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Comment 08 Mar 2020
Guess it is a moot point...but the correct spelling for the brothers who played for Dayton back in the 60's is "Gottschall." Sorry, my error!
Comment 08 Mar 2020
Dayton Flyers were my team back in the mid-late 60's too...caught the games on 1290 on your radio dial. Like NP, I was a Fairborn kid and loved Coach Donoher and his troops; the May brothers, Jim and Jerry Gautschall, Bobby Jo Hooper, Rudy Waterman et al. Funny, I remember all these guys from over 50 years ago, but can't remember but a couple of the Buckeye players from last year! A word to the wise for all you youngsters out there... DON'T GET OLD!
Comment 06 Mar 2020
What's the over/under on how many days out it will be when When I Needed You fails to post? Personally, I believe he is in for the duration! Love your loyalty, brother!
Comment 15 Feb 2020
As an old school baby boomer, it's gotta be from the TV classic, "The Andy Griffith Show"...followed by the theme songs from other 60's TV shows; "Leave it to Beaver," "Bonanza," "Hawaii 5-0," and "My Three Sons."
Comment 05 Feb 2020
As I mentioned in an previous post, I am not an avid follower of college and/or free-style wrestling, but I know enough to recognize an amazing feat when I see or hear about one. In the 1972 Olympics, Dan Gable won six matches on his way to a gold medal without giving up a single point against some of the best in the world! I have mentioned this when discussing or comparing various great moments in sports history and am often given a "so what?" response. In your opinion, how does Gable's accomplishment stack up against other truly great athletic moments ?
Comment 04 Feb 2020
Just saw that Sammy Sasso has joined Pletcher and Moore as the #1 ranked wrestlers in their respective weight class. I have been watching more wrestling this year than in years past and have been very continually impressed with Sasso's work ethic and absolute refusal to not give all every second he is on the mat!
Comment 29 Jan 2020
A young man decided that he would like to buy a dog for his new bride; a beautiful blue-eyed blond. "I think a Labrador Retriever would be perfect for us," he told her. She replied, "You might want to rethink that dear. Have you ever noticed how many of their owners go blind?"
Comment 23 Jan 2020
Wesson played better as a fatty! Kyle Young gives ALL every game while the others give little. At some point he may just throw up his hands and give many of us!
Comment 23 Jan 2020
The E.R. doctor found the worried husband pacing in the waiting room and announced, "Sir, I am so sorry...but you wife just doesn't look good at all.' The worried husband replied, "I know...but she has always been good with the kids and she IS a danged good cook"!
Comment 23 Jan 2020
A newly employed bank teller was counting money very rapidly when the bank president walked in and stated, "Your accounting skills are impressive; where did you learn them? "Yale' was the response. "Well then, we are quite fortunate to have you working here. By the way, what's your name, son?" to which the young man replied, "Yames Yackson."
Comment 23 Jan 2020
A guy walks into a bar after losing a civil case, and proceeds to get a bit inebriated. He climbs up on his bar stool and yells out, 'All lawyers are IDIOTS!" A guy in the back of the place stands up and yells back, "Hey buddy, I resent that!" to which the drunk dude responds, "Let me guess, you're a lawyer, right?" The guy yelled back, "No. I'm an IDIOT!"
Comment 20 Jan 2020
When I was a seventh grader, my English teacher was some old crone we referred to as "Old Lady Andes." As the years passed and I continued through high school and college, I gave little thought to any of my former teachers, particularly my seventh grade English teacher. As a shock to many, I ultimately became an educator myself, taking an elementary teaching position over an hour away from my hometown. As the years flew by, I was occasionally reminded of those perceptions I held of my teachers, so many years before. Well, a few years back, on a visit to my hometown, I learned that "Old Lady Andes" had passed away and sadly, I read her obituary in the local paper. After performing a little rough math, I discovered that "Old Lady Andes" had been a mere 31 years of age when I was a student in her English class...