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Comment 03 May 2019

If we want to make the game safer, there's another idea out there.  Remove much of the armor they wear now.  Look at rugby for inspiration here.  They can scrum with lightly-padded helmets (or just taped ears, at times) and don't seem to have near the injuries.  Now, before I get lambasted for this, think about it.  What player is going to launch themselves at another player if they're not wearing armor that distributes the force over their torso?  None - because leading with your shoulder like that will likely end up breaking a clavicle, separating/dislocating a shoulder, etc.  

This doesn't turn the game into rugby at all - tackling still exists, the other rules stay the same, etc.  You could even keep kick-offs and all of the other stuff.  Just pull the armor off.  It's not like the precedent for it does't exist - look back at football prior to the 40s. 

Comment 03 Apr 2019

The season goals should always be the same:

  • Beat every team in front of you.
  • Beat the skunkweasels so badly their significant others abandon them and they're treated as a national object of mockery - something something lamentations of their women, crushing your enemies. Insert Conan reference (because the original one's a bit over the top for today's standards).
  • Win the championship.
  • All while focusing on getting good grades and progressing as humans.  
Comment 02 Apr 2019

We also have to realize that at some point, everything seems to gel for a player.  Any number of things could've kept them out of the mix earlier - conditioning, strength, skills demonstrated on the practice field, their few game appearances, not getting to practice with the number ones, etc.  Sitting and watching for a year, getting occasional opportunities, learning from them, and then getting into the starting role can all make a hell of a difference.  

Comment 25 Feb 2019

You touch on something important.  What I'd like to see is that he plays the first half, keeping him in shape and making sure the entire 1st team offense is in sync.  Then, unless the game is a psychotic blow-out, plays maybe one series in the 2nd half just to keep that experience level up.  Then he rides pine while the 2nd team takes over.  This gives them reps and keeps the wear and tear down until later when we get into the meat of the schedule. 

Once we're in the more competitive games, he gets to play longer - but it's not like he's too out of shape from earlier in the year, so it shouldn't be a problem.  

This should be the same with pretty much all of the first team, but still - I think it's more important for the RB spot than many of the others.  

Comment 22 Feb 2019

Did they take your personal money to pay for that cheese?  Was the cheese forced upon you?  If the answer is no to both of those, I'm not sure how you could have a problem with this.  Craptastic food at sporting events is a tradition that's been with us for over a century.  If you want a kale and hummus salad, go somewhere that serves that.  

But damn, don't complain about other people enjoying themselves when it's legal, not on your lawn, and isn't costing you anything.  

Comment 21 Jan 2019

This could be an issue - I believe the B12 has struggled against other conferences for three reasons - lesser talent, being entirely pass happy, and not having defenses to support you.  The biggest point here would be the pass happy attack - when it runs into a defense that can overpower your o-line coupled with enough coverage to eliminate the impact of short throws, they lose to B10 and SEC teams consistently.  There has to be enough of a running game to keep the defenses honest and not sell out to stop one or the other.  Luckily, it seems like this guy will bring in the RPO, which as we've seen, dramatically improves a rushing attack.  

And if we've got a decent defense to back us up?  Could be very happy times, indeed.  

Comment 14 Jan 2019

I keep hearing the refrain of letting the skunkweasels score 39 points and how bad it is, blah blah blah.  Yes, as a fan I never want to see them score any points.  However,  in the 2nd half we were scoring 1-2 TDs per score they had.  At one point it was a 30 point delta - and never closer than 16 after the 3rd.  

They were desperate and trying every damn thing to win.  However, every time they score, we'd go out and match, then generally top, their score.  

Comment 10 Dec 2018

I'd say he did good things when he stepped in.  Receivers seem to be running crisper routes, they're where they're supposed to be, they block well, etc.  Not that they didn't block before, but everything seemed a bit more polished.  And Campbell could catch the deep ball (mostly).

But yeah, next year is the bigger challenge.  If Haskins is back (and please, let it be so), there's a chance for another monster year - as long as he's got targets that can catch, he's going to light things up.  If it's Tate (or some other person), we'll see how things go.  I'm rather hopeful, though.  

Comment 06 Dec 2018

My early (and quite useless) predictions

  • FAU - a normal and comfortable win, just like we'd expect.  A few inexplicable problems - defense lapses, offense being out of sync - that are attributable to everyone getting on the same page, but no one worries.
  • UC - The Fighting Fickell's give us a bit more of a run for our money.  Closer in the first half than we'd like, but we pull away easily in the second.  
  • Indiana - They've started to find a defense to go with their offense prowess.  I predict this will be a bit closer, requiring some late game heroics.  
  • Miami (OH) - After learning a bit more about the team, we crush these guys and sit the starters after the 3rd quarter.  
  • Nebraska - A very close game, but we hold off a drive or two at the end to win.
  • MSU -  A slogging, muddy game (yes, I'm predicting the weather) that plays against our strengths, meaning we end up with a very close game with a low score.  
  • Northwestern - Assuming we actually find a defense, this should be more comfortable.  I think they regress a bit next year, not because they get that much worse, but because others get better.  However, instead of losing early on in their non-conference schedule, they'll have a much better record before we beat them.
  • Wisconsin - A Martinez gives us fits, like normal.  I'm less sure of my prediction here, but I'm thinking a shootout where we have to drive the length of the field to win.
  • Maryland - After last year, we revenge ourselves.  Mostly because we've got a bye week to prepare. 
  • Rutgers - Ash goes down.  Again.
  • PSU - Finally, not a nail-biter coming down to the end.  Without Barkely and McSorcerer, we win and win pretty handily.  
  • TTUN - At this point, we're looking at a meeting of undefeated teams.  Everyone is pimping the skunkweasels for dominating lesser teams.  And, as per usual, we beat them.  In their house.  Hairball has that confused look on his face, reminding us of Bret B.  mgoblog actually melts down completely.  Riots ensue.  

We then go on to win our conference again, but Day somehow doesn't win COTY.  

Comment 30 Nov 2018

Looking at their last 5 games:

  • Illinois:  A home game against a team that finished 2-7.  Final score 24-16.  The game was never really in question, going into the half 21-6.  Hard to take anything away from this game.  Worth noting that Bowser put up 166 yards in this game and the team had 261 yards on the ground, compared to 110 in the air.  All in a game where they admit they were playing vanilla and spending time prepping for us.
  • @Minnesota:  A team that our defense made look like all-stars even though they finished 3-6.  NU's D held them to 109 yards rushing.  Hell, I'm pretty sure they had 109 yards of rushing against us in the first 3 minutes of our game against them.  Bowser didn't have a great game here.
  • @Iowa:  Beat a 5-4 team 14-10.  Not too shabby, but certainly not a high-scoring affair.  Bowser again monsters up - 165 yards.  Iowa couldn't rush against them, though - 64 total yards for the Hawkeyes.
  • ND at home:  31-21 loss.  Kind of expected, but they did put up points and Bowser got 93 and Thorson managed to get two rushing TDs.  

On the overall, they're putting up yards and doing so with a scrappy little guy.  This is the exact thing we've struggled to defend all year long.  Fitz is going to look at the games we've played this year, find our defensive weaknesses and exploit the hell out of them.  Crossing routes.  Getting rushers to the edge.  Making our LBs and secondary tackle in space and take good angles.  

Offensively, even with them in zone, I think we can simply overwhelm them. Longer sustained drives that get us into the EZ.  

This makes for a perfect recipe of suck to watch.  We're likely to go into halftime very close, or even down, due to some stupid big plays that should never have happened.  By quarter:

  1. "We've got these guys" is how we'll go in, quickly followed by, "How did Schiano not plan for this crap?!?   It's not like everyone hasn't done the same damned thing to us!"
  2. "Thank you for Haskins and Chrisman, keeping us alive!  Here's to hoping for halftime adjustments"
  3. "Why didn't our D play like this during the first half"
  4. "Finally, pulling away.  I hate it when we let teams hang around like that."

We win by 2 scores after a tight first half.  

Comment 29 Nov 2018

And I quote:


  • "We're seeing a team that's playing good."
  • Kevin Wilson notes that they played both Michigan and Notre Dame close.
  • "They make you work, they make you earn it."
  • "Statistically, they're in the upper half of the Big Ten.""

Of course they're in the upper half of the B10.  They won their division, didn't they?  Secondly, it's not like being the upper half is a thing to brag about, when most of their division is the football equivalent of hairy dog poo.