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Comment 28 Nov 2016
Thank you 11W for this article, I've been following the events all day fearful for the people I know on campus and this is by far the best and most complete accounting of events. Every other news source was getting things wrong or leaving out key events and the reporting i was seeing was shoddy and all over the place. Thank you for getting it right, once again you've proved yourselves to be the best news source and so much more than a football blog
Comment 18 Nov 2016

pretty sure the student section has been singing it on the way out of the stadium after every single game.  I posted a video of it coming out of the Indiana game and a non-OSU friend commented "but didn't you guys play Indiana today?" I kinda love that it confuses everyone else...

Comment 20 Oct 2016

great write-up even though you missed my favorite basement bar, Zeno's! can be found under the striped awning between The Corner Room and Pickles, follow the outside steps down to the basement.  Its small and crowded, feels like a classic dive bar but with a great beer selection, and the undergrads tend to avoid it (which is a plus in my book)

Comment 18 Oct 2016

minor tweaks here and there are inevitable and can be dealt with.

more modern, not black

THAT'S the part that concerns me.  If they put TBDBITL in scarlet or gray or white or anything other than crisp dress blues I'm starting a riot

Comment 18 Oct 2016

if a good amount of rain is expected be wary about where you park and what your car can handle.  the tailgating fields are literally fields which can get pretty muddy if you are following hundreds of other cars out and there are some particularly bad low spots.  just a heads up

Comment 11 Oct 2016

in light of what happened last year, you can bet they will find a way to keep the jump shut down next year and following years as well.

however, from the perspective of tradition, this is somewhat ominous timing. the modern Mirror Lake jump started in the late 90s (pretty sure? someone correct if I'm wrong) closely followed by a decade and a half dominance of TTUN. This year, as the jump is shut down for good, Michigan looks to be finally approaching something resembling their former strength...

if I were a superstitious undergrad I would be working real hard on a replacement tradition

yikes, I even made myself nervous just typing that up

Comment 10 Oct 2016

I noticed that too and wondered at the difference. I couldn't tell if it was throwing them off because they were relying on verbal cues much more than other teams that come to the Shoe, if they were mentally thrown off their focus by the hostile environment, or if the crowd really was that much louder than in the past...probably some combination of all of that? I did notice their QB looking to the sidelines repeatedly as the 3rd down crowd noise really got going, I wonder if there was some dropped communication there?

For what its worth, I was in south stands next to Block O and the from that perspective the crowd noise specifically on Indiana 3rd downs was the loudest I remember from any game I've been to except for 2006 Michigan and 2012 Michigan

Comment 06 Oct 2016

- avoid coming from the south up 322, absolute worst traffic. Avoid Atherton St as much as possible too. coming along 80 and down 99 is probably the best option to get to the tailgate fields but it will still be bad
- the tailgating lots are nice if you can get in early. traffic before and after the game is the biggest problem. its horrendous.
- go for Meyer Dairy on South Atherton over The Creamery, its better ice cream (shhh, don't tell them that) and isn't mobbed by PSU alum
- if you're not familiar with Pennsylvania alcohol laws - you have to buy beer from a bottle shop (a few bars downtown have them, including Zeno's) or a "distributor" and wine and liquor from a wine and liquor shop. no alcohol at gas stations or grocery store (Wegman's does have a beer store included with a separate check-out). There's a beer store and wine/liquor store right next to each other on the south end of town - 258 W Hamilton Ave
- bars/restaurants with a slightly older crowd (ie fewer undergrads) but still in downtown: Zeno's, Rathskellar, Allen Street Grill, Sharkies, The Deli, Darkhorse Tavern
- good bars/restaurants outside of downtown - Westside Stadium, Champs (the one on N Atherton), Otto's, American Ale House, Faccia Luna
- absolutely avoid unless you are a wasted 19-yr old - The Phyrst, Mad Mex

lastly and most importantly - there is a Buckeye tree on PSU campus that should be dropping buckeyes right about gameday and most people there have no idea that its there and don't recognize the buckeyes. its kind of fun to collect from the enemy's yard. Its on E Pollock Rd at the south corner of Davey Lab, straight in from the fire hydrant on the street

Comment 06 Oct 2016

lol yes they would. not tons of people but some. every version of The Game I've been to there have been people who leave early except for 2006. fewer than other games, sure. 8pm is just an absurd start time for The Game for a handful of reasons

Comment 06 Oct 2016

I don't mind noon games because I just move my tailgating to after the game.  Although I also don't need to be trashed to be hyped up through an entire game. Granted, post-game tailgating is only fun when the Bucks win but you know, they've been pretty good about that lately (*knock on wood). But an entire evening to enjoy the win, keep the party going, and maybe tune into another rivalry (little r) game or 2? yep, sounds good to me!

Comment 06 Oct 2016

I'm not sure I agree about the advantage.  Its Rivalry weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, last regular season game, HUGE historic rivalry between huge historic programs...if anything an earlier start gives it less TV competition on one of the biggest football weekends of the year. Plus an earlier start makes for a better at-game experience for fans/recruits. It is november in Ohio afterall. And when both programs are highly ranked I really doubt that kickoff time is going to keep that many people from tuning in.

Comment 06 Oct 2016

8pm at the end of November is WAY too brutal weather-wise. It will have been dark for over 3 hours before kickoff! No way. Sure you'd get the TV ratings but for a game with this many alum in town you'd also have plenty of people leaving early trying to drive home before 1am, people leaving because it is too cold/windy (especially in C deck). Personally I dread the day that they turn The Game into a night game because it will mean that TV ratings and commercial revenue have finally won out over fan experience for good.

I'll take a 3:30 start though, getting the 2nd half under the lights is a nice compromise