.  Running attack will be quality and make their high defensive ranking there look inflated due to playing lesser teams.  Additionally, I think we make Clifford look pedestrian as a passer, but that'll he'll make a few plays with his legs.

Comment 18 Nov 2019

I want to see us win on offense, win on defense, and win on special teams.  Dominate every aspect of the game.

Also, as soon as I heard that PUS was good against the rush, I wanted to see what caliber of rushing team they've faced - and it looks like they've not faced a good running back - let alone two.  Personally, this makes me want to see us attack that facet of their team.  Go rush heavy at the beginning, throwing to move the chains if we don't get there on the ground.  Keep that up and completely embarrass their defensive line. Once they bring folks up to commit to stopping the rush, switch gears and get pass happy.  

Comment 14 Nov 2019

I'd say he needs to play about a half of football.  Enough to get him in the rhythm and let him practice at almost game speeds.  His over the shoulder deep ball wasn't there last week, so this should let him get comfortable with that again.

And, to some extent, practice some of the plays we've got in place for PUS.  I don't think we'll show much in this game, but I'm betting there are a few schemes or the like that need to be worked out at true game speed to see if they'll work.  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Wiscy has a quality defense, no?  We were able to adapt to that, so I suspect we'll adapt well against most.  Day and Wilson really have done a great job of figuring out how to exploit different defenses in a slightly different way each week, introducing new wrinkles and all that'll cause defensive coordinators all sorts of heartburn.  

Like that fake punt.  Not only a thing of beauty because it worked, but how it's going to impact special teams play against us each week.  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

The only real issue I saw was that Fields overthrew a few passes.  It was primarily the downfield stuff where he was supposed to drop it on a running receiver.  I remember a few that seemed to sail on him.  

Comment 03 Nov 2019

This is what worries me about the game - this almost spells trap game.  We shouldn't have any issues whatsoever winning this one (but then again, other top teams have been upset this year when they shouldn't have).  These guys aren't as good as either Purdue or Iowa were and our defense isn't ass cheeks, either, so it shouldn't be.

But a spread like this is just bad karma.  I realize it's so Vegas can get enough people betting on both sides, but still.  

Comment 28 Oct 2019

I like the concept of 3 weeks to prepare for the next big stretch of games - but this makes me thing terrible turtles has the potential to be a trap game.  Pretty sure we could beat Rutgers without a real game plan, but MD at least showed a spark at the beginning of the season.

Not that I'm particularly worried, but it does seem an easy game to overlook.  

Comment 26 Oct 2019

One of my coworkers guaranteed 300 yards for Taylor.

He was wrong.

That aside, I'm thinking that one of the reason Taylor has so many yards every year is that he plays on the weakside of the B10.  Lots of yards against mediocre and bad teams.  This doesn't mean Wiscy is truly a bad team or anything.  They're not - they're good.  But against a truly physical team, they're going to struggle until they get an actual QB.  

Comment 25 Oct 2019

My logic on them having nothing to lose is as follows:

  • If they had no loses, they're in the mix for the Natty.  
  • One loss, to a not good team, means they're essentially eliminated at this point.  Sure, there's an outside chance that beating us brings them back into the mix, but as our last year clearly showed, a one loss team not in the SEC means you're not getting in.  
  • They're already expected to lose, so outside of their homers, the expectation is there - they're playing as the underdogs.