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Comment 07 Dec 2019

I guess the world has tipped on it axis and we are now in an alternate universe... looks like clemson will win it all again in this world.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

I understand the basic requirements of the law and how it might or will affect CA schools and the NCAA, but I have a couple of questions which I haven't seen addressed:  1) Can any school in CA opt out of this law or be grandfathered out of the law so they don't conflict with the NCAA laws/rules?  2) What happens to current or future Olympians from these schools or in the state? Would they still be considered "amateurs" and be able to compete in the Olympics?

Comment 30 Sep 2018

Perfect AZVO! My wife wanted to watch the game and she was constantly asking me "what are they talking about?" and I have to tell her that they ARE NOT talking about the game... her response is "Why?"... enough said. We watched the game without sound from then on. But then they started showing people in the stands and people on the sidelines instead of the game... then I started asking "Who is that?" it really almost ruined the game for us both... ESPN/ABC need to rehash their "game" coverage so they can cover the game!  GO BUCKS!

Comment 28 Oct 2016

Agreed.  All NW has to do is the same thing that PS and UW did to the bucks.  Load the box and rush the QB from the edge. Defense will save the game for the bucks again.