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Comment 24 Aug 2020

I’m willing to bet that NDSU will play more than one game. With so many schools having holes in their schedule (from Big 10, PAC 10 and MAC cancellations) there is plenty of opportunity to find games. 

Comment 12 Aug 2020

I agree with both points but Warren set the narrative going into the President's meeting.  He had clearly established that a no play option was going to be considered by the Presidents and gave them the air cover they needed/wanted going into the weekend discussions.  The lack of communication is ALL on Warren.  His communication skills are excellent when it comes to self-promotion --  (the background for his zoom interview screams "l need attention")  -- which is what matters most to him.  I say this with the highest level of confidence after watching his shameless self-promotion, along with the Vikings promotion of Warren in the Twin Cites while president of the Vikings.  The Viking organization has been whispering about him being the next NFL commissioner the past few years and much of what Warren did in Minnesota was about enhancing his own PR and image. 

Warren's talking points about player health and welfare are as hollow as they come.  I mean, I think he believes it, but the mental health damage alone to these players is something he never took into account.  Additionally, his uttering the words "spring season" flies directly in the face of his talking point about health and welfare of the players.  In what world would 25 or more games in 8 months be a good idea?  

Comment 11 Aug 2020

CIDRAP is about money. Osterholm has been crying pandemic for 30 years and he’s finally right like a broken clock.  His main goal is to fundraise for CIDRAP so he says things to get on tv and those appearances drive more money.  Check out his twitter. He uses crowdsource to help fund his program. No reputable research organization goes on tv and then uses the publicity to crowdsource fundraise. 

Comment 11 Aug 2020

And today, nobody cares that a high four star DE decommitted because the guy running the conference cares more about his image and personna than the future of 1400 college football players.

I live in Minnesota and watched Warren market himself as a big deal in the community and leverage that image into the Big 10 commissioner job.  Vikings bobos have been running a whisper campaign that Warren is the next in line for Goodell’s job. Warren is such a pr animal that he is still a regular on a local sports radio station every two weeks.  Some will say Warren is a great leader who made courageous and bold statements about cancelling the season   Maybe they are, but he made them for the wrong reason— and not in the interest of 1400 Big Ten football players  

The idea of playing in the spring is a joke.  A spring season is about revenue for the athletic department.  Warren says health and welfare because it is the first line on his pr teams talking points he gets handed before a media interview. There is no way it would be in the interest of player health to play two seasons in a calendar year. 

Comment 08 Aug 2020

I’m disappointed with Warren’s comments.  He’s a few months into this gig and everything he’s doing is to position himself to be the next NFL Commissioner. The overly cautious path here is to push it to spring.   I’m also tired of the talking points type of comment about making decisions based on heath and welfare of the students. If that was the case there would be no season at all — fall or spring.  The only reason to do a spring season is for money, not the players health or welfare. 

Comment 03 Aug 2020

Great work Kyle.  I follow two college programs closely the Buckeyes and NDSU. The Bison  would have given Oregon a great game and Oregon would have been ripe for an upset looking ahead to the Buckeyes the following week it’s too bad that game won’t happen. With apologies to Corey Dennis......Lance, Wentz and Easton Stick (Chargers backup) were all coached by one of the best QB coaches in the country at NDSU — Randy Hedberg.  His record at developing talent at NDSU is impressive and Hedberg played QB professionally after playing at an NAIA school in the late 70s.  Additionally, the great PJ Fleck recruited Lance as a DB so he went to NDSU.  

Comment 01 Jul 2020

The half time Dilly Bar promotion is something Dairy Queen has done since TCF Bank Stadium was opened a few years ago.  DQ is one of the main sponsors of the Club Level seats at TCF.  At half time of each game DQ gives away (free) Dilly Bars to everyone who has access to the club as well as those in the press box. I've been on the receiving end of a few Dilly Bars at Gopher games.  While the Dilly Bar is a nice treat, access to the Club in 14 degree weather is a much better deal.      

Comment 30 Jun 2020

I live in Minnesota and make it to a couple of Gopher games each year.  I have to admit that I didn't see the improvement coming this quickly.  I have grown tired of Fleck's rah rah personna, as have a lot of Minnesotans, but success on the field overshadows those concerns.  I am so looking forward to the first game of 2021 when the Buckeyes come to's been several years.  

Minnesota had one of the weakest schedules in the country in 2019 with the Big 10 schedule breaking their way.  No Ohio State, no TTUN, no Michigan State and Penn State was at home.  The PSU win highlighted Franklin's poor game management.  PSU should have won the game.  In addition, the Gophers three non conference games were against non Power 5 teams and they struggled to win each of them including FBS team South Dakota State.  Then last week some publication came out saying the Gophers have the third easiest schedule in the Big Ten this season.  This may be a lot about being lucky instead of good.  I'm sure some will point to the Auburn game and say "what about that win"?  I'd merely refer them to the Iowa and Wisconsin losses in November as a better representation of the team.  

Comment 19 Jun 2020

If.....the situation was the same at Ohio State you can bet the on site media coverage would have been massive.  ESPN would be going for the heads of the AD, the head coach and just for sport they’d try to get Urbans contract voided.  Iowa has two things going for it in this; 1) Iowa City isn’t easy for national media to get to and 2) they don’t have a following outside of Iowa.  I can’t wait for October 10. 

Comment 12 Jun 2020

No question that Tatgate was over blown and the media circus had more to do with the outcome than the facts. 

 Contrast Tressel with what's happening at Iowa and you can see the higher standard Ohio State is held to.  Iowa's head coach is being accused by a few dozen, like more than 40, former players of allowing a toxic culture that includes charges of racism and/or inappropriate racial comments directed towards players.  If this was happening at Ohio State you can bet Brett McMurphy and a slew of ESPN/SEC reporters would be all over the WHAC and Columbus trying to bring down the AD, the head football coach, and as many other coaches as possible.  It's not fair, but we have to live with it. 

Comment 02 Jun 2020

I am not a buyer on the Minnesota hype.  They struggled in three non conference games last year barely winning them and the only challenge in a Big Ten cross over game was the Penn State game.  Bateman is the real deal but there isn't much depth elsewhere and the defense coming back is unproven.  They need 9 wins to tell me things have changed. 

Comment 29 May 2020

I watched the Amazon Prime series on the 2017 TTUN with my daughter who attends Ohio State. She pointed out to me that at least two of the TTUN players we saw on tv walking through campus, including DPJ, had $800 backpacks. Hmm 

Comment 21 May 2020

I recently heard Urban say that they thought DPJ was headed to TOSU until the night before his commitment.  Big mistake by DPJ signing with Michigan and then leaving after 3 years.  Look what a fifth year did for KJ. Playing with a QB like Haskins and Fields would have made DPJ a much higher draft pick and showcased his skills much better.  Hopefully he makes better decisions as a pro.