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Comment 20 Nov 2016
/read in the spirit of Sam Elliott in The Big Lebowski I was 16... old enough to know enough, but too young to know any better, and here they came, these ne'er do wells from the north. What they took on November 23, 1996, I will never get back... you can only lose your innocence once y'know? So we tried a raid on their turf not more than 365 days later, but we were betrayed by poor leadership at the point. And so patiently, we waited. For those of us forged in those dark times, we invested all we had into that Game - toil away, give your all, and eventually you get results. Finally, 6 years to the day of that end of the innocence, we broke through... a wheel route, an option, and 2 defensive stands, and right prevailed. I'd never felt happier than that day, but I couldn't help but think of all the happiness lost on my younger years. Sometimes you eat the bar...
Comment 11 Mar 2015

I feel like we have to exclude any OSU win or the App State game - those are gimmes.

Off the cuff, I'll go with their 2001 loss at Michigan State (the game with the Sparty timekeeper that held an extra 0:01 on the clock allowing MSU to score on the final play of the game). That seemed to produce some tears and, coupled with our 2001 win up there, kept them out of a BCS bowl. Other candidates from that era, when Michigan losing actually meant something:

- Their nutty 54-51 loss at Northwestern in 2000 when Anthony Thomas fumbled while running out the clock

- Their 2002 home loss to Iowa where they got absolutely dismantled, 34-9.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Accessing memory that being a 20-year old attendee afforded:

- Nate Clements almost takes opening kick back on a fake reverse, we get a TD on the drive, Stultz misses the PAT and that pretty much summarizes the day

- Anthony Thomas scores on a painfully long screen pass

- Steve Bellisari throws 3 INT including a pick 6 that makes it 31-12 UM after 3 quarters

- OSU gets 2 TDs back to cut it to 31-26, has the ball around their own 20 with about 4:00 to go facing a 4th & 1. .. run up the middle is stuffed, boos rain down, and Drew Henson scores on a bootleg to ice the game at 38-26

Man, that was brutal.  Never forget...

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Agreed.  Had them in 00-01.  Of the 3 different copmanies we rented from, they were far and away the worst.  That says a lot considering the competition.

Comment 07 Aug 2013

For the first couple of years, the BTN would add a few (like 10) new games a year to the library, with a press release and everything.  I haven't really heard anything about it in the last 2 years as it almost seems like the new games that get added are just the best from the previous season, because it's so easy. Thank God Purdue upset OSU in 2009 in a game that's actually pretty unwatchable (sloppy on both sides, not even really that close) - we wouldn't want the BTN to have to splurge on the scintillating 1999 OSU-Purdue game that was won on a blocked FG in the rain.


Also, are they averse to conference losses?  Sure, UM losing to App State was a blackeye for the conference, but it was a damn great game and would produce great schadenfreude-based programming for fans of the conference's 11 other teams.  You don't think non-OSU fans would enjoy watching Vince Young kick us in the balls again?

On the BTN site, under Grestest Games programming, they list the next 10 broadcasts upcoming: 8 are from 2007-2012, one is from 2000, one is from 1984 (and it's PSU, pre-B10). 

Comment 20 Mar 2013

Indeed, the 2002 season opened with a 45-21 win over Texas Tech in the Pigskin Classic, highlighted by the debut of Maurice Clarett.  Two interesting notes form that game:

- that was the most points the defense gave up all year (in regulation)

- the Red Raiders' best player that day: a slot receiver named Wes Welker

Comment 22 Jan 2013

Nike did these years ago, around 2000. I distinctly remember Michigan with a big block M and UNC with the interlocking NC, and the jersey number was below. I didn't like them then and I don't like them now. 

Comment 06 Nov 2012

See Adrian Peterson.  He should've beat Leinart as a freshman in 04 and when things were set up well for him in 06, he got injured.  I think Troy would've had some serious competition if Peterson stayed healthy that season.

Comment 25 Aug 2012

Yikes. I know Lance has been under a lot of scrutiny recently, but I thought he still had his health. The Wapok crowd is not gonna be happy about this. 

Comment 03 Aug 2012

Did we lead with an adapted quote from PaRappa the Rapper today?

Also, for how long will MSU milk the 2010 B1G championship?

Comment 06 Mar 2012

A valuable teaching opportunity is being wasted in lieu of promoting stereotypes.  These players can learn about literature while training if we outfit the 'loafers' in gray jerseys with scarlet 'L's painted on. 

Comment 18 Nov 2011

Yeah, ummm... NCAA?  I'm gonna need you to come in Sunday to finish off those TPS reports so we can get a verdict by Thanksgiving.  Yeahhhhh, thanks.

Comment 18 Nov 2011

But unless Fickell is retained, a regime change will happen no matter what.  Even if a Tressel disciple like Beckman came back, you'd have to think that few of the current coaches will be kept.  So who should be kept?  Of 10 position coaches, the only coaches from Copper that Tressel retained were Spencer (RB), Conley (TE/recruit), & Heacock (DL).  

Comment 17 Oct 2011

We're all being put on white-collar resort probation, right?

Comment 17 Oct 2011

Oh God, that's beautiful Ramzy.  So I guess this all ends with Siciliano mumbling about how his playbook was taken and never given back while the WHAC mysteriously goes down in flames?

Comment 17 Jun 2011

In light of what we could end up with, I suppose another Earle Bruce would be a terrific result.  In 9 seasons, he won 4 B10 championships, was 5-4 against UM, and went 5-3 in bowl games.  The downside would be that after his first season, he never put together a team that was close to a national championship.  My dad says everyone called him "9-3 Earle" and I just laughed until I checked his records - he went 9-3 6 years in a row from 1980-1985, then 10-3 in 1986!

Consistency is the halmark of greatness?

Comment 04 May 2011
Pontiac 6000 in high school FTW! This whole time I thought I was the only one. So this is what it feels like when doves cry.