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Comment 20 Mar 2020

If we miss on Towns the staff should look at Jalen Tate, JeaSean’s younger brother, graduates from NKU where he just took his team to a conference tournament championship and what would have been an NCAA tourney birth. He would be immediately available. Similar game to Andre Wesson, doesn’t shoot it as well but defends and makes plays. Might be room for him and Towns with the news of Carton leaving. 

Comment 23 Jan 2020

My fears have been realized ... Chris Holtmann is a below average coach. Team peaked early. Couldn’t handle success. Thought they were good. Believed the hype. Now reality has set in. Not as good as everyone claimed and more importantly as they themselves thought. Taking L’s. Nobody has answers. Chemistry seems off. Sounds like some finger pointing.  Coaches lost the team. Not playing together. Not playing with passion. Your best player and only current NBA prospect can’t give you 2 points on 11 shot attempts and expect to win. Something has to change and it needs to happen quick, fast and in a hurry. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Did Herbie say something to the effect of “Coach O deserves a lot of credit, surrounded himself great coaches, with good people, HIRED great players ...”?? I could have heard wrong and was prob just Herbie misspeaking obviously but still hilarious. $EC ... lol 

Comment 26 Dec 2019

Surprised no one has mentioned Corey Dennis yet. I could see him being promoted from within officially to QB Coach. It was Dennis who Haskins credited a lot in his development and it means little but it was Dennis who took Ryan Day and Kirk Herbstreit boys to the side during the kids camp my nephew attended to work through QB drills. Just a thought. Young, up and comer, connected to a legend in the program ... why let him leave for Colorado State or equal  job?

Comment 07 Dec 2019

I hope tOSU is all over Sonny bc the kid is absolute stud. Just a freshman and looks like the older brother in this pic, albeit in ND gear too, smh. I hate we lost Lorenzo and cannot let it happen w Sonny!!


Comment 07 Dec 2019


This was a spectacular play by Crenshaw. The kid is a winner and a leader. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Garrett deserves to be suspended for remainder of the year. However, Rudolph is not an innocent victim in all this. He was the catalyst and let his emotions initiate the entire thing. Rudolph had a terrible night, threw 4 INTs, and Garret was just trying to end the game with a sack. Rudolph pulling at Garrett’s helmet, kicking Garrett in the nuts, and continuing to pursue Garrett after his helmet was ripped off further escalated the incident. 
What is not being talked about enough is that there were 4-5 hits during that game that were worse!! A rookie WR for the Steelers was visibly seen bleeding from his ears after the hit by Randall. Let that sink in ...

Comment 10 Nov 2019

I’ve posted about this before and I don’t want to say I saw it coming but the move to QB was desperate and it exposed Jack to unnecessary hits and risks that was avoidable. I don’t care if they made the playoffs or not, they ended the year as a .500 ball club at 6-5. I just hope everyone learned a lesson and they don’t try to accelerate his recovery for basketball season so everyone can praise how competitive he is. Be smart. His future is beyond High School whether everyone around him wants to accept it or not. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019


See Twitter post by BK. Jack Sawyer injured knee tonight and was seen on crutches in 2nd half of tonight’s 1st round playoff game Pick North lost to Olentangy Orange. This is the exact reason why I never liked the move to QB - jeopardizing his future and exposing himself to a lot more hits and long term wear and tear on his body. Hoping injury isn’t severe. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I absolutely love what FOX is doing this year for the entire BigTen. Klatt is great but so is the Big Noon Kick-Off show. The one thing I haven’t heard yet from Klatt that I wish FOX would start discussing is the possibility of 2 BigTen teams in the CFP. IF we win out and either Penn State or Minnesota sit at the end of the year with 1 loss they should be in consideration for being in the Top4. Its the same argument the SEC makes and I know we’ll hear it from the SEC, especially if LSU trips up Bama this weekend. 

Comment 21 Oct 2019

Just wanted to say you’re doing an excellent job on BTN. Your analysis and intellect on Friday was awesome. Thanks for representing Buckeye Nation so well. Keep up the great work!! 

Can they find Martin a shirt and tie combo that fits his huge neck? The dude looked like a textbook definition of meathead, stuttering and fumbling for words and a TTUN grad at that just tops it off. You should thank him for helping you look so good!! LOL

Comment 07 Oct 2019

I really hope Styles chooses to stay close to home and be a Buckeye. Another thing to keep in mind is Lorenzo Styles younger brother Sonny, who is a true freshman at Pickerington Central, but not playing bc currently injured is going to be an absolute two sport monster in Football and Basketball. The younger brother projects to be a LB or a big RB. The staff should go ahead and get him on the radar too. 

not sure if link is pasted properly but here are some b-ball clips from the younger Styles ...


Comment 06 Oct 2019

OFFENSE - I still want to see more from the dynamic freshman WR duo. Jameson Williams needs to get another crack at Kick Off returner. More of Garrett Wilson at punt returner. Hard to argue with keeping JK Dobbins on the field as much as possible but Master Teague in some goal line and short yardage situations would be fine w me. 

DEFENSE - Baron Browning. Baron Browning. Baron Browning. No reason for him to come off the field. 

Comment 27 Sep 2019

I wasn’t suggesting go to IMG to jockey for recruiting stars and rankings. I was suggesting it bc he could play the position, DE, that he intends to play at the next level and solely focus on his craf - not run around at QB and waste his time on an underperforming football team. Time will tell, I am sure he’ll weigh his options after his season as he should. 

Comment 27 Sep 2019

Do they really have a year to figure it out though? That’s making the assumption that Jack is still around by then ... which is why I posed my initial question. If I am the parents of the #1 overall player in the country I am going to take him somewhere where he can excel at his position and that’ll better prepare him for his future at tOSU and beyond. I am not letting him run around taking unnecessary hits at QB on a bad football team - that just isn’t the answer IMHO. 

Comment 27 Sep 2019

Jack Sawyer recently moved to QB to help his Pickerington North squad try to win some games. North was highly regarded in the pre-season, starting as high as 6th in D1 state polls, but has been a real disappointment so far this season. They are currently 1-3 and have a good Dublin Coffman team on tap tonight which could easily bring them to 1-4. I just wonder with his teams season going so poorly if anyone has heard rumors of Jack transferring to a national power like IMG for his senior season. I do believe he intends to enroll early to Ohio State and going away would allow him to have a “college experience” away from home while also allowing him to hone his craft at Defensive End against top notch competition instead of this QB experiment he is currently thrust into. The kid is a future NFL DE, this QB stuff seems like a waste of time. Thoughts? 

Comment 18 Jun 2019

2021 6’5 WR Garner Wallace from Pick Central also played for the 7 on 7 house team and made a splash. The kid is a legit D1 prospect in 3 sports: Track, Basketball and Football. 

Comment 19 Jan 2019

Some of the new and old coaching faces were out last night earning there paychecks checking in on some top football taken in Pickerington. Larry Johnson and Al Washington were for sure there (possibly Mattison as well) checking out the basketball game between Central and North. Jack Sawyer and Chris Scott of Pickerington North both play basketball. Lorenzo Styles from Central attended the game but does not play basketball. Sawyer finished the game w 28 points and 12 rebounds. The kid is a absolute stud athlete. 

Comment 06 Jan 2019

2019 Recruits we could still end up signing to bolster our depth along the line ... obviosuly keeping Doug Nester is a must but I’d be happy adding any of the below names as well  

Innok Vimahi - Hawaii recent offer


Dawand Jones - Indianapolis, IN (several recent crystal balls to Ohio State)


Darnell Wright - West Virginia (likely Tennessee)


Johnathon Allen - Dayton (likely Indiana) Unsure if staff feels like who is truly a take


The next signing period will be interesting to see if Day can address the line needs