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Comment 19 Oct 2020
DS47...I can guarantee you, without a doubt, that THE Ohio State Buckeyes is Herbie's favorite B1G team!
Comment 17 Oct 2020
With Teague and Sermon likely splitting duty at RB coupled with an amazing group of impressive receivers teamed with a talented QB who can both hit the open man with his arm and the open crease with his legs...will either Teague or Sermon average 100 yd. per game this year?
Comment 24 Sep 2020
Hey Calpoppy; I saw what you posted earlier concerning your $2200 bonanza and was waiting to see if anyone else would jump on it. Flew over a lot of heads but that was funny stuff there...well, maybe not to Btalbert25, but to me at least!
Comment 21 Sep 2020
We are remaining diligent in our prayers, Ellspar. Please give Scarlett a "group hug" from the 11W gang and let her know that we are all here for all of you!
Comment 14 Sep 2020
I'm not sure which is worse here..the council taking their merry, sweet time deciding which direction to go with the season while we faithful fans agonize through every minute, hour, and day in anticipation...OR the folks who claim to have great, reliable, or connected "sources" who continue to tease us into a false sense of euphoria and hope only to have the rug jerked out from under us time and time again. Please, just knock off the "my source" crap so we can all just wait it out and either enjoy or bemoan the final verdict when it actually becomes officially public.