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US Navy Veteran, Ohio State Alum, and Die Hard yet objective Buckeye Fan. Born and raised in Columbus, the Buckeyes always felt like a piece of home when I was serving my country abroad. In 2002, I was temporarily assigned to a hold facility smack dab in the middle of ACC/SEC country with no friends, no family, and one useable leg. Behold THE Ohio State Buckeye were playing the mighty U in the BCS National Championship game! It felt as if they were representing the GREAT State of Ohio and it's people everywhere and they really won it for us and me. That game, this university, and our football team will always hold a special place in my heart.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: The 2002 National Championship I was smack dab in the middle of ACC/(then Big East) territory watching in a bar surrounded by Buckeye haters only to see my beloved Silver Bullets underdogs beat the 'Canes.
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Comment 31 Aug 2017

I'm talking about Bran and Jon in a relationship within the context of the on screen relationship. Sure they are "brothers/cousins" and grew up together but there is no relationship as far as creating drama in any way that the main protagonist and a major antagonist (Bran=NK theory) should be subject to a major clash that is a central point to the story.

In no way is Bran central to the story as we have witnessed it. The evidence of this is the screen time of Bran. Yes he was pushed out the window that is a shitty thing that happened, but it was one of many shitty things that happened that led to war. Ned's beheading, Sansa's letter, Jon Arryn's poisoning can all carry the same weight as Bran being pushed. It's central to his character yes, but it is not the central focus of the show, just a branch of GRRM's tree.

When chapters are written in first person POV, then it is necessary to get the point of the view of the most important characters, is it not? And the Three Eyed Raven himself has said what the limitations are for Bran as THE Three Eyed Raven. He in no way has said that Bran has surpassed his own abilities including time travel, time warging, changing the past with any communications. He's said the contrary.

Comment 30 Aug 2017

I'm not sure we are watching the same show. Jon has no relationship with Bran. Bran is not a central character. Of all the chapters in the books Tyrion has had 49, Jon has had 40, Dany and Arya have had over 30. Bran has had 21. That's 4 chapters per book (he's not in FfC. There would have been a clue at some point that Bran was a more important character. You're basically saying that Bran is the NK because of guessing. Bran has had almost no screen time in the penultimate season of the show.

Warging into the Night King is not an option, there is no evidence that he can warg into complex minds. He can't even warg into ravens around the NK. You say, "yet"? There are only 6 episodes remaining. It simply isn't feasible. Nor would I want to watch it.

Comment 30 Aug 2017

Which article?

I like the thought that sometimes the simplest answer is the right answer. There are very very few episodes left, I don't see them spending even one of them explaining time travel paradoxes and introducing new themes at this point. Besides I think the NK will get wrapped up before the conclusion of the actual Game. Wouldn't we have to care about Bran a little bit more to care that in order to kill the NK or whatever, we need to kill Bran? He's not even a central character at this point, he's a plot device.

This is almost as annoying as the "World is not Round Theory" that's been floating around since about 1996.

Unlike that theory however, GRRM has a tremendous axe to grind with showrunners and I believe he won't literally come out and say any more about what the book world actually is. What better way to sell more books and stick it to HBO?

Comment 30 Aug 2017

Because I'm not as good a writer as I'd like to be the following article sums it up nicely.

To further summarize, Bran cannot travel back in time, nor can he change the past by influencing others. Brynden says as much.

Bran cannot warg into the Night King in the past, he can barely control ravens near the NK. Nor can he time travel.

We saw the Night King actually being created by the CotF. The same CotF that harbored Bran in the cave.

Comment 29 Aug 2017

I think though that several plot points seem to be converging on Essos for the next season.

Euron and the Golden Company (the Golden Company were used and founded by Targaryens related to the Blackfyre rebellion).

Melissandre is heading there to bring something back to help.

There is still the prophecies concerning Asshai which are mentioned in show canon.

Something in Essos will come into play I think.

Comment 29 Aug 2017

GRRM's comments that he is a "Gardner and not an Architect" attest to his story writing. He literally could just keep writing the series forever if he wanted. It started with a seed. Now the books have so many branches. This very reason, while a blessing, has cursed us with the fact that GRRM really doesn't know how to tie it all up in an ending. (couldn't think of a gardening metaphor for the "ending")

Comment 29 Aug 2017

I think the Cat'spaw dagger's significance begins at it being Valyrian steel and ends with it being the instrument that started the War of the 5 Kings by attempting to assassinate Bran. There is no other reference to it in books or the show. For them to introduce another ex machine in the last season would be pretty lazy. I really hope they don't do that. There are several more significant swords, Dawn for example, that would be much more story friendly.

One V Sword "Blackfyre" was wielded by Aegon I Targaryan (The Conquerer) and was lost in the Blackfyre rebellion.

Another "Dark Sister", wielded by Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers. AKA former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, AKA The Three-eyed Raven

Comment 29 Aug 2017

I don't wear the color of the team we are playing and I don't wear blue on game day. I also make sure that no Ohio State apparel is hung on blue hangers in the closet, or next to blue hangers. It sucks because I'm also a NY Giants fan.

I have a Buckeye in each pocket.

It is unlucky for my wife to fall asleep during a game.

I cannot watch games at my sister's house. Her significant other is very negative and loud and it makes us lose.