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Comment 02 May 2018

Thank you for your comment/concern, as a survivor and a person who has lost too many friends and family members to cancer I’m not sure if I’m preachy or passionate but I believe saying

Fuck you, cancer.

Fuck cancer.

Fuck you cancer. 

Cancer can eat a fat dick.

Cancer sucks.

FU cancer!

so I think we all should understand just making  comments like these on a website isn't going to doing anything to end cancer either but I'm at peace knowing that I'm trying to make a difference in someones life so down vote away.

Comment 02 May 2018

We can talk, curse or wish cancer away but that does nothing. Get involved and do something about it, join Team Buckeye and ride, donate or volunteer for Pelotonia 18  and help Pelotonia's ONE GOAL -> END CANCER. 100% of every rider dollar raised goes to Cancer Research. 

I'll add Jeff's name to the other over 300 name I'll carry with me this year on my 180 mile ride in Pelotonia 18. 


Comment 26 Mar 2018

Cardale gets a lot of credit for those last 3 games (rightfully so) but Devin Smith was the one who had the speed, body control and hands to make the big plays down field which opened up a lot more of the playbook IMHO. If Haskins gets the nod which receiver on the roster is going to step up and play the Devin Smith roll this year? 

Comment 11 Mar 2018
Comment 05 Mar 2018

Got the same Gnome as DJ's and I guess the other for me would be the J.T. socks. I saw a picture of him wearing this in an Eleven Warriors article and had to have them. They are now a game day tradition and wear them for every game. I've gone through several pairs due to the constant pacing while watching a game at the house.

Comment 27 Feb 2018

Thanks Coop....any mention of Sammy Hagar and I'm in!

collaborate with the likes of Paul Rodgers and  Sammy Hagar 

HSAS Part 1 an early "super group" - HAGAR, SCHON, AARONSON, SHRIEVE

Part 2 - Hagar/Schon/Anthony/Smith

Comment 14 Feb 2018

Met Mewhort on the Urban and Shelly Meyer Buckeye Cruise For Cancer, talked to him for a few minutes and seemed like a nice guy, but I didn't have any beer with me at the time.