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Comment 18 Jun 2020

These are great to revisit.  Ridiculously athletic feats for sure.  I can only imagine the things that go in practice.  These guys have so many more football skills they likely show off in practice that aren't called upon in a game setting.  Would love to watch some of those some day.

Comment 16 Dec 2019

Seems like C's passing offense is built on throwing a lot of 50/50 balls and letting its amazing receivers make plays.  To my eyes, which are in my body sitting on a couch not playing football, this seems like a lazier approach than running good routes.  I wonder if this tactic will be what C shows in the semifinal match up and further wonder if it will not be as successful against the OSU DBs.  I feel like the OSU DB's will be able to break up a few more of the 50/50 balls than DB's from GaTech, etc.  

Comment 23 Aug 2019

At first, I thought the question was sarcasm b/c the dubcast is only about 50% football and 50% other stuff like tv show recaps and ask us anything.  Alas, the questioner really didn't know that 11W is involved in at least 2 podcasts that I'm aware of:  the dubcast, and the eleven warriors radio hour on wbns.  Dubcast is put out by the site and I think the radio show is aired at some point during the week and wbns puts it out in podcast format.  If you can't find both in one podcast catcher try another catcher.  For instance the radio hour does not show up in stitcher as far as I know.  

Comment 02 May 2019

Talking about football is actually what makes football such a great spectator sport.  Each play is about 8 seconds long.  There's about 40 seconds between snaps and plenty of other breaks for subs, etc.  The reason we all love spectating is the action but it's all the downtime in the middle of plays to talk, react and forecast.  It's part of how spectator sports have become popular in the states.  Baseball commentary used to be the biggest thing and likely the reason it was so popular initially on the radio.  Football is more visual and took off with television and the analysts.  Soccer and hockey don't have the same breaks and struggles in this regard.  Basketball is kind of in the middle, i guess.  

We love talking football.  Heck, I read the comments on 11W and sometimes even comment on them.  Then I'll go to someone's office down the hall and talk some more about it.  I've never put on pads or played more than backyard football but I love talking and listening about.  

Comment 05 Feb 2019

I recall that was Dontre's only meaningful playing time against TTUN.  I believe he was injured or something each of his other times.  Still he made his time on the field memorable!

Always wanted him to get some more payback for this.

Comment 13 Dec 2018

Someone up top wrote about Haskins playing in two more games to get to the 5000/50 marks if OSU had a better defense. I argue a slightly different look at that same notion:  a better defense might get Haskins two more games but it's also likely that a better defense might have netted him smaller stats and fewer records.

The records and stats are amazing.  One of the knocks on Tua was that his stats weren't as great b/c he rarely played meaningful snaps in the second half and most the season without playing the 4th quarter.  One of the knocks on Murray was that his team's defense was so bad so he had to stay in the games till the last drive.  I think Haskins' situation is a little closer to Murray's.  OSU's defense didn't shut teams down very much this year and Haskins had to stay in games a long long time and actively try to pass for yards not for stats, but to win.  I'm not knocking the guy.  Love watching him play and will root like crazy for him in the future but if the OSU defense had played up to half way its normal standards, Haskins would likely have not broken all of these records. 

It takes a special circumstance like this year's team and this year's QB to get to these stats.  It felt like a stereotypical Big 12 type team this year (with better punting).

Comment 12 Dec 2018

I wonder if Jones and Haskins are planning with the coaching staff to only play a portion of the game.  I think Saquon did that for his final bowl game.  He played a few series and sat b/c he and the coaching staff had planned for that.  Seems like a fair balance from a consumer of the sport's point of view.  

Comment 11 Dec 2018

I agree with above comments that Dwayne handled himself well.  Better for him is just being pictured with those two.  While Kyler might not be NFL size a lot of folks think Tua is and will be a high pick next year.  Dwayne is several inches taller and seems bigger in the images and the above image stands out.  Likely made himself a few bills just being pictured.  

Comment 06 Aug 2018

I love many things about this hire though I think there's a wide receivers coach in Houston that plays some smooth jazz and needs to come back at some point.  

What I love most is that B. Hartline is only a few seasons removed from the NFL.  I have to assume he has some of his paycheck money leftover so this $105K is just a little sum for him and he's doing this b/c he loves coaching and will really work hard at this position.