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Comment 11 Jan 2020

This is the last ting I thought would happen after our great start.

 Where is the reset button?

Comment 29 Dec 2019

I am glad that Gene is speaking up and fighting the machine that is espn. Someone 30-50 years from now will spill the beans on how espn rigged sporting events to serve their purpose ($). There is too much money on the line to not expect some cheating from happening. Without a central governing body running ( where are you NCAA) the TV contracts and officiating this is what you get. It does not take much tweaking from officials to turn any game with 2 top 20  teams playing each other.

Comment 30 Nov 2019

Minnesota. Give us a different ranked team to beat. Bigger challenge but our guys are up for it.

Comment 03 Nov 2019

Most appropriate take so far “ Alabama has out spent FSU for talent of late”.

Comment 01 Nov 2019


  This is no different than when the US decided to let their Olympic athletes get paid. It finally put them on an even playing field with the communists who had been paying their athletes for over 30 years not so under the table. The sec has made a mockery of the idea of the amateur athlete with their football and basketball programs ( if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying) especially the last 20 years. 

  This just puts every one on the same playing field again. Side note- no one will benefit from this as much as Ohio State will.  

Comment 27 Oct 2019

That 3 game gauntlet will be really, really tough. The sec is smart to have “Chicken Shit Saturday “ set up in their schedule to protect their brand. The B1G should follow suit.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Always respect the rivalry and the rival. It makes the victories taste better. They do seem to feel good about themselves so this should make this years victory taste as good as last years. Picture Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown again and again.

Comment 16 Jun 2019

No one is wanting to see the Shoe ever go away, the question is what if major structural problems happen which they eventually whether you want it to or not. The ground foundation is not the same as the Roman structures mentioned earlier. The Shoe is very close to a river and has a high water table. That in of it self will take many years off the life of a heavy structure like the Shoe. If it goes the way of Yankee Stadium then I would like to see it replicated as near as possible to its current location with a partial roof over the top deck like old Riverfront Stadium or Washington Husky stadium.

Comment 11 May 2019

To find a true champion out of about 60 power conference teams by “voting” for 4 of them to a playoff is ridiculous in of itself but add that there is very little out of conference play and that the season is about 12 games . No other sport in the world has such a backward way of declaring its champion. 

  There needs to be a 10-12 team playoff with the winners of the conferences getting a home field game. There has to be some built in criteria before the season starts on how to earn a spot in the playoffs. Not a vote- can you imagine if the NFL or HS football did that. Jeesh

Comment 31 Mar 2019

College basketball reeks of corruption and Coach K , North Carolina ( fake classes) and Calipari are the poster childs of this era of absolute wild, wild west lawlessness. With a NCAA that has no teeth, the rats are playing and “winning”. 

  The players need protected from themselves ( maybe one or two players a year are ready to play against men in the NBA and I doubt it is even that many) but “shelving “ them for a year of Maturity in the college ranks has helped ruin college basketball. 

  It is high time to let the players get paid for their likeness and also encourage the ones that can not handle college to go to the European leagues or G League.

Comment 29 Mar 2019

It never gets old seeing such a snob infested, collection of wannabes take it in the chops again and again.

Comment 04 Feb 2019

As a Bengal fan, this reminds me of a HC hire back in the 80s. A little known offensive genius from IU.....who once grabbed a PA microphone and said" We are not from Cleveland so quit acting like it!"

Comment 30 Jan 2019

I would trade Oklahoma for Georgia. Georgia hasn't won a NC in about 40 years and maybe 3 conference championships during that same period. The state is flush with HS talent but kids there seem to have a free agent mentally and not raised Bulldog diehards. Auburn , FSU and Clemson sit right on the GA state line and live well on their pipelines into the Peach State, let alone what South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and UF ( Ohio State too) steal out of the state.  

  Over 80% of the top 30 players from the state of GA live within an hour of ATL airport and you are as likely to see any other SEC shirt or hat worn there than UGA . Outside of Atlanta you find your hard core Bulldog fans but that is not where you find many top tier players. 

Comment 30 Jan 2019

Well as Mindsrfer mentioned earlier I may be treading close to our commenting policy boundaries....

Q- Where do you find the best football players in the world? A- the NFL

Q- What do 85% of the NFL players have in common? A- Black  American Males

Q- Where do 75% of Black American males live? A- In former slave states. (SEC) check out the population map.

Q- when did southern college teams begin to turn the tide on winning NC from northern teams? A- when southern teams allowed more and more blacks to play on their teams.  Miami and Florida State were the first to fully integrate and they dominated the 80-90s until the SEC finally decided that winning was more important than color of the guy wearing their jersey. This fact has a lot more to do with the the NC shift to the south than population shift. Up until the late 80s , all black southern colleges ( Grambling, etc.) were fertile grounds for the NFL to draft from- Too Tall Jones, Walter Payton, ect. Those players now are allowed to play for Alabama, LSU and Florida.

Comment 26 Jan 2019

No team has ever earned a spot to be in the CFB playoffs to date. When there are no preseason prerequisites to "earning" a spot in the playoffs and it's just a group of dudes voting for spots then there is no " earning". It is just a step up from the days when the national champion was voted on. With so much money in the balance no one can be trusted to give a bipartisan vote. 

Sports are meant to be played on the field not in a voting both.

I like Urban's chances given the same playing field that Sabin and Dabo are given. Easy schedules and a ESPN push.