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Comment 21 Nov 2020
Think about it like this. Adult diapers reduce the likelihood of you getting shit all over your pants but you'll still find a way to mess it up. Besides, not all masks are as effective and many reluctant compliars don't wear them right and/or ignore society distancing guidelines.
Comment 13 Aug 2020
The decades setback is definitely a ridiculous thought but it will hurt. Just can't figure out why pretty much most things are business as usual for many schools, jobs and events as long as masks are worn... they couldn't have played if the players agreed to masks? Also we have had travel baseball and soccer for elementary kids available as well as aau tourneys for bball and volleyball for the summer with no masks whatsoever. Those kids have alot less on the line then college athletes who for the most part are also grown adults that can sign up for the military tomorrow and be put in much riskier situations. The lack of transparency with the decision just adds to the frustration.
Comment 05 Apr 2020
Hate to see Luther go and wish him the best of luck. If he wanted to be a bigger part of the offense then he needed to work more on finishing around the basket. The few times he got to the hoop he'd throw up some junk or get blocked. In the least refine that you'll up mid range off the dribble that he showed early as a freshman. Oh well... par for the year!
Comment 12 Feb 2020
I understand that ther majority of this site's readers are adults, but my 11 yo son has been reading this site recently. Not sure why the graphic details needed to be included here, regardless of the warning. Haven't seen anything similar in any other articles I've seen.
Comment 10 Feb 2020

My personal opinion regarding the opponent 3pt % is that we over help on defense.  At some point if you are guarding man to man you have to expect folks to be able to defend their assignments without helping; the other part of it is that if you are going to double down then come down aggressively and don't be stuck in no man's land between actually helping and guarding the guy on the 3 pt line. 

I'd rather force the offense to take a challenged shot inside 1:1 vs leaving someone wide open for 3. 

Comment 11 Jan 2020
When there were reports last summer about our guards and wings working on 3 pt shooting I suggested working on mid range game and finishing at the basket. When the 3 isn't falling we just keep jacking them up because we have no other option than to throw it down to Kaleb, even though he likes jacking up 3s too. Regardless, the shooting has become a confidence issue now and the main thing we need is to get the assist to turnovers headed the right way. Against solid teams we were able to move the ball around, cut to the basket, and Walker/Lidell were able to provide some mid range buckets. We lost our mojo but we haven't lost and have time to get it back, but time is ticking.
Comment 03 Jan 2020
The refs were pretty terrible and we got outhustled for rebound and loose balls, especially on defense. Our guards aren't finishing at the rim and I just wish on a pick and roll we spread out and open it up for Carton to take a big man off the dribble. A sellout crowd that was it's quietest it's been all year for most of the games since students weren't back. Despite plenty of parking in the closer lots, they told folks the lots were all full after 40 minutes of waiting. We need a Buckeye victory and hopefully we don't have a repeat of last Jan. Getting Kyle back will be huge and I do wish we'd give Gaffney and Diallo a few minutes each game... would help in the long run come March when fouls are more frequent
Comment 09 Nov 2019

With where things are heading with allowing players to benefit from their likeness this is idiotic and they should just be lenient. 

That said, I still think this is idiotic as wouldn't everything had been on the up and up if Chase's girlfriend had gotten the loan directly from the 'family friend' and kept Chase out of the equation?

Comment 13 Oct 2019

"Muhammad made a team-low 52.4 percent of his shots at the rim and hit just 29.8 percent of his 2-point jumpers, per Hoop-Math. He often lacked control with the ball on drives, leading to poor shot selection, turnovers or stagnation in the offense."

Not saying he has to shoot it at a high volume but be a legitimate threat at least.  One of the few things that Keyshawn Woods could do last year that others could not is the pull up mid range off the dribble.  My personal opinion is that if you are a threat to pull up then then can play off you as much will better enable a drive to the basket.  Just makes you a better all around offensive threat. 

Going back to the Thad Matta days I always feel our team jacks up too many 3's.  Loved Michael Redd's game (no surprise given my handle) where he could get you on your heels with crossovers and then pull up for an easy foul shot range jumper. Maybe they're anticipating more open looks on the wings and less need to create with the true PG's, but again the team is better with more folks able to take teams off the dribble.