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Comment 22 Sep 2018

Nah, NO is Columbus south with all the beloved Buckeyes tearing it up for the Saints and now Joey Burrow resurrecting ye’ ole offensive game in Red Stick!

Comment 26 Aug 2018

I’m a homer with Scarlet colored glasses. Despite this  I fail to see how this team that I believe possesses the most talent and depth (on paper) than ever before doesn’t win the B1G and make the playoffs. Despite the recent drama, I believe this team is truly a brotherhood and believe they strengthen their bond as a team and as men. I see these things and a hunger that we’ve not seen for a minute in CBus as well as now having the proverbial chip on their shoulders. This is a team chock full of individuals with something to prove and a team as a whole that posesses an extremely high level of drive, focus and dedication in spite of recent headlines. These boys will will need to find their groove sure enough but when they do I don’t think anyone could beat them when they hit beast mode.