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Comment 19 Nov 2017

To me Travis interviews like a coach.  Like he is a little stressed out and exhausted after a game and has to now deal with these media folks (even though he volunteered LOL) .  The difference between him and the coaches is he gives actual answers.  Really well thought out answers.  The facial mannerisms have me cracking up as that is exactly how I feel when in conversations.  LOVE IT! I'm really enjoying this segment. 

If you are on here Travis - Fantastic job!

Comment 16 Oct 2017

I read it -  though even the OP didn't seem confident with the analysis he reported.  Unclear on why your response was to attack me as being dense and simple minded  I gotta say that hurt a little bit.  I may actually be dense because I have no idea why you are correlating Bob to JT.  Please break it down in simple terms and *assume I'm an idiot and you are so clever.

Comment 15 Oct 2017

Jesus and Mary on a kit kat bar.  Just pick your side and deal with it.  There are no new angles that have not been brought up on this.  I'm going down with the JT ship at this point if that is what it comes to.  I think it is going to go well and then I'll spend countless hours looking for and responding to you hater's posts because you couldn't shut the hell up for 5 consecutive minutes and let us enjoy solid wins. 

Comment 02 Oct 2017

Yeah, I'm over the night games for reasons that you all have outlined.  It used to be fun because it was rare and something special.  I am interested in the player's prospective.  So they get out of the stadium at what - 12 am, have to fly home (maybe the next day), unload their stuff, travel home, take care of personal business and have classes on Monday?  I'm cool with it if the players like it.  As a person who travels, this seems harrowing for a college student to do every couple of weeks which this seems to be turning into.

Comment 27 Sep 2017

I agree especially with #3 and #4.  The 3:30 spot is perfect for me for having some fun with friends and family and then relaxing.  These games take so long now I'd rather get home and off the roads before midnight.

Comment 26 Sep 2017

That was hilarious.  Someone please post more videos with Goldy jacking up kids.  I'm sure the kids loved it to.