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Comment 18 Aug 2017

The ship is slowly being corrected. I am relieved to have good news come out of the Bball program. I think it will take recruits seeing what coach H does with the team on the court this season to fully get the wind in his sails. There was a lot of negativity in the states younger high schoolers about the Bucks and that is going to take a season to change opinions.   It will happen, though.

Comment 18 Aug 2017

Well played Mr. Brown.^^^^   The commentators are half the fun of this game.

who wants to play defense- I guess neither team.

Comment 18 Aug 2017

Watched the first half only. Teague and Knox are men amongst boys. They score at will. I tuned in to watch our future RB but dang - that WR is amazing. 6'4 stud.

Comment 30 Jul 2017

Have to win the battle for talent in our own state if we are to get into the top tier of the B1G again. Much like football- If we get the top guys in Ohio it will win on the court. Bball Bucks have to build a wall around this state.

Comment 03 Jul 2017

2015 team, if allowed to play in the playoffs would have won it all. THAT team was the most talented team in college history, not just Buckeye history. 

   3 - 1000 yard rushers returned, NFL talent everywhere, most players every drafted in first 3 rounds in college history..... one missing piece- Tom Herman. We never recovered from that till after the MSU game. The next 2 opponents paid dearly for our slip up. 

   A few ( maybe 3) less than great coaching hires have been Urban's only flaw 70 games into his OSU career. It has been an amazing run.

Comment 10 Jun 2017

I was- am a Matta fan and friend. Everything I have read about Chris reminds me of meeting Thad 13 years ago. We are in great shape again in the basketball program. Go Chris!!!

Comment 08 May 2017

I have been tweaking a 12 team playoff the last 3 years and have fallen in love with it.

The 4 best  Power 5 conference champs get a first round bye and a home game - every week counts.

The weakest of the Power 5 conferences has their champ play at home in the first round- no conference will want that tag, so there will be pressure for every conference to play well in non conference games.

The rest of the field is filled with the 7 highest ranked non conference winners. Higher ranked team gets a first round home game. 

Brackets to be tweaked so no teams from same conference or replays from earlier in the non conference season to be played in the first two rounds.

This keeps ALL the regular season games VERY relevant and gets rid of meaningless bowl games for exciting out of conference games at the end of the season that leads to the next round for the winner. 

Comment 29 Apr 2017

At least we are not the Browns. We always have that to fall back on.

Comment 29 Apr 2017

In our first 3 picks I see 3 future starters. By not drafting OL with the first 3  picks I can only assume the Bengals have a plan to fix it and it may not include the draft.  I am not sweating it until I see Dalton running for his life again.

Comment 29 Apr 2017

Thanks Seattle L. for the insight. We needed a quality speedster at WR to make the other aspects of the offense to work . With Ross and now a new high end RB- Dalton can have some breathing room to operate  

Comment 16 Apr 2017

My hot take;

   JT will win the Heisman, we win the NC and he gets drafted in the 6th round of the NFL draft. He will be the least talented of the OSU QBs out of the next 4 QBs currently in line for the job (including commitments). But since he is a 5th year senior, has won A LOT of games and has two, new, great offensive minds to coax him past his limitations- he will shine bright ( look up Okie QBs under Wilson- they have statues of them outside their stadium).

  I too look forward to the next QB here but we will just have to wait for the best Buckeye QB season to date to get over.   

Comment 14 Apr 2017

I am super surprised and loving it. The housecleaning we did with the rooster that was supposed to bring the title back to Cincy was painful but it may pay off sooner than later.

Comment 26 Feb 2017

Every night to bed and about 3 days a week at least.

Flag outside the house screaming Go Bucks all the time.

Everyday on vacation. Love getting all the O H I O calls when out of state and country. Buckeye Nation is for real.

Comment 07 Feb 2017

This guy is every where. I see him like a Hubbard also. Could be OLB or DE and a special team machine. Does he ever come off the field? Yes, the competition is not good but he is big,fast and making plays doing everything. 

Comment 15 Jan 2017

It of course gets worse the bigger the year difference is. The best Browns team from the 60's would get beat 70-0 by today's Browns. Jim Brown wouldn't get to the line of scrimmage on any carry. 

    It is not just bigger players, it's much stronger players and much faster players.  Not by a little- by a lot.

Comment 15 Jan 2017

It wouldn't be close. Take the 75' Steelers today against todays Steelers -regarless of which rules and today's team rolls to easy win.  Same results with the 75' Buckeyes against the 2016 Buckeyes.

   The size and speed difference alone is worth a 30 point spread. Then throw in the advanced O and D schemes now and it is 40-50 point spread. What I teach at the varsity HS level now versus what I was playing at the HS level in the mid 80's is night and day. Times that by 10 at the college and pro level.

  I agree that the players back then had a toughness about them that we lack at times now but you are losing 50 lbs per lineman at least and a hole lot of speed. That is a combination for disaster.   

Comment 08 Jan 2017

Samuel has a unique opportunity to win the Heisman next year and with a new QB guru to help fix JT's problems and a genius O Coordinator to get Samuel the ball in the open more often , he has a decent chance at a life changing award. He is gold for life if he wins a Heisman at Ohio State. That is worth rolling the dice for another year and to up his stock for next year. Yuuuugh difference in first round money and second round money. 

Comment 11 Dec 2016

I have thought the Colt job would be the one to get him back in the NFL. His old NFL team, Luck, Colts is disaray....  Seems like a good fit. Harbaugh can say he got *ichigan back on track with the success of this past season and be able to leave with some pride still intack. This past season was his best shot at beating the Buckeyes and win the B1G. It aint happening in the next couple years. Good time to go back to the League.