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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 09/28/2012 PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA: I personally witnessed Homer Bailey toss the 15th no hitter in Cincinnati reds history. I hadn't even planned to go to the game, but a friend gave me tickets since he couldn't attend. Never thought I'd get to see a no-no in person!
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Favorite hockey team:Emilio Estevez's Mighty Ducks
  • NBA TEAM: None. College ball for me, please!
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Real football is primarily played using hands

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Comment 10 Jan 2018

If he projects as a first rounder after this season, then he should definitely leave. The career of a pro athlete is too short and unpredictable, gotta make that money while you can. 

Comment 30 Dec 2017

Pretty sure UFM got one, but it wasn’t memorable because he just carried on like a man instead of behaving like a petulant little pissant. 

Comment 24 Dec 2017

Damn. Hope he can figure things out and get his life on (but much more importantly off) the field straightened out. An NFL career is short enough without all these extra issues. 

Comment 10 Dec 2017

Ha! I thought you meant OK would be national champs, but you meant us with him at QB.

I love JT, but if he could pass like Mayfield we’d be unstoppable. Hopefully Haskins is ready to elevate the offense next year. 

Comment 09 Dec 2017

He’s a douche, but that doesn’t mean he wasn't the best player in college football this year. Imagine what Ohio State could have done with an accurate passer like Baker Mayfield.

Comment 06 Dec 2017

I’m fine with Ohio State being passed over this year, but you’re right that the committee basically told the entire country to ignore anything and everything they say prior to selection Sunday. 

Comment 06 Dec 2017

I didn’t downvote, but I’d guess most of the people that did probably had more of a problem with that last sentence. Seemed a little harsh. 

Comment 06 Dec 2017

Agreed. I can’t blame a kid for re-thinking such a huge decision. I wish all the top recruits could wind up buckeyes, but I have no doubt Meyer and his staff will find a good use for that scholarship.