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Comment 02 Jul 2018

honestly, I don't think it's really about recruiting. There is a significant contingent on here that will downvote any negativity about anything. If you say you think we'll go 11-1 this year you'll get 5 DVs because you're predicting we'll lose a game.

When we get a commit, it's a huge win and proves Urban is a God. When we lose out on someone -- or even when someone suggests we might lose out on someone -- everyone is supposed to shrug and remember that games are not won on the recruiting trail.

And anyone who expresses concern about something is automatically "panicking."

Comment 01 Jul 2018

If Maurer had committed right on the spot when he received his offer, they would have accepted it and Mathis would have stuck w/MSU. It sounds like OSU was just going to take whoever committed first. I don't blame him for wanting a week to think it over, but ultimately, it was in his control. Mathis just beat him to the punch.

The fact that they told him he'd be the only QB there is very unfortunate, though. I'm guessing Mathis was a last-minute add, but they still should have given Maurer a heads-up. 

Comment 29 Jun 2018

saw this and I think it's not completely out of the question that another team planted this as a false rumor to try to piss LeBron off.

not to say it's not plausible, gilbert is crazy. but I'm not 100% convinced.

Comment 29 Jun 2018

honestly, I'm ready to move on. The title brought me tears of joy (literally), but this team as constructed cannot beat GS and we can't make meaningful additions, either.

Plus, there is no way Lebron is worth $207 mill over 5 years at this point in his career. He would likely be worth that kind of money next season, but he turns 34 in December. This next contract will be killer in the latter half. Think Miguel Cabrera or Albert Pujols.

also I'm just over the drama. blow it up and start from scratch.

Comment 29 Jun 2018

no surprise but the jack miller crystal ball floodgates have opened:

currently 100% on 20 predictions

Comment 24 Jun 2018

The only reputation i've consistently encountered is that we are overly enthusiastic and overly proud of our program.

the pride things could be said of ohio in general, not just OSU. people don't really understand why we are so enthusiastic about our state. it annoys them.

Comment 22 Jun 2018

Have you ever been suspended from that job or gotten any written warnings? Or any formal verbal warnings, or coachings/counselings, anything like that that would be in your file? Any bad performance reviews?

Pretty ridiculous, regardless. Just wondering how ridiculous.

I assume you don't have a union? ya'll gotta grieve that shit

Comment 20 Jun 2018

JT. Very smart, mobile, accurate on short passes, but his success was largely the product of Urban's insanely productive offense. After his freshman season he never looked the same. There's a reason he went undrafted.

If you don't think this offense can make a solid player look great, go back and watch Kenny Guiton. He had an 84.4 QBR in 2013. That's higher than any of JT's seasons outside his freshman year. Not saying Guiton was a better overall QB, but that is telling.