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Comment 10 Aug 2019

Comic books.  Been collecting them for close to 35 years.  My wife just shakes her head when I come home from the comic shop every Wednesday with my finds.

Star Wars toys - Have everything from when I was a kid.  Also G.I.Joe.  I was that kid that played with them and then cleaned them up at night and put them back in the box.  I supposed I should get rid of them since they are just sitting in my basement.

Comment 28 Apr 2019

Just watched it this afternoon.  Good...not great.  Not sure what I was expecting but this wasn’t it.  I did enjoy seeing Robert Redford one last time...

Comment 28 Mar 2019

Leave it be.  Hollywood appears to be bankrupt in the creative department if they continue to reboot series.  This is one that needs to live off of its legacy.

Comment 08 Feb 2019

Always upvote a "They Live" reference.

"I am here to chew bubble gum and kick ass!"

Comment 04 Feb 2019

Meatloaf.  Just hasn't been the same since the Original Bat Out of Hell.

Comment 25 Dec 2018

Whoa, there are many on this board that thinks that would be sacrelige!

However, I agree with you.  Give me the best regardless of state. 

Comment 04 Dec 2018

OSU kept rolling after Woody was fired.  OSU survived after Tressel was fired.  OSU will keep rolling with Day.

All is good.