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Comment 01 Jan 2018

Looking forward later to checking out the mgoblog posts.  I expect the initial early boisterous comments with false confidence that eventually fall into a pit of despair and self loathing misery!

Comment 01 Jan 2018

And that concludes all the college football I’m watching this season, let the ratings burn!  Turn it off people shut it down!!

Comment 29 Dec 2017

We have that law in Ohio, but danged if 95% of us ignore it anyway... good luck seeing enforcement in your lifetime!

Comment 29 Dec 2017

Houston doesn't hold a candle to trying to drive in NYC, Philly, Boston... those people have lost their minds...  and at least in Texas, bigger well maintained highways and no snow... heck you even have proper entry feed distance.  Ever try a merge going from 0-to 70 in 60 feet !  their city planners are crazier still!!

This counts as my airing of the grievance as a humble Clevelander trying to make it in the bigger cities that I travel too !!

Comment 27 Dec 2017

Since Gene couldn't vote or even discuss OSU, we didn't get in.But I'M ok with that this year...  but next year!  We are going to put the CFP on notice!  Oh yeah and Harbaugh will still be 3rd in the Big East!!  *ichigan can suck *y .....