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Comment 06 Dec 2019

Its a legit site but its not offering $360 tickets. FunZone above had it right.

The site is the official marketplace for CFP tickets sold to the "general public", I used it for tickets to the 2014 playoffs but its essentially just another moneymaking scam. They sell "rights" to tickets starting in the summer but only through your "home" team. The fee starts off super low (like $20 I think) in the summer but then fans of each team can buy or sell their rights to tickets throughout the season at an upcharge. So if TTUN fans suddenly think they are going to the natty after PSU they can buy up rights to tickets from each other essentially. 

But once you buy the rights to the tickets for your team ($360 right now I guess), once your team officially makes it, it automatically charges your credit card for face-value tickets. Depending on what face-value is, it might still end up being a better deal than secondary market - it was in 2014 which is why I ended up using it.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Same. I had heard the the #1 seed got the "geographically closer" semi-final, but not that they actually got to state a preference. Honestly I think we'd have a majority "home" crowd at either location but if they get a preference I'd kinda like them to pick the Fiesta Bowl for the home-away-from-home familiarity

Also I love the irony  of "yes we'd like to play in the opposite corner of the country please so that we can have a bigger home crowd" 

Comment 27 Nov 2019
If they think there is any chance OSU overlooks The Game then they REALLY do not understand this rivalry
Comment 13 Sep 2019

Changing student ticket policy could have further reaching consequences as well. Being able to buy cheap student tickets without added fees also gave young alum a great chance to get back to games and keep their connection with OSU/cbus alive. Season tickets are insanely hard to get and even re-sale single-game tickets are generally too much $$ for the budget of the average 20-something just a few years out of college. 

I've been back for 1 game a year since I graduated 8 years ago and relied on cheap second hand student tickets for all of those. Coming back to campus for a weekend every fall has made it easier to keep in touch with friends who stayed in cbus, see whats happening on campus, and generally feel more connected. I've even been able to catch up with my former academic advisor and professors a few times. I honestly would not have been able to afford tickets or those trips if I had had to pay for upgrade fees or regular re-sale tickets. 

Comment 25 Nov 2017
Disagree, maybe we don't win with JT but not because of his passing ability. Without Barrett we we were leaning on Weber and Dobbins way more which I think made a much bigger difference than Haskins' arm and honestly we could have been doing that the whole game. And that's not Barrett's fault, for that I blame whoever is calling plays
Comment 30 Oct 2017

Nah it was perfect. (If you call it 'mean' because of a specific lyric hitting too close to home for PSU, let me add some context) Penn State has a long history of claiming that song, pre-2011 Sweet Caroline was "their song", their poor-man's version of Hang On Sloopy, it got blasted at every sporting event and at every gameday bar, the crowds of fans would yell/sing it all the way from the stadium to downtown State College after games. Around 2011 it quietly disappeared from most of their events but plenty of fans still claim it as "their song" in their hearts.  To me, claiming "their song" as a victory celebration ranks right up there with mocking of "we dont give a damn for the whole state of Michigan" being sung on the way out of a game that had nothing to do with Michigan.

Comment 23 Oct 2017

CowCat, you bring up another point that people tend to overlook.  The acoustics in the Shoe are actually pretty decent for a giant stadium...when you're near the field.  The shape definitely does focus noise in and down so where people are sitting in the stadium is going to have a HUGE impact on the perceived noise level. The 2014 game vs Cincinnati my friend snagged some tickets from a Cincy booster and honestly, the noise level heard from field level next to the north end zone during that game seemed similar to the major B1G games I had spent in C-deck south stands student section. The stadium is always going to seem a lot quieter from C-deck, thats just the way it works.

Comment 22 Oct 2017

That's the same for just about every major program though. Sure Beaver Stadium is insane during white outs but during a noon game vs Rutgers? It's either half empty or half asleep. I get that people want the Shoe to be loud and rowdy every single game but that's just never going to happen and that's nothing against OSU fans, it doesn't happen at other schools either. Let's find something else to complain about.

Comment 21 Oct 2017

Love it!!! I think I just found what my 12th Warrior coupon is going towards!

Just curious, any chance of long sleeve tees at some point? If so I would be first in line! The climate where I am is only rarely hoodie weather and my tshirt collection  is literally overflowing 

Comment 18 Oct 2017

fellow Cincinnatian here! I completely agree. I used to be a casual Bengals fan in my younger days but after the debacle with Paul Brown Stadium and the riverfront development I dropped them and never looked back. Pro sports are a billion dollar industry, if they cant find the money for their own facilities then I dont have much sympathy for them.  And pressuring a city by threatening to leave is something I will never be ok with.  If they care so little about the city that they could just pick up and move then why should I care about them?