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Comment 30 Mar 2016

Yes, I know what a paragraph is. 

You seem to think that being consistent is the objective. I think dealing with inconsistencies effectively is the objective. There are all sorts of inconsistencies in OSU's basketball program. That's reality. My inconsistent comments don't make me any worse or better than the reality I am addressing about the program. I personally think Thad is tired for whatever reasons and a consequence is inconsistency with coaches, players and as a team. I hope he makes it work better in the future. But, in my opinion he deserves to be taken to task at this point. He is failing and I hope he stops the slide downward. He's a very worthy person and has done a lot as a coach and a person to demonstrate his worth. And value to OSU and its fan base.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

The writer of this article should apply for the job of Public Relations Advocate of OSU Basketball. I hope he gets paid something for glossing over so many facts. Interesting how he and no one else making comments ever mentioned Matta's "floor" coaching, which at best is mediocre. There have just been too many critical games, over his career here, where he has been out coached by better floor coaches. Even with OSU's best teams, their final tourney loss had a lot to do with game time, poor, in the moment adjustments and coaching decisions or lack of them. Matta "out classes" all opposing coaches of top teams and we shou;d be proud of that, and he gets "out coached" by them also. The writer says Matta develops talent and mentioned Evan Spencer. I remember being at the first game Spencer dressed as a Buckeye. Without doubt, just watching him warm up you could see that even as a freshman,  he was the true thoroughbred on the court. Yet, Matta -payed other freshman more and really didn't play him until later in the season after Spencer's former high school coach publicly let it be known that Spencer was disillusioned with OSU and lack of playing time and was contemplating leaving. Then, immediately Matta played him and the rest is history. And more recent recruiting: What happened to Kennard, who went to Duke after OSU spent three years intensely going after him. OSU desperately needed a PG. Matta had to take Harris in the end, a very good 5'9" guard. But, not the caliber guard needed immediately. So, he makes Lyle a PG Evan though Lyle is a natural 2. Remember how Craft committed. He wasn't even offered a scholarship until a few months before signing day and that was only because Craft decommitted from Tennessee as result of the Pearls barbecue NCAA violations. Recruiting Craft was luck. Mitchell"s brother bolting from football and Mitchell decommitting, getting hurt and after all that, Matta takes him back. That was an exercise in recruiting a highly ambivalent recruit. Remember how we got our former center, Williams. Matta couldn't land the high school kid out of Dayton after Sullimger committed to OSU. THE KID FROM dayton went to MSU and eventually took them to the final four. There are many ways to view Matta's recruiting and not all are favorable to him even though historically, recruiting has been his greatest strength. Throughout this past year his post game comments seemed to subtly blame the 18-21 year old kids for the loss and when they won, Matta was quick to accept coaching credit for a win. In their final game against Florida the the level of unraveling was all there to see even though we all tried to dismiss it. Florida played against five guys who wore OSU uniforms. But, they were five guys and they were not a team at anytime during that game and that buck stops with the assistant coaches and ultimately the head coach pure and simple. Assistant coaches have been essential to Matta's success. Many have gone on to be great college head coaches. Paulus is not one of them. Why didn't coach K make him part of his staff? Maybe that's where Matta should make a change. Paulus is largely invisible during games. That was never the case with the Miller's and others. Big problems at OSU. Not little ones as the writer would like us to believe. I hope Matta stays at OSU. He's a rare breed. He is a gentleman and he runs a clean program unlike most known coaches. I'll settle for us not ever contending for a national championship in exchange for his core values. But, Matta should be the primary object of criticism for the slippery slope OSU is on and glossing over what has just happened is not smart going forward. This is crisis time.