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Comment 27 Apr 2020

Who's the -1 chicken shit :-)

Look at Trubisky as a comparison, struck some gold and ran to the league in 1 year of starting and has not been very successful.  You can't tell me that despite all of his success that he couldn't improve substantially with two more years!   Its not just about getting that first contract large rookie contract, do this right and you will get a second and third major contract. 

Comment 25 Apr 2020

All I know is the jokes on Jimmy... took a 5 star QB castoff, and developed the hell out of him so well that no one took him in the draft.   Doesn't bode well in my mind for QB's that want to find a path to the League.  

Seems to me Andrew Luck was good without the QB whisper...

Comment 23 Apr 2020

So with Arnette going early, I thought I would see how the Butthurt nation felt tonight... this Thread is especially strong with Butt hurt!

Who's got it better than them !