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Comment 25 Jul 2017

That seems to cut the other way from what you are saying.  It is quite hard to convict someone without pretty strong evidence that goes beyond witness testimony.  So often people who did commit the act are acquitted because it is easy to build a case for reasonable doubt.

Regardless, the judicial system has completed its processes in this case, so he has earned the right to move forward with his life in the eyes of the law.

Comment 16 Jul 2017

What I would prefer is some sort of series of scrimmages in the spring that wouldn't count toward ranking or anything.  Essentially a chance for young players and walk-ons to play without burning eligibility, get to see interesting match ups because winning and losing wouldn't really matter.  Kind of like spring training for baseball or summer league for basketball.

Comment 15 Jul 2017

So you are saying they are employees, you just think that paying them in kind is enough.  Like if pepsi paid its employees in pepsi, NBD right?  My thing is why should we or anyone else get to decide that tuition, room, and board are all that athletes deserve to be paid?

Comment 15 Jul 2017

Not sure why people are afraid of that.  Seems like if someone wants to give their money away they should be allowed to.  Watch out for those gift taxes though.

Comment 15 Jul 2017

Olympics already showed what a farce "amateurism" is at this level.  Not sure that is worth hanging your hat on.

Comment 15 Jul 2017

I don't know if you were referring to me, but I've been saying this for years.  It will bring what's already happening into the light.  I think it will level the playing field more, because people trying to follow the rules won't be getting screwed.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

This is a pretty misleading headline.  He had an inconclusive test result due to a diluted sample.  Now the question is, why was it diluted?  Did he try to drink too much water to throw off the test because he thought he would test positive for something?  Did he have food poisoning like he claims?  Did he just get sponsored by Recovery Water?

There is no conclusive evidence that he had anything illicit in his system, but obviously there will be some concerns when you combine this with his altercation in the medical facility that got him sent home from the combine.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

And that's certainly your prerogative, but they still probably made the best long term decision for the team.  Real fans would rather see the team win a championship in the summer, than see him play some random game in November.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

But it turns out that isn't the end goal.  In college football it pretty much is because you have to in order to make the playoffs.  In the NFL, players often sit out games 15 or 16 on teams that have clinched or on awful teams that are out.  No reason to care about a random game in April.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

I don't see anything wrong with any of this.  The coaches back then were idiots, taking a worse strategy to avoid appearing "weak" is just dumb.  And now players are trying to make the most money for the least amount of effort?  Isn't that literally what everyone is always trying to do in a capitalist economic system?  If you could find a job where I worked half as much and made twice as much, who would turn it down?  Also I believe MLB gets paid a lot more than anyone due to lack of salary cap.

Comment 05 Nov 2016

Felt appropriate to bump this thread tonight.  Nice call on the unis.  I think the socks are the best part to be honest.

Comment 04 Oct 2016

I think it likely comes down to who wins The Game.  Harbaugh will win COY if they win, Urban if we win.  Maybe Riley from the West could steal it if they win out, but other than that.  I think it is between us and them.