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  • SPORTS MOMENT: On TV: OSU winning the inaugural CFP! Undisputed!

    In Person: 2nd round 2006 NCAA tournament game vs. Xavier. Ron Lewis makes a gutsy three to get the Bucks to OT at Rupp Arena. Mike Conley Jr. takes over in the extra period to seal the thrilling win. Made a run the whole way to the title game that year.
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Comment 12 Aug 2015

Thanks for sharing. Never came across these on Deadspin before. I died laughing at this one:

I was at the Browns/Bengals game (Johnny’s 1st Start) and the crowd went through all five stages of grief in one four hour game. Johnny could have blown up the stadium Bane-style and it would have been more uplifting than that game.

Comment 05 Aug 2015

Desmond - SEC - May - Cultists

Unless you have lived a half hour from Beaver Stadium (I have), then you cannot possibly comprehend the depth of the delusion of the JoeBots. It's maddening.

Comment 04 Aug 2015

For me, I didn't ever really despise that particular incarnation of the Florida football team. I do however despise how the Buckeyes performed in that game/the outcome of the game itself. Maybe others are making that same distinction?

On the other hand, throughout the years, I really can't stand the Miami Flag Truthers. So irritating.

Comment 06 Feb 2014

I hope you're right. I think the defense can only improve in the years to come from the rough stretch over the past 2-3 seasons.

I'm likely splitting hairs, but I am most concerned about the QB position once Braxton's career ends next season. I realize we won a NCG with Krenzel as our starting QB, so I know it's not essential to have a transcendent talent at the controls on offense to win a national title. But, we have been spoiled with Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor, and Braxton Miller over the past decade. Then again, Troy Smith wasn't a highly touted recruit (Zwick was!), and he became a Heisman trophy winner. Is J.T. Barrett the heir apparent or Cardale Jones? We'll probably get a look at them when (if) Braxton inevitably gets dinged up next season.

Comment 07 Mar 2013

You make some good points. Losing to us and then doing all of that does make them look silly, but there isn't necessarily a better time for them to commemorate this season either.

Comment 13 Feb 2013

Wow. Classy move by Tom Crean. Bummer, I don't think I can detest him as much now. I guess Bo Ryan moves to the top of my hated B1G coach list.

Comment 01 Feb 2013

Okay, so now we are going to personally attack each other. Thanks, man. For the record, I didn't expect a superstar. I had/have realistic expectations.  You have proven on multiple posts to be a MAJOR Amir Williams backer. That's cool. Just don't knock me from having a very different opinion than you. We have both have watched the same games--last year and this year. You think he's gotten a TON better (what exactly do you base that off of seeing as you earlier claimed that he didn't play at all last year) and I think he has regressed a little bit. To each his own.

Comment 01 Feb 2013

I watched the Bucks all year last year. I am aware that Amir didn't log many minutes except for blowouts and foul trouble for the other bigs. But when that was the case, he played very well for a frosh. He logged some good minutes against Cuse in the Elite 8 and IMO showed more during that one game than he has for this entire season.

Is there a post up center on this team outside of Amir? Nope because there isn't an effective post up center on the entire team. Period. If Amir was a post up center, then why isn't he getting good enough post position to ever receive the ball in the post? He's not assertive in any aspect of the game except for blocking shots--I give him his due in that regard.

I didn't say Q's shooting has been consistent but he sure as heck has had better stretches of encouraging play than Amir. Read my post(s)...nowhere did I say Ross was ready to "carry the scoring load."  All I'm saying is that he has shown some very encourgaging flashes of talent in multiple games this year.

FYI, I am well aware that Amir is starting and Ross is not. But that hardly proves anything. Amir is starting because the center position is paper-thin and Ross is coming off the bench because we have some actual talent on the wing (Thompson, Lenzelle, DT).

Ross hasn't blown me away either, and I'm not saying he has been "special" at all.  But I definitely believe that he has given Buckeye Nation a lot more reason for future development and the possbility of becoming an impact player than anything Amir has shown us thus far.

Comment 01 Feb 2013

Agreed, BHartman13. That was definitely the game that made me think Amir was going to be the next great big man for tOSU. I'm just not so sure, anymore. He hasn't played like that again since the Cuse game.

Comment 01 Feb 2013

All I will say is if Amir makes the same strides next year as he did last year, I will be very excited.

And I say if Amir makes the same strides next year as he has this year, then he will have progressed from completely confounding to mostly confounding. Hooray!

Comment 01 Feb 2013

Plus I don't know about you but an inside game with a post up center would be SO much better to have than another outside shooter.

What team are you watching? What outside shooters do you speak of? We don't have anyone other than DT who reliably knocks down outside shots.

And I seriously think Amir has regressed this year from what he was showing in March last year. He rebounded better and seemed more confident at the end of last season.

IMO, Ross has shown far more flashes this year of future greatness than Amir. It's not even close.


Comment 01 Feb 2013

As a side note, I really liked how we were getting the ball to DT in the mid post against Wisconsin. When our offense just keeps passing the ball around the perimeter for 20 seconds, it drives me crazy. I think we should continue to give DT the ball in the mid post, and we should even look to get the ball to Lenzelle in the mid post as well. His post up game is an extremely underrated aspect of his offense and maybe that would put him in a better position to succeed.

Comment 01 Feb 2013


Lenzelle is the most disappointiing Buckeye to me right now (Amir is hot on his heels though!). If Lenzelle didn't really help us on the boards, then I don't even think he should be seeing the floor right now. I can't remember the last time he made an outside shot and when he puts the ball on the floor he is erratic and out of control. I expected more of a jump from him this year in the absence of Sullinger and Buford.

I'd give Q some minutes at his expense. Lenzelle isn't the future, but Q very well may be.

Comment 31 Jan 2013

Speaking for myself alone, I am just hopeful, but it certainly is within the realm of possibility. If Craft can continue to bother Burke, then I like our chances.

Comment 31 Jan 2013

Q: How long do players have to make a decision?
A: Any player on the roster now can transfer under the NCAA prescribed liberal guidelines at any point of their Penn State career. But, they can’t transfer and play right away once a season starts. They have to wait until the conclusion of a season to transfer. The start of a season is considered to be when a team begins training camp. Penn State opens camp on August 6.


You would think that the worst has already happened for PSU transfers, but you are correct that any PSU player who was already on the roster when the sanctions were leveled against the program has the ability to transfer in this fashion at any point during their collegiate career.

Comment 31 Jan 2013

I never expected this to be dragged out with Katie Couric, and Dr. Phil.

Haha, your significant other must not watch The Today Show every single morning or you would have known this story's shelf life was going to be extended past its expiration date.

Comment 31 Jan 2013

He quit in Game 5. I watched EVERY minute of that game. I don't care what his stats say....everyone knows that stats can be extremely misleading, especially in a small sample size. Stats don't show defense, they don't show body language, they don't show how you are or aren't interacting with teammates. Every pro-LeBron person out there throws out his stats from that game as if that will defend his actions. A box score doesn't tell the whole story. Did you watch the game? If you did, there is really no other conclusion to arrive at.