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Comment 31 Aug 2018

Yea. I think him and Luke are co-starters with luke as the “blocker” and Berry as the “receiver”. Obviously you gotta keep defenses honest and you want as complete a player as possible but Berry is a real sick athlete with great hands. He has the potential to be a star. When J.T. missed him on that jailbreak screen against USC I was so disappointed. The yac he woulda picked up on that play would have dropped jaws. 

Comment 13 Aug 2018

The fact that these are pictures or text messages is a clear indication that someone is attempting to conceal the metadata associated with the photos. 

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Warriner coached the strongest unit of our team until last year. He coached a converted underachieving tight end and defensive tackle to very good seasons at the right tackle position and turned a so so guard (mewhort) into One of the best LTs in the conference. Also, he rotated isiah prince in as a true freshman and he did well. friends with Urban Meyer; a disturbing trend in his hiring. 

We shouldn't be taking in fired position coaches or co-ordinators. Herman, warriner, altered, Coombs, ash, and Larry Johnson were all valued members of their respective teams. Those are the kind of hires we need. I'll take failed head coaches though as they were likely successful at their previous, like, role.