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Comment 26 Aug 2014

Holy crap on a cracker! I've seen the Christian Kirk highlight tape before, but it just hit me...it was 6 minutes into the video before he didn't score a touchdown! I know that's the point of highlight tapes, but I can't remember ever seeing that many solid minutes of nothing but huge touchdown runs, catches, and returns. I hope Urban can get him here for the VT game!

Comment 14 May 2014

I could not have said it better myself...

Comment 13 May 2014

Give me that starting 5, and I'll be a happy man...EzE will be pretty happy as well:)

Comment 29 Nov 2013

I might just watch this over and over again until noon tomorrow...

Comment 21 May 2013

I dont know about anyone else, but Im a little tired of hearing about how hard current and former NFL players have it. They decided it was worth playing a dangerous game for millions of dollars (or well above average income for whatever time period they played). If you cant play run or basketball at 39, maybe you shouldve gotten a normal job that paid normal money. No sympathy here.