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Comment 01 May 2018

From dumpster diving in the parking lots of bad SEC schools, to the creation of mystery "jobs" for moms/dads/high school head coaches of coveted recruits, to ice cream and pin the tail on the donkey parties, to "Signing of the Stars" with Ric Flair!, to pretending he was totally innovative and thinking outside the box with satellite camps, to flying to baseball and basketball games to get on TV, this might be the slimiest behavior I've seen yet from Harbz and that oft troubled program.  It's a recruiting trip, which is perfectly fine, yet Harbz has literally conned that entire school into believing "its about the kids (on the team)".  Which is why he coincidentally has a cameraman and Michigan gear finely laid out just so at every stop cause, yano, it's about the kids. lol

This tier two program deserves the continued botched recruiting hauls and bottom trending finishes they reel in each year. 

Comment 10 Feb 2018

I can't get that tree unlocked yet for some reason.  Maybe it's my level (4) or my lack of mats, or possibly they may unlock after certain triggers in questing or game progress - still trying to figure that out. I'm using the Barroth sword and board at 180 DPS.  Are you using any particular site for reference material that ppl are updating as they go along?

Comment 09 Feb 2018

My absolute favorite console game, atm.  Yes, it does have a steep learning curve (I didn't play either of the first two) and a huuuge array of things to do from four or five different types of quests to crafting and what appears to be many hours grinding for both.  There's huge chunks of the game I still haven't learned yet and I'm 20 hours in.  That's insane.  I went sword and shield (also noted to be easier for first timers) to soften the learning curve. I'll probably opt for a ranged weapon next.

Oh, and mother fuck Anjanath.

I'm really impressed with it so far and happy I preordered it on a hunch. 

Comment 09 Feb 2018

I got about (what I imagine to be) a quarter of the way through The Witcher, but it was just too slow for me. I put it on blood and knuckles difficulty (or whatever that difficulty is called; blood and bones?) to ramp it up a little but didn't really do it for me.  I really wanted to love that game, too.  I may give it another go sometime.

Comment 25 Nov 2017

They are truly elite horse and buggy era titans.  Not to mention one title since 1948.

Dear God, they're bad. 

Comment 25 Nov 2017

Nothing new.

This is the same toxic fan base that blames - Rich Rod, headsets, "Harbz doesn't have his guys yet", "we're too young", OHIO REFZ, the weather (see MSU game), Hoke, "the B1G/NCAA/ESPN loves OSU" and now another group of refs. 

I'm genuinely shocked.

They embrace weird shit like "Signing of the Stars", Ric Flair, video game sleep overs and clowns juggling rubber balls. Oh and Rome.  While they were in Rome drinking lattes and lounging in the sun, the rest of the league was doing wind sprints, push ups, drinking raw eggs and punching frozen cows {Insert motivating Rocky theme here}.


PS: Mgoblog has shut down comments. lol #Shook

Comment 27 Oct 2017

I was going to mention a similar assessment, particularly with "most" money on PSU and a fairly steady line. Good take.

Comment 20 May 2017

If people haven't figured out that recruiting and the whole suspect business surrounding it, isn't a burgeoning cash cow then they probably also get their news from Buzzfeed and Facebook.

"6th highest ranked OLB" doesn't generate hits/clicks.  But the #1, does.  I'm pretty certain the *highly trained professionals* that sit on PC's and Twitter and award/take these digital stars are acutely aware of this phenomenon.  

Comment 19 May 2017

Michigan fans have gone since the 40's since an undisputed championship, so those that bought into satellite camps, ice cream parties, video games sleepovers, Ric Flair, David Hasselhoff and clowns juggling rubber balls are stunned that the circus act doesn't generate the recruits and results that UFM's constant grind and OSU's brand does.  Harbz is essentially Trump, just as Paul Finebaum stated. 

Michigan gonna Michigan.  The downward spiral begins once again for the annual clown show up there.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

That's all well and good, but maybe you shouldn't volunteer to go on a charity fundraising cruise if you don't plan on being accessible.

At the end of the day, this is the uncommon common sense approach.  Accepting an invite to such an event - not just any cruise but a BUCKEYE cruise - means you accept the headaches of autograph hounds, hero worshippers, thirsty women (oh, the humanity), and literally everybody who drops thousands of US peso wanting/expecting/demanding a piece of you.

As a player, if you can't wrap your head around this and the inconvenience you'll likely be subjected to, just don't go.  It's really quite simple.

Comment 06 Feb 2017


And it makes it that much more special that he was unable to win a title for Michigan.  One title in 68 years?  That's pretty fucking bad.

Comment 06 Feb 2017


And it makes it that much more special that he was unable to win a title for Michigan.  One title in 68 years?  That's pretty fucking bad.

Comment 23 Dec 2016

Correct with the age thing.

However, Swisher was a guy who had one very good season, and it was nearly a decade before the Tribe picked him up with one or two other modest seasons.  Also, he only hit (I believe) 24 HR's as a left hand hitter in the friendliest park in MLB for a lefty - New York - his final season there, which is not good for a supposed left hand power hitter in that park.  His wheels were already gone and was a career .240 with a penchant to strike out as often as he put the ball in play and serious defensive liability, who notoriously disappeared in post seasons.  It was a bad deal the day it was signed. EE is none of that.  EE is down right clutch (see his walk-off HR to clinch TOR wildcard win and his series digits vs Texas in ALDS).   

This is huge.