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Newark Ohio/Ohio State grad. 1967. Yes I'm old but been following the Bucks since Woody!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Easy 2002 Miami game and Alabama
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman/ Joey Bosa
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jerry Lucas and Clark Kellog and Aaron Craft
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
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Comment 23 Dec 2018

I don’t comment much but after reading all of this I feel you almost all need to stop trying to cause a problem when there isn’t one yet! I don’t know of any manager who wouldn’t want the ability to learn from a accomplished teacher. You all seem to forget Everyone said Urban was a masterful teacher and manager of s program, who in business eouldng want advice from him! You ask for advice and then decide what to do with that advice!  Why don’t you all just wait and see if there’s a problem before you give advice. No one asked for your advice so lay back and enjoy the great future of our program! 

Comment 23 Aug 2018

I’m a 1967 graduate of TOSU college of Business.   I managed a workforce of as many as 600 people and was a manager for over 20 years in Labor Relations and HR! This whole witch hunt is a farce and I will no longer be sending my yearly gift! When Mr Drake and Mrs Wexnet are no longer involved I will return to my volunteering and gift giving!

Comment 01 Aug 2018

I don’t understand everyone saying nothing was done.? First 2015 zac smith accused cops called no arrest mrs Smith kicks him out gets a restraining order giles for divorce!     No charges no arrest! They get a divorce and everything is supposedly taken care of!   He is no longer in relationship with her ( divorce) so Urban and TOSU keep him on staff! Of course they didn’t come out publically and announce all of this because AGaIN no charges! The Smiths get a divorce so as far as everyone involved knows domestic problem solved      Yes Urbsm can say heard rumors but no charges. Divorced so domestic violence problem goes away.  She did not complain until now ( 3 years later).  Ease up worse thing Urban did was deny something that no charges were ever filed on! Even then he said “ heard rumors”. 

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Well DJ your WMD on Houston doesn't tell the whole story. After the storm in Houston I went down with five volunteers from my Church to help in the cleanup, we worked on four different houses that we had to tear down ceilings, walls and floors, these were beautiful homes, one was in a very expensive gated community.. All four were flooded by the city of Houston opening the reservoirs flood gates. At one of the houses the reservoir was less then 100 yards away! That neighborhood had been flooded the year before, these were really nice houses, the flooding they all occurred was because of the reservoirs being opened to save larger neighborhoods farther away. Not more expensive neighborhoods but more people. A man was electrocuted next door to where we worked. The people were not bitter except for the fact they had survived the hurricane but a couple of days later were given only fours notice that they were opening up the floodgates, after being told the day before everything was safe!


Comment 05 Dec 2017

I'm just not watching even one minute of the so called Alabama Invitational! I'll watch the other bowl games AND if Alabama gets hammered I can watch the replay in 60 on U Tube!  Don't you all wonder why none of the so called great SeC teams got matched up with the lowly Big Ten teams? The committee didn't want there to be a chance for comparisons!

Comment 04 Dec 2017

I think it's very telling that the Committee made sure not to match up any of the major bowels with BIg Ten teams and sec teams! They did not want any comparisons to be made of the top teams. That to me really shows their bias, the committee has yet to really follow any of their own rules,! 

Comment 18 Jul 2017

sorry forgot a couple:

     Warning I'm writing down every one of you who like Harbaugh or anything about That school up North, I shouldn't have too because Woody will haunt you anyway!  

      I'm not sure if I should trust some of your opinions anymore

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Well as a Alumni I love The University! I love every sport and school! I take pride in all the accomplishments whether sports or education or research success!  Saying all of that I still have confessions! 

        Tressel deserved to be fired! He was not the Saint many of you have tried to make! 

         John Cooper was not a good football coach, but mainly he did not Love The Buckeyes!

          I still love to O-H or I-O yelled when I'm in a Foreign country or at least 500 miles away from Columbus!

            I get angry when someone thinks or states that only alumni can love the buckeyes! Hell the fans who love the Buckeyes who never never went there are more special!,  those of us that went there were fortunate enough to have the chance to love it up close!

     Those who bitch about a player who is playing to the best of their ability! It's ok to bitch about those who don't play hard! But remember the worst player on any of our sports teams are better then 90%  of us ever were!

  Those who love Ohio State but don't love the women's sports!

Comment 13 Jul 2017

We are so Blessed! We have so many to choose from! My list would be Woody, Archie, Orlando, Chic and then a battle between  Hopalong, wait, changed my mind numher five is Hopalong! I'm afraid id round out my top ten with Tress, Urban, Chris , Eddie and   Les !

Comment 11 Jul 2017

CincyOSU.        I  don't think the changes are aimed at The Buckeyes but there is no doubt that there is a bias between committed and uncommitted. Of course they are going to have to raise some of the committed because of who recruited them but Mr Simmons explanations do not carry water! It is strictly a subscription push!   We love to hear the players we are still recruiting is rising in the rankings, so that raises interest! There is no possible explanation for some of the rankings! My real question is overall what was our average recruit ratings in the prior rankings compared to our average now? I think we lost points on our average!!! 

Comment 04 Jul 2017

Aloof I loved tressel and I'm not sure who should be number two behind Woody but using Big Ten championships as a decider is ridiculous. Apples to Oranges! Urban would have at least four under same rules as tressel but like everything else they changed the rules!! Arguing Tressel over Urban is a legit argument but don't use Bchampionships in the big ten as your measuring stick.