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Comment 13 Mar 2020

Again, that's not the issue.  The way to keep the death rate down is to not allow the medical system to be overwhelmed.   The impacts of that go beyond those infected.  It can prevent someone who needs urgent medical care for another reason from getting it.  Even, if they can get into the hospital they are now exposed to getting the virus in addition to the issue they originally entered for, which can greatly increase the risk of death.

Other non-infected hospital patients can be protected by placing someone infected with CV in a negative pressure room.  The problem there is that experts estimate there are only 4000 to 5000 of these rooms in the entire US.

Remember when someone mentioned 3 people coughing in Cleveland in the comments of one of the 11W articles related to stopping sporting events?

Comment 11 Mar 2020

My question would be how does Alford continue to recruit while remaining forthright when he feels he has his guys? 

"We like you a lot and see you as an OSU-caliber running back but to be honest we probably won't have room for you."

Tough to build and maintain a relationship with highly sought after guys without being able to go after them as a primary target, especially when other schools are.

Comment 08 Mar 2020

"Too many missed layups."

Unfortunately, missed layups / bunnies has been a  problem all year in B1G play, not just this game.  At this point it is something that is unlikely to change.  They missed a ton against Illinois.  The difference between the games was rebounding.  That's how they can make it up but it's a tough ask to do that game after game with a short bench.  No Kyle Young hurt a lot.

Comment 08 Mar 2020

It's also tough to win when you give up 11 offensive rebounds and seemingly get beat to the majority of loose balls.  MSU was amped and just a step ahead today.

I would of course have liked to have seen the Bucks win but the result was not overly surprising nor disturbing.  Because of reception problems where I was watching I couldn't see the whole game but from what I did see it wasn't as if they backslid and played terribly.  MSU was just better at home on Senior Day.