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Comment 28 May 2019

Mayfield was there when OU hired Riley.  I suppose you could say he fell into Riley's lap.

I don't think Murray fell in his lap.  Riley was already OC at Oklahoma when Murray decided to transfer there.  When asked why he chose OU, he said "Coach Linc is one of, if not the best OC in the country."  He chose them because Riley was doing great as OC, just as Fields transferred to OSU because Day had a good season.  That isn't luck or "falling into his lap."  He attracted Murray to the school because he's the best offensive coach in the country.  And now he's attracted Hurts.  And then Rattler.   

Comment 28 May 2019

but Mayfield was dynamic when Riley was OC and before that

It's a chicken-egg thing.  You seem to think Mayfield and Murray were going to be good anyway, and Riley just helped them along.  I argue Riley made Mayfield. (No comment on Murray)

Mayfield was very mediocre at Texas Tech.  A walk on with 127 rating, 6.8 yd/att, and a 12TD/9INT.  That's why Oklahoma didn't offer him a scholarship when he transferred.  He wasn't very good.  Riley made Mayfield dynamic. In his first season, under Riley, he put up: 173 rating, 9.4 yd/att, and 36TD/7INT.   (Unless you want to argue that Mayfield became dynamic during the 2014 season he sat out.  He would have been on the scout team learning under OC Josh Heupel.  Of course, Heupel coached so poorly in 2014 he was fired.  That's when OU brought in Riley.)

Comment 27 May 2019

I'd put Riley as  #1.  When Day, an OC, was elevated, what did he do?  He cleaned house and remade the defense the way he wanted it.  Riley couldn't do that.  He was absolutely handcuffed by Stoops' brother being the DC.  He couldn't make that change, even though everyone knew that DC Stoops is a terrible coach.  Yet, Riley made the playoff both years he's been at Oklahoma even with 1.5 seasons of Mike Stoops.  That's unbelievable.  Now enough time has passed that he could remake the D his way.  I am not down on Grinch, because he is better than Mike Stoops.     

Comment 22 May 2019

This kid should be thinking about his best interests, not getting back at Ohio State.  He clearly picked Michigan because OSU rejected him. 

when your top pro style schools aren't offering you I don't care how many stars you have... it's worrisome.. 

Exactly, it is worrying.  McCarthy doesn't have major offers.  No ND, OK, CLEM, ALA, or UGA.  No one is knocking down his door with prime offers, so he just committed out of spite.  Not his best move.  If he can't commit to OSU, he should take his time and find the right fit instead of trying to spite OSU. 

It's exactly like Greg Mattison.  He wanted the DC gig at Michigan, but Harbaugh clearly said "you're not good enough to be DC here."  No one was knocking down his door to be DC at major programs, so he jumped at a co-DC position and he took it out of spite.  Not his best move.  He should have taken his time and waited for a real DC position, but he acted like JJ McCarthy.

Comment 10 Feb 2019
"Your QB finished 7th in conference passing yds last yr" Who cares? Blough, Ramsey, Martinez finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Losing record, losing record, losing record. Patterson finished 2nd in conference in QB rating, yards/attempt, td-int ratio, and 4th in completion %. Yards/game is really insignificant.
Comment 04 Dec 2018
Harbaugh has coached 3 Michigan draft classes. 2016-2018. They've had 5 defensive lineman drafted in 3 years. Gary and Winovich will be drafted this year. 7 Linemen drafted in four drafts, with 2 first rounders is good development. Hurst probably should have been a first or second round pick, but was derailed by medical concerns beyond the coaches' control.
Comment 02 Dec 2018
OU didn't "jump" OSU. They were ahead of OSU in every playoff ranking this year.
Comment 02 Dec 2018

Stanford doesn't suck.  They went 8-4, all four losses coming against ranked teams (ND, WASH, WSU, UTAH).  S&P+ ranks them 27th.  ESPN's FPI ranks them 19th.  Sagarin ranks them 22nd.  That's a pretty solid win, actually.  More impressive than NW.  (S&P+ 80th, ESPN FPI 41st, Sagarin 37th)

Comment 20 Nov 2018

I should also point out that Michigan is averaging 19ppg on the road, minus the Rutgers game. So yeah.. Different team away from home against teams with a pulse.

Different team, or just played tougher defenses on the road. I think it's opponent quality, not geography.  According to S&P+ defense rankings, Michigan, minus Rutgers, has played very good defenses on the road. Notre Dame (3rd), MSU (4th), and NW (26th).  Two elite defenses, one above average.  Michigan outgained all three teams, (ND by only a couple yards, MSU by 301 yards, NW by 174 yards), but didn't put up many points. That's because the teams are 15th, 17th, and 34th in scoring defense.

At home, Michigan has only played one defense in that range (PSU, S&P+ 12th, 31st scoring D) and the other 7 teams they played at home were S&P+ 40th or lower.  7 chances to bolster their stats at home.  OSU is 38th in S&P+ defense and 52nd in scoring D.   S&P+ rankings are opponent adjusted, so to be 38th nationally when there are only 65 or so Power 5 teams means OSU is a below average Power Five defense.   

Comment 17 Jul 2018
In 2013, Cal had the worst pass defense in the country. Literally. Ranked 125the out of 125 FBS teams in yards allowed per game. Can't just distribute when you play good defenses. You have to be able to execute tough assignments.
Comment 10 Nov 2017

Re: your comments on Worley, I'd add that the panelist (D. Wertheim) said that all three linebackers were high four stars.  According to 247, Worley was a run of the mill three star with a composite rating of 0.8675.

Comment 10 Nov 2017

yes, 24 points sounds ok, but if you're going to mention a missed opportunity (underthrow to McClaurin) then you should also mention that the last TD was in garbage time.  Ohio State was down by 31 points with about 4:30 left.  That's the definition of garbage time.  Also, the only reason OSU was able to score the final TD was because Kirk Ferentz was toying with Meyer, going for a FAKE PUNT! while leading in garbage time.  The short field after the failed fake allowed OSU to score.  If Iowa punted and forced OSU to drive, a 5th interception was a lot more likely than a final TD, in my opinion.

Comment 31 Aug 2017

One thing I don't understand is the confidence surrounding Ryan Day's ability to churn out good passers.  (He seems to turn his QBs into run first guys.  Effective, yes, but definitely run first)  In response to the first question, Kevin said "I guess I have a lot of faith in Ryan Day, Kevin Wilson and an uptempo offense..."  I completely get the Kevin Wilson love, but Day has coordinated just terrible passing attacks in college.

Temple-2012- 120th Nationally in passing yards/game (but 31st rushing)

Boston College 2013- 114th (20th rushing)

Boston College 2014- 124th (15th rushing)

Comment 08 Aug 2017
I'm of the opinion that Wisconsin in 2014 was overrated due to their soft schedule. In other words, the only reason they had the 4th best scoring defense was because they played nobody. According to the opponent adjusted rankings, SP, FEI, Wisconsin was the 21st and 38th best defense respectively. Not trying to be contrary. Just feel like Michigan state was a better win ( in SP and FEI, they were about the same as Wisconsin on defense, and significantly better on offense)