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Comment 12 Oct 2012

4. Can't come off the still higher than 160 proof.

5. Can't go into the barrel higher than 125 proof (which is what makes George T. so magical).

While bourbon can technically be made anywhere, it's cultural, historical, and spiritual home is - by God! - in Kentucky (which I'll venture was Ramzy's point). 

Interestingly enough, Lawrenceburg IN had a pretty good distillery (LDI) that is now defunct. However, if you live in Columbus and are curious, you can buy some of their juice that has been bought up and bottled by a guy out of WV - it's called Old Scout, and Smooth Ambler is the name of the distillery. Aged 6 years & high-rye...good stuff. Weiland's & Kroger in the Brewery District both have it. It's even remotely possible that the Cougar may be a watered-down / repackaged version of what is now Old Scout (which is a satisfying 99 proof).

Well, I think that should about do it. I'll be happy to join any existing obnoxious, overbearing bourbon snobs if the board has such a lot. No thanks? How about obnoxious & overbearing for the Bucks? Oh dear.