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Comment 23 Jun 2019

When I first saw Williams’ tweet, I thought it was a commitment announcement. Any chance Carpenter is making the same mistake?

Comment 23 Jun 2019

Cool seeing a recruit take photos in a standard uniform. (Or in this case, what should be the standard uniform, with the gray stripes on the sleeves.)

Comment 23 Jun 2019

Sorry, I’m with Brewster. I understand that it’s interesting to hear Smith tell stories that we haven’t heard before. But I tried listening to the podcast, and couldn’t get it out of my head that everything being said was coming from a guy who underperformed at his job, and whose actions led directly to Meyer’s exit. I’m old enough to remember a time when that wasn’t a hot take on these boards.

Comment 05 Jun 2019

My book club is reading War and Peace for the summer, so that's been on the top of my pile. Not the easiest book to lug around on the subway! 

Comment 02 May 2019

My family moved to that area of Texas when I was 9, and my mom immediately set out to find other Buckeyes. If she saw an Ohio State bumper sticker on a car in someone's driveway, she would stop, ring the doorbell, and introduce herself. They would watch games together with an 8-foot-tall, inflatable Brutus in the front yard. 

Moral of the story: Buckeye nation is real, my friends.