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Comment 04 Feb 2020

I honestly didn’t know myself! I googled it out of curiosity. 

Comment 31 Jan 2020

Not quite.

It is estimated that between September 1943 and April 1945, 60,000–70,000 Allied and 38,805–150,660 German soldiers died in Italy. The number of Allied casualties was about 320,000 and the German figure (excluding those involved in the final surrender) was over 330,000. Fascist Italy, prior to its collapse, suffered about 200,000 casualties, mostly POWs taken in the Allied invasion of Sicily, including more than 40,000 killed or missing. Over 150,000 Italian civilians died, as did 35,828 anti-fascist partisans and some 35,000 troops of the Italian Social Republic. On the Western Front of World War II, Italy was the most costly campaign in terms of casualties suffered by infantry forces of both sides, during bitter small-scale fighting around strongpoints at the Winter Line, the Anzio beachhead and the Gothic Line.

Comment 23 Jan 2020

They weren't ranked #1 most of the 2019 season.....because of their schedule.

Comment 23 Jan 2020

It's awfully early to rule out two entire conferences and Notre Dame from the playoffs.

Comment 21 Jan 2020

Since it's nearly impossible to post pictures on here these days, here's a small album of my collection currently.  It's grown quite decently in the past year or so.....I still don't have anything terribly old, but I don't collect to make money.  I just find stuff I enjoy having.

  • All winning OSU bowl programs (oldest ones are '50, '55, & '58 Rose)
  • Every Sports Illustrated with OSU on the cover (oldest one 1955 Hopalong Cassady)
  • All mini helmets the Bucks have worn....replicas & alternates
  • Every stadium cup since 2012 (my wife hates this collection lol)

Comment 21 Jan 2020

5. Adult softball / Adult sports activities

Then:  I remember going to watch my dad play as a kid.  The diamonds were always full with multiple games.  Today:  I play every now and then with some beer-drinking buddies.  Our game is one of two on the night we play and there doesn't seem to be much action the other nights.  Amazing how less active (and I loose that loosely with softball) people are today.  Then it seemed my parents would have racketball nights and my dad would play basketball once a week as well.  Today I'd be lucky to find 3 friends in their 30s willing to pick up a basketball - and that includes those I played HS with.

That's an exaggerated statement.  The company I work for has adult sport leagues....softball, volleyball, soccer, etc.  and they are always FULLY stocked with 30-somethings.  The free beer probably doesn't hurt either.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Yes, the 2011 season they got blown out by WVU.  The 2012 season they beat LSU in the Peach Bowl....which is a NY6/CFP bowl now. 

So let's not act like they were completely terrible before. They've had a steady incline of beating LSU, OSU, OKL, OKL again, lost to Bama for a Natty, then beating OSU & Bama for a Natty.

But that being said....are they doping now?  Where there's smoke....

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Let's think of it this way - if ESPN has some inherent bias towards B1G, Pac, & Big 12.....why does Oklahoma keep getting invited back for slaughter?  They've gotten beat every time they've been....and have a HORRIBLE overall post season record in the BCS/CFP.

Because when they lose during the regular season, it's by 3, or 7, etc.  NOT by 30+.  In my opinion, that's the difference...not a large conspiracy to keep OSU from the playoffs.