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Comment 20 Jan 2018

O line play has been one of the main things holding them back. This would be huge. 

Comment 17 Jan 2018

Forgive me for not being impressed with Jalin going undrafted, Devin doing nothing, and Evan Spencer bouncing out of practice squads after a year or so.

This is an Ohio State board, and all three of those guys made crucial plays during the playoff run. Who cares what they did in the NFL? 

Comment 14 Jan 2018

Ruckert struggled to block in the Army game, so I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being how it goes.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

As they

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Ank @JT_theQB4th, our QB, one more time-a

ND our seniors and early draft guys-we and appreciate all your sacrific

Es, therapy after injuries, bumps/bruises/tea

RS-everything u gave to THE OSU. NO one outside gets it. We do.

You heard it here first.

Comment 08 Jan 2018

Bama fans can say whatever they want. 

As for the Georgia fans: I know they say to act like you've been there before, but when you haven't been there before, a little more humility is in order.