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Comment 19 Mar 2013

While no one believes OSU or the B1G ends up in Dision III, the truth is that all but a hand full of schools loose money in the athletics. Living in Atlanta, and having family  that went to Ga. Tech the one thing I really admired their Athletic Director for was his stating in public the financial affairs of the department. They are subsidized about $300/student per semester. AND THEY STILL LOSE OVER $1million a year. Most schools coollect fees from students to subsidize athletics. If you are going to pay players, you either lose more money, or eliminate sports. For many schools, it 's and womes's basketwould come down to football, men's and womens basketball, and either soccer or softball. Forget about Ohio State offering 36 sports. Title IX assures equal opportunities for women. Forget baseball, forget wrestling, forget swimming, forget trips across the county.Forget low tier bowl games.  Forget the BTN.  THIS SUBJECT WILL RUIN COLLEGIANT SPORTS AS WE KNOW IT.