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Comment 19 Dec 2016

They'll fit him in, its a numbers crunch right now but they'll get him in

Comment 31 Aug 2016

The BW3's on West Broad Street listed above has a Buckeye themed room in it and thats where all of the RVA Buckeye alumni's watch the game so thats always a great place to watch a game. 

Comment 16 Feb 2016

The annual OSU hoops player that doesn't live up to unrealistic expectations, continue on. 

He never showed more promise than a 12-14 point guy in college at best and a guy that could play over-seas if he had a good college career. Just don't understand what everyone was expecting from him at this point?  He's never played with high energy or has been a super consistent effort guy, just wash, rinse, and repeat for him. 

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Stop reading anything and everything related to ESPNs recruiting coverage. For your own health, knowledge, and sanity, just stop.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

OSU needs to be in the top 5 on an annual basis to keep up with Bama.  According to the 247 composite rankings OSU has finished outside of the top 5 in recruiting a whopping total of 1 time since Meyer has been here (they finished 7th in 2015). So for those complaining about Meyer not pulling the top 30 guys or winning recruiting titles, he's still managed to finish in the top 5 and everyone else is right, generally those elite kids are down south and aren't leaving home or the warmth and why should they when they can go play for a guy like Saban in a small town near home.  

Out of the 35 5 star players that Saban has had commit to Bama only 3 have come from above the mason dixon line (Reuben Foster, Trey Depreist, Minkah Fitzpatrick). When Meyer was at FL he signed 19 or 20 five stars in the time he was there and only 4 came from above the mason dixon line so point being the two most successful coaches in recent SEC history could step out their backdoor and be at a 5-stars school.  Can't quite do that anywhere else but the South. 

All of that being said if you're the top 5 every year all is well, the difference between 1-5 is miniscule and usually a matter of a few points.  

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Oregon can win CFB free agency all they want, that program is sliding fast and Helfrich is going to be out in a year or two.  Getting the top rated JUCO QB is awesome until you realize the talent around them is DEPLETED.  33 ranked class i think by Rivals this year, they're quickly falling back in to mediocrity and are proving that Kelly was the reason that program was so hot, not the uniforms, not the tradition, Chip Kelly was the master architect of that programs short lived greatness. We got a much much better QB in the end and that program is on the steady decline in the Pac-12

Comment 02 Feb 2016

With how fluid news is coming in on Twitter and what not people only want to know what they care to know.  I can keep up with every ounce of recruiting news by just hopping on my phone for five minutes and hitting up 11W and Rivals. Its really not that hard to be a "dedicated" fan these days. I don't find having knowledge of a roster or recruits to be incredibly impressive when you can access it so easily now because the guys at 11w make it so easy and accessible.  I think the reason most other OSU fans don't know about recruiting or the whole roster or who the DC is because they just don't care as much, no fault of their own, they have other interests in life that they're pursuing other than what 16 year old OSU just offered.  

I interned for Rivals for a while and when i started i was subscribed to every site there was/is for OSU recruiting.  A month or two in to it I got tired of recruiting and reading about recruiting because I could've cared less about where some kid decides he wants to go to school 6-10 months before signing day.  The 6-8 weeks prior to signing day are awesome because commitments can be a little more solid and classes start to take shape but I don't think it's interesting news the other 44-46 weeks out of the year.

I've always found it better to try and educate other fans on the deeper stuff at OSU if they're trying to have a conversation about it rather than just changing the subject but whatever fits the situation I guess.   

Comment 25 Jan 2016

Both teams played the exact same level of crap football and MSU won on a last second FG.  To me that's not definitive enough to say they're unequivocally better than OSU.  I know as OSU fans we're upset about that loss but lets not pretend like that game was a beat down.  It was poorly executed football from both sides but as OSU fans we remember feeling like since it was MSU's backup we got smoked.  Remove the emotion from winning the national title and being an OSU fan and just look at the teams that were fielded and how they played. OSU was a better football team and showed that ability at times throughout the year, maybe not to the consistency that everyone expected but their inconsistency matched those of Clemson, Bama, OU, and MSU in my opinion but their talent was better than all four of those teams.  

I'm not distraught that OSU didn't get in because I can see why the committee decided to send MSU, but I disagree with the manner in which they chose the "best" teams this year.  To the committee it is incredibly evident and clear that when provided with the easiest route possible they will take it.  Stanford was the one P5 conference champ left out because they had 2 losses, so the top 4 decision was really easy to justify on Long's side, take the 4 conference champs who have 1 or 0 losses and be done with it.  I just don't think they stayed true to their values of picking the best  teams. 

And to your first point you're correct those are my exact feelings.  You could probably break this system down to about 16 teams who have a legit shot every year at being a high quality football team.  Maybe the perception changes throughout the season on those 16 teams depending on how well each plays but the programs that recruit well and also have great coaching staffs generally find their way to lifting trophies.  Teams like Baylor and Oregon and Iowa can find their way to the game but when the stakes are highest and you're coaching against Saban or Meyer or Shaw and their carefully constructed staff's and rosters do you really want to watch Helfrich or Ferentz shrink in the moment and their teams become shell's of themselves?  Because that's exactly what happened last year and this year.  There are exceptions to the rule like Doug Peterson's Boise State or Herman's Houston, but there is a very clear distinction between the level/quality of play and depth of teams from the top dogs in the P5's to the tog dogs in the non P5's.  Hell there's even a clear distinction in quality of play and depth of team within the P5 conferences. 

Comment 20 Jan 2016

Yes, that's exactly what I think.  I'm all for putting in the 4 best teams in the country.  If you want to list out the resume's then you're absolutely right that MSU deserved to be in there.  But just watching the teams play, looking at the talent on each team. If OSU and MSU played 10 times OSU would beat them 7 or 8.  Same thing when it comes to Stanford and NW or Stanford and ORE.  I agree that on those days those teams did what they had to do to win, but we can't over emphasize one or two losses.  You don't really think that MSU is a better team than OSU do you?  Or that Nebraska is a better team than MSU?  Or that Oregon is a better team than Stanford?  Or that Ole Miss is really better than Alabama?  On one Saturday they were, but when it comes down to deciding who the 4 best teams in the country are, we have to put more effort in to it, in my opinion, rather than just stating their resumes and then deciding which 4 out of 5 conference champs resumes look the best.    

Comment 20 Jan 2016

This guy is staying home in my opinion.  I just don't think it's about PT to him but about the typical reasons a kid wants to stay home.  He probably wants his family to be able to watch him play and he doesn't want to be hated when he comes home.  Even though he'll be misused in Aranda's 3-4 scheme and could get buried on the depth chart I'm sure he believes he's talented enough to crack the 2 deep there and it doesn't scare him as much as we think.  He just feels like a southern kid wanting to stay South at this point, unfortunate because there is a starting spot waiting for him in Cbus.  Maybe he shows up at LSU and cracks the two deep before we expect and then he gets early PT and he gets to be close to home, who knows.   

Comment 19 Jan 2016

I don't think you can go wrong with Hardman or Bruce but I think it will be one or the other not both, Fuller seems to be all but committed, then its Lawrence, if Lawrence chooses LSU we go get King and call it a class.  Hardman/Bruce, Fuller, and Lawrence/King. 

I think Meyer and co desperately need an H-back that's more of a pure WR to replace Jalin so getting Hardman or Bruce will be huge. IMO both are electric enough to see the field as FR too. I'm expecting McCall to rotate between the backfield and slot similar to how Curtis and Dontre are used.  Not saying Jalin never saw time in the backfield but it was pretty rare and I think Hardman/Bruce are just naturals in the slot.  

Hardman showed at the Rivals camp in Charlotte and the 5-star challenge that he could also play outside the numbers too.  His route running is underestimated IMO so if we get him I would expect to see him all over the field.  

Comment 13 Jan 2016

I'm sure Larry Johnson is a hard man to say "No thanks" to. The way he talks to his players, treats them almost like sons, and the relationships he develops with his players has to be a massive draw for Lawrence.  The sell of playing with Cooper, Bosa, and Barrow has to be a pretty easy sell too.  

Comment 13 Jan 2016

I don't see Saban leaving unless he gets a chance to obviously have control of the roster but also gets a great QB too. Even then I'm not convinced he would leave.  At his age I'm not sure he wants to go to an NFL team and have to establish his culture and build his own thing there when he already has it at Bama.  The recruiting for the next 2-3 years just got easier again since the Bama dynasty has been revived with a national title so I don't see many battles against Saban.  Maybe win one or two more and go in to TV for a little while but I think he's really good with staying at Bama for now.  

Comment 13 Jan 2016

I think this is one of the cooler parts of the new social media age.  While trolls and over zealous fans can make the experience really annoying, getting a glimpse in to these player's families and how awesome their relationship with their parents are really gives us as fans a different connection/insight.  Whether it's Darron, Zeke, or Eli's parents tweeting at their kids, or seeing Braxton share his journey with his son with us on Instagram, or even watching Tyvis and Cardale's "father-son relationship" unfold on Twitter, this team just had an amazing and unique personality to it and it was very centralized on being a family.  Good luck to all of these guys and their families as they continue their success in the league and other parts of life. 

Comment 12 Jan 2016

I completely agree with this.  JT didn't really look like himself until late in the year and even he admitted that.  I think that injury either had him spooked or he wasn't completely recovered from it when he got the job.  He started to look like himself again, especially in The Game when I think he finally became 100% on all fronts. Good call out. 

Comment 12 Jan 2016

I don't think anyone can say that Urban made the right decision at any point in the season regarding the switch. The competition shouldn't have made it to the season.  I don't think the coaches knew what type of identity they wanted to have on offense going in to the year.  Idk about Beck and Warinner's relationship with Meyer but I do remember reading stories where Herman would at least disagree with Meyer on certain things and Meyer respected his opinion enough to listen.  I think Meyer needed someone like Herman to help him make this decision prior to the season.  If Herman was the OC I think he and Meyer would have sat down, Herman would have had a plan for the O and would have told Meyer "this is what guy best suits this" and the decision would have been over.  Instead we get the debacle that we had.  

Does JT fit the Urban Meyer offense better? Yes, absolutely.  If so, he should have been the starter.  If they wanted to run a more pro style offense than they should have put CJ in those spots to succeed but they didn't.  At the end of the day, those jumping up and down CJ's comments saying that "any D1 player should expect to compete everyday for their job" are right, but for one part, everyday BUT gameday.  

Any athlete plays at their highest level when they have confidence and when they know they're free to make some mistakes.  JT and Cardale both stated this year that the competition got to them. JT was forcing it, and Cardale was looking over his shoulder, why? Because the staff never put their full confidence in either player which led to the poor play.  Those signing JT's high praises must have not watched him much this year because he was off target several times on simple throws and decisions as was Cardale.  

Neither kid played near their potential this season due to them feeling like the coaching staff never putting full confidence in either guy.  Make the decision in camp, live with the result, and move on. Don't act like you're treating these guys fairly by saying they're in a competition during the season, but then expect them to play their absolute best while you're watching to see when they should be replaced with the other guy.  Have the competition in camp, and whoever wins it in camp wins it.  Whoever was the starter should have been the starter through thick and thin, unfortunately OSU didn't have that luxury with the national championship pressure put on them.

I love Urban and the way he coaches and cares for his players, but I think he was trying to be too fair this season with the QB comp.  I'm not sure I've ever seen a coach handle it properly so it's not just Urban's fault, I think he needed the guy that knew these guys the best and that was TH, but he wasn't afforded that luxury so he did what he thought was best which nobody can fault him for. I just disagreed with how he handled it, alas who am I but a mere fan with no national titles as a coach or anywhere near the experience and knowledge as Urbs.  Can't wait for the full revival of JT in 2016.  

Comment 12 Jan 2016

I thought Urban had a chance to seal off the competition after the VT game and name Cardale the permanent starter but it just kept looming.  They also changed some of the offense too and weren't really putting Cardale in a great spot to succeed.  Seemed like they were incredibly reluctant  and cautious to push the ball downfield even against inferior opponents.  IMO it always felt like Meyer wanted JT to start over Cardale because JT fit his offense more, even though TH showed in the title run that Cardale brought a greater balance and threat to the offense with his pro-style QB play.  Probably not the popular opinion, but I think Cardale Jones opportunity to succeed and his biggest advocate for him to start left when TH left.  

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Anyone else think this should've been the top 4 that played in the playoff? 

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Curtis Samuel feels like the right call here, has shown flashes since he was a freshman, excited to see what he does in more of a feature role

Comment 12 Jan 2016

To be honest for all the hype that was put in to Bama "fixing" their defense, it looked pretty similar to the defense they had last year.  Secondary was talented but questionable deep and their front seven was negated by Watson's mobility.  Clemson's game plan was purely to rely on Watson, I think OSU would have exploited Bama's D again like they did last year.  JT would have had to show threat of being able to beat them deep, but I think if they get the bama D stretched out like they were last night, OSU rolls, mainly Zeke rolls. 

Also, Clemson's special teams and coverage busts were terrible last night, I don't think OSU D and special teams forfeit 45 points to Bama last night and I think Meyer's team is much more disciplined than Clemson. I still believe OSU is the best ball team in the country and Bama is a close second.  QB play being the difference, OSU got that figured out enough against ND to show they could throw it.  If they played Bama 10 times I think OSU wins 6 or 7.  If OSU played MSU 10 times with or without Cook they win 8/10 times.  That's whats so frustrating, the best ball team is in Columbus, OH but doesn't have a damn thing to show for it. 

Comment 11 Jan 2016

Saban and Smart didn't need TH to tell them their  defense was not athletic, slow, and over weight, that was incredibly evident on tape.  Maybe they wanted to have it confirmed but at most Saban and Smart just had to swallow some pride after getting embarrassed on national TV by another power and accept they weren't as athletic as OSU.  Credit to Saban and Smart for adjusting but I dont think that TH gave the Bama staff some type of epiphany when he explained his gameplan.