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Comment 15 Nov 2019

I work in trauma critical care - agree MG should be banned for life because his helmet hit could have turned Rudolph into a vegetable for life.  Rudolph should be suspended without pay for the rest of the season so he can reflect on what a privilege it is to be a starting quarterback. Pouncy suspended 3-6 games. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Smacks of pay to play - who gave the loan? A booster? An agent? Bosas Dad? Paying the kiddos won’t change this. Top recruits will still be looking for the “best situation” which I am absolutely sure includes the money we know darn well all the elite programs are quietly offering. Don’t hate the player hate the system. We need a minor league for NFL caliber kids and I think NCAA/college in reality should be for kids whose future is not likely NFL. 

Comment 29 Oct 2019

I think our team has been pretty humble and driven this year in interviews. Chase thanks God for his success. Dobbins consistently underrates himself and says he wants to get better. Fields just seems happy to be here and useful. They are not over the top boastful. They clearly love each other. Ryan Day is young and hungry and eager to prove himself compared with Urbans confident smirk (love it but he’s a terrible smirker when he wins haha). I can see why this team feels more relatable and loveable. No one has gotten into any trouble off the field. They’ve been a delight to watch this season. 

Our fans could take the bragging down a notch though and learn to take it game by game like the players are!

Comment 29 Oct 2019

Dawn of a new era. I’m happy for the players - they’ve earned it and here in the Big Ten we should tip the cap to the Northwestern Nerds for their pivotal role in drawing attention to the issue years ago. 

Comment 28 Oct 2019

I still think championship rings for all is a much better prize than a Heisman trophy for one. The past Heisman some of them are total douche bags. It has become a joke and the winners haven’t even had good character. I think a team win is much more meaningful and potentially more predictable of future success. Multiple guys from our last natty are doing better than any of the recent Heisman winners.  Maybe because they showed they can put team before self?

Comment 28 Oct 2019

I'm so glad we are winning every game because at the end of the day if we're undefeated we'll be in the playoff and if we're as good as we think we are - then we'll win both those games and be national champions and all this will become a mute point! 

Then we can get the unfair poll advantage (coming in pre-season ranked #1 next year b/c we will still have our QB etc.) that sends us into the playoffs when maybe we don't deserve it? Like that time we scored ZERO points against Clemson because we were over-ranked based on reputation and we got super embarassed nationally. 

The door swings both ways eh?  I'm just trying to point out that we have also benefited at times from assumptions and we haven't always lived up to them.  I remember before the Clemson game the announcers talking about Urbans big game prep and amzing track record etc etc etc and then feeling like absolute trash watching JT struggle for an entire game and not score a single point. 

Hopefully this year we are the real deal but guessing who is and who isn't seems harder this year because there is a lot of smoke and mirrors since a lot of us are playing relatively cupcake schedules this year.  Our team hasn't yet even been tested. Maybe that's because we're amazing but the question still remains to me how JF will handle adversity/pressure, playing 4 quarters, being down, etc. Haven't seen him have to do it yet! None of our starters have really been asked to put in a full game with a lot of pressure but we know Trevor Lawrence, Tua, and even Joey have played in big pressure/close games. So that's some important experience they have that JF hasn't yet.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Yeah I know it was a thing with Anderson but is it with Chryst?

Has OSU really lowered its standard for certain players?

i guess I’m looking for anyone that can produce facts? I’ve been “google researching” myself and I can’t find much. I know we used to have one quarter where we open admitted regardless of GPA but that was a long time ago.  Neither school lists a required “minimum GPA” or min test scores for admittance and both schools say their acceptance review process is “holistic.” Which I would interpret to mean both can admit whomever they want as long as the HS pre-reqs are met. 

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Can anyone clarify in what way Wisconsin’s are different from ours? I looked at average gpa/act/sat and while Wisconsin’s are slightly higher - its not a huge difference given we have 10,000 more students. 

Comment 27 Oct 2019

We are blessed to have 3 Heisman caliber players on our team even though none of them will win! Who wants the Heisman curse anyway - we want the NC trophy and rings - that way all the players on our team are rewarded because it takes the whole team playing elite for individuals to shine this bright.  If we were 9-2 and had Chase no one would be hyping him as much you know?

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Don’t academic standards have to be equal among schools in a conference? That’s part of the big deal I thought in adding schools to the B1G. 

I can only speak of my own degree program at OSU but it was ranked higher than same program at Wisconsin. Let’s be honest most football players are majoring in communications, physical education, general studies. Not because they are stupid but because how the blank do you study premed/engineering/etc and do football? I spent a lot of time in the library studying and that is time our players don’t have. Which goes down a whole other rabbit hole. 

Cheating? I have no idea unless he just considers it unfair we get 4 and 5 stars and Wisky doesn’t? That ain’t cheating bro - that’s called a dynasty and you are free to build your own.