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Comment 14 Jan 2019

I always felt like his positioning was great but he just had awful ball skills.  He would be right where you want a guy to be but people were able to make great catches over him because he wasn't able to effectively put pressure at the point of the catch.  Never seen a guy get Mossed so many times.  Fortunately you can't teach speed but it seems like you ought to be able to practice contesting passes at the point of the catch enough to improve on that.

Curious if he or Parris will put up the better 40. 

Comment 01 Jan 2019

I've been wondering why we didn't hire him a while ago. I went to elementary school with him and I still remember when his dad came to give him lunch money that he had forgotten one day.  My second grade memory might not be crystal clear, but in my mind's version of things he had to basically duck and turn sideways to get through the door.  

Al's an awesome dude who would also be a great hire I would think.  Also a great artist so his meme's would probably be better than the Joker's.

Comment 26 Nov 2018

Everyone freaking out this early about a computer ranking is just silly.  I am sure the old RPI had similar strange data artifacts in the first couple weeks of the season, but no one ever looked at it that early.  By the end of the season everything will be back to normal.  Clearly gives rewards to road wins since we beat UC and Creighton on the road those are really helping us this early.  KU has good wins, but both are neutral site wins not true road wins.

I doubt there will be much complaint by the end of the season.

Comment 02 Aug 2018

This I agree with 100%.  To me whether or not he knew of incidents between the two is not overly relevant.  I think the bigger thing is whether he should have fired Smith given what he did know and his responsibility to have the appropriate people on staff to mentor young men.  More of a moral and ethical issue than a legal one.  

Although some of the clauses in the contract are written very broadly and depending on how they are construed, could tie OSU's hands.

Comment 02 Aug 2018

These two statements appear to both be true.  The texts from the wives indicate that Urban knows of the allegations and didn't know who to believe.  However McMurphy doesn't have direct texts from Urban himself.  So it seems clear Urban knew of the situation but maybe not the extent of how bad everything was and that McMurphy doesn't have direct evidence from Meyer himself about what he knew.

Comment 30 Jul 2018

Mixing milk with steak is not a good idea (and not just when ordering milk steak).  Calcium inhibits the absorption of iron which can make it more likely that you develop anemia.  Maybe that's Harbaugh's problem, he isn't getting enough oxygen to his brain due to low iron levels.  Now there is a conspiracy that's at least based in science...

Comment 19 Jul 2018

People keep saying that we need him (or any other receiver) to be more consistent.  I wonder how much that is a product of the rotation and not the players.  WRs aren't going to get 8-10 catches a game when they are only in for a quarter of the pass plays we run.  That makes it hard to be consistent.  I think we need to focus more on the unit as a whole if they are going to be rotated so much.  And admittedly the unit was inconsistent last year having some good games and some struggles.  I expect a big jump this year from the group.

Comment 12 Jul 2018

Agreed, and unfortunately it is sometimes the crimes they were victims of that made them the flawed humans they are today.  Hard not to feel perpetually aggrieved and paranoid about everyone and everything when someone you were supposed to be able to trust at a place that was supposed to care for you violated you so intimately and violently.

Comment 18 May 2018

I grew up with Al Washington in Columbus.  He went to Watterson and then BC for college.  Great dude, but they need better graphics guy.  I remember he was a great artist so maybe he can pull double duty.  

Comment 03 Nov 2017

Not sure it will hurt teams with high ticket demand like OSU.  It seems like it's the teams that rely on this and don't have a huge demand so the perk of a tax deduction is worth it.  I'm sure it may cause some people to stop donating, but not many and they'll probably figure out another way to get that money if this comes to pass.

Comment 28 Aug 2017

Were you at each practice?  How do you know 1 kid earned it?  Maybe they are both nearly identical and no one has separated.  Urban loves practice grinders, but he always talks about wanting to see how people do in front of 100k under the bright lights.  We rotate people early in the year until someone clearly separates, been that way for a while.  Worley and Lee switched out until Lee made himself clearly the starter, may not have been so obvious in practice.

I don't even think this is a gamesmanship deal.  I think it just indicates who will be on the field frequently and it will be sorted out once they get in game situations.