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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Every year when the Buckeyes run out of the tunnel at "The Shoe" for the very first time.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Ted Ginn, Braxton Miller, Joey Bosa

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Comment 11 Jan 2019

I'm not stupid and neither is Tate. The writing is on the wall here with where Tate stands now. Fields transfers in and is basically a bigger (by 5 inches and 30 pounds) and stronger Martell so how do you see the smaller version winning out here? Heart, maybe but very unlikely. We heard all year about the Martell package that was being put in this season and that turned out to be almost nothing. I think Urbs forced that on Day to keep Tate engaged and somewhat happy. Tate was Urbans recruit and now that he is out Tate stands between a rock (Fields) and a hard place (Baldwin, Days personal first QB recruit). I wish Tate the best of luck and I will remain a fan of his regardless of where he ends up.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

I mean that he is most likely going to transfer out of OSU hence...he will not get a shot as a starting QB here from my view as a fan of him and the program. It is Tate's choice to do so but as to the disappointment I am just speaking for myself.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

First off I am greatly disappointed Tate wont get a shot here! He deserves it in my opinion. Second, Fields hardship is 99.9% going through so this isn't going to happen but we could dream.

Comment 23 Oct 2018

The part of this whole ordeal that i find amusing is the injury Nick suffered is NOT a carrer threatening injury...its a sports hernia for Gods sake! He didn't blow out his MCL & ACL, fracture his femur or break vertebrea in his back...it's a HERNIA! If he comes back and reaggravates the injury he still goes top 5, fact. Fact #2...he quit on his brothers, coaches, fans and the university! I would accept this decision a lot easier if he would have been evaluated in November and the Doc said it would be 3-4 more weeks but he made this decision 4 weeks before his re-evaluation. He quit so now he can live with that decision and the critics.

Comment 17 Oct 2018

I dont disagree with much of what you said Trotwood, but he was part of this team with the BROTHERHOOD. Now if he is physically not able to play aginst Sparty, Maryland and TTUN then the playoffs thats ok,,,but thats not the case here. They made this decision at least a week ago and that was a month away from when they were supposed to give any update on his condition. A man finishes what he started!

Comment 16 Oct 2018

I have to agree with you Wigmon. I have had 4 sports hernia surgeries due to a genetically weak abdomen. These are not career threatening injusries and the recoveries are fairly quick. I always thought we would see Nick back on the field next to his brothers trying to win that Natty until I saw this news. This was a premature decision. What happened to nothing til November??? Even if Nick came back and by some fluke reaggrivated the injury (which is umlikely) he would still go top 10 in the draft. His father is a millionaire, his brother is a millionaire and he would still be a millionaire! I think he let down his brothers (regardless of their comments...what do you think they would say), the fans and the university. I am disappointed!

Comment 23 Aug 2018

This whole thing is a mess. I know when you first hear "Domestic Violence" almost everyone jumps on the womans side. FACT: women can be as violent and aggressive as men can be. Nobody but Zach and Courtney Smith knows what really went on inside their home. Courtneys own mother stated that she was very aggressive with Zack and would instigate many of the altercations and try to stop him from leaving the home.

     A man gets punched in the face by his wife and then restrains her and the whole world sees her red marks by her neck...shes been abused and beaten. Then, looks at the man and sees a black eye and thinks he fights with everyone and is just an aggressive, violent man, never thinking it was the woman who could have possibly done that. I lived this life with a violent, aggressive woman for two years before I realized I could not help her and got out of the relationship. She would punch, kick, scratch, shout and even spit. So for those of you calling for a Meyer apology to C Smith, you don't know what really happened. Maybe the apology should be to Zach? I know he isn't innocent in all of this but guess what...I don't know what happened and neither does anyone else!

      I wouldn't expect my employer to get involved in my personal life and if Courtney was truly crying out for help it should have started by pressing charges against her husband with the police, not saying Urban didn't do anything. Over fifty 911 calls...was it just another day in the toxic Smith marriage or just "crying wolf" or a real problem? Whatever it was, it was their problem to fix...not Urbans. End of rant