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Comment 23 Mar 2017

I'm not sure I realized how good a coach he was as I was only a kid. I was actually at the game where Woody through the down markers. Classic OSU-UM game including the weather (temps below 32, sleeting). One of those games I'll never forget. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

This is what is wrong. The current OC's are not as adept at running the offense as Tom Herman was and Cardale needs to take a seat. Here is a possible solution. Hire Tim Tebow as QB coach. He knows how Meyer wants his QB to function during a game and brings a ton of respect. Turn the play calling over to Meyer and fire Beck ASAP. He has never proven himself as an OC and is ruining the (potentially) nations best offense.

Comment 24 Aug 2014

Did it ever occur to anyone this had nothing to do with a good hit but more about the fact that his sons helmet came off in the middle of a play and he wanted to make sure his son did not want to get a concussion. Having been a pre med major he would understand the ramifications of a concussion.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Lets look at this. The NCAA butts it's head into a case where it had no business (Penn State). Then it ignores evidence that was provided regarding Miami and Manziel at Texas A&M. It punishes OSU and USC but does nothing to Alabama and Auburn. This is North and South all over again and it will continue as long as the person in charge of the NCAA has connections to the SEC.

Comment 05 May 2014

I have a huge problem with the way the Big 10 is heading. For years Missouri begged to be given membership. So instead the BIG decides to allow in two schools who are not competitive and are not in traditional Big 10 territory and bring in a lot of baggage. Missouri on the other hand has joined the SEC where it is competitive. I think most will agree that Missouri would have been a better fit in all ways.