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Comment 22 Apr 2019
Mike Tomczak, although undrafted in 1985, went on to play 16 years in the NFL...with Chicago, Green Bay, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. The guy hung in there and had a much longer run than most of these drafted qb's. Props to Mike for that!
Comment 25 Mar 2019
With all the upsets, craziness, and excitement every #1, 2, and 3 seed made it out alive. Plus, two of the #4s are still alive. A lone 5 and 12 got in with #12 Oregon being the only true "Cinderella." It's been a hoot so far and will only get better!
Comment 14 Mar 2019
I will say this...these games obviously mean very little to most on here; but all four teams played with tremendous heart and their fans were totally invested from tip off to final buzzer! Two extremely entertaining games.
Comment 28 Feb 2019
My most vivid, but not my first, was the '69 Rose Bowl. I was 15 years old at the time. The Bucks were #1 and USC was #2 and the notorious O.J. Simpson was killin' everyone with his elusive, slashing style (Yes, I meant to do that). USC opened up a 10-0 lead after an 80+ yard run by Simpson and I was thinking, "Katy, bar the door!"...but the Bucks tightened it up and came charging back to win 27-16...great memories, and hard to believe it was 50 years ago!
Comment 28 Feb 2019
And as for Ahrens being a Diebler #2...judging by his basketball IQ and sweet stroke; yes. But Ahrens moves around the floor much better and is a lot quicker!
Comment 26 Feb 2019
Like Coach said several times in his post-game interview...pump the brakes a bit boys. Ahrens had a sweet night, for sure, but you can't expect a freshman to come in from here on out and light it up like he did tonight. BUT HEY, five in double figures, Washington emerging, both Wessons playing solid games, improved rebounding AND assist to TO this team was focused and fired up tonight! Dang, the worm could be turning! Let's just hope it's not too late and that their chance of making the NCAA tourney hasn't been piddled away!
Comment 26 Feb 2019
Jay-S...not trying to be adversarial and please know, when I say ignorant I am simply referring to the young men being apparently being unaware of the implications or potential consequences of their actions here. Can't answer for others, but all I see are six OSU football players who, considering the mess the program has been dragged through in the not so long ago past, should have thought this thing through before allowing this picture to go public...period!
Comment 26 Feb 2019
I remember distinctly, just a short few years ago, some boneheaded college football player named Johnny Manziel (who by the way, happened to be a white kid) posing with a wad of cash while rubbing his fingers together in his "trademark" hand symbol and I felt the same exact way about him...So please, don't dare throw the race card out there. "Ignorant" knows no boundries!
Comment 25 Feb 2019
I was a primary reading specialist (Title I/Reading Recovery) from 1979-2011,working with at-risk reading students in grades 1-3. One day while working cafeteria duty, an older student started to give me a bit of attitude over some minor issue...but before I could choke out the little grubber (j/k), a buddy of his nudged him and said, "Knock it off, Matt; you don't mess with the Readnguy!"...I liked it, so I use it.
Comment 08 Feb 2019
Just saying, we fans LOVE to call out other team's fan bases for blaming, complaining, whining, and griping about officiating...but yet all I read EVERY STINKIN' GAME is blaming, complaining, whining, and griping about officiating...I don't get it, so somebody please 'splain it to me!
Comment 08 Feb 2019
Out of curiosity, I ventured over to the basketball forum, to catch their fan's take on last night's game...Surprisingly, of the 273 posts, there were maybe 6 that called out the refs. I was totally amazed in that approximately half of every 11W game thread posts are; in one form or another, whining, griping, or complaining about the officiating. It's really not a good look and certainly gets old game after game.