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Comment 20 Jan 2020

He’s a good head coach that will probably make them quite a bit better.  They probably won’t ever compete at the highest levels in the division, but if he keeps getting high end talent they will certainly challenge the lower/mid level teams.  

Comment 20 Jan 2020

I think I’d add 2012 @ MSU as a honorable mention.  Prior to that game, we’d really struggled to beat some low level opponents at times.  I remember Urban saying that was the game when the 2012 team came together and started playing with the heart they needed to.  We were 2 or 3 point dogs that day as well.  

Comment 19 Jan 2020

I can’t really argue with the rankings at all.  Well done.  My personal rankings would be;

  1. 2014 - Champions, easy one.
  2. 2019 - The best team I’ve ever seen at Ohio State and the best regular season.  A magical year.
  3. 2012 - Probably the least talented team of the bunch and played with the most heart and guts.  
  4. 2018 - Great offense, bad defense, but got it right when it mattered. 
  5. 2016 - A horrible ending, but the Brooklyn Dagger play and nearly perfect regular season puts this higher on my list.
  6. 2010 - If Pryor doesn’t get hurt the previous week, I think we beat Wisconsin and go undefeated.  This was the year we broke the SEC curse...it still happened NCAA.
  7. 2017 - A good year but the losses to Oklahoma and Iowa were tough.  It felt like Day’s offense was still trying to fit around JT and it limited the potential. 
  8. 2013 - Great offense, bad defense and didn’t get it right when it mattered.
  9. 2015 - The most talented team but executed at a high school level for 90% of the season.  Lost the only game they couldn’t afford to lose.
  10. 2011 - This is what happens when you let the Walrus drive the car.  
Comment 17 Jan 2020

Example: LSU just had an alum caught on camera dapping wads of cash into players' hands on the field and the school's initial response was "Oh, it was pretend money," and they probably would have gotten away with it if Joe Burrow didn't admit it was real on a national podcast.

The fact that anyone would believe that a grown man would be handing out fake money is remarkably stupid...and the sports media went with it for days.  

Comment 16 Jan 2020

I don’t condone the behavior, but seriously that is pretty soft.  

On a side note, if I was LSU I’d put a restraining order on this clown.  He’s put a majority of the attention of the win on him and not on the players, where it should be.  

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Please tell me why it took ESPN that long to write a story on it, when it happened live on their network?  Any idiot knows that wasn’t fake money.  Seems pretty passive at best.  

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Of course it was.  Nobody above the age of 5 carries around fake money.  

It looks like the media is FINALLY running stories, but nothing substantial.  No surprises here.  It will be forgotten in a week.