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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Will Smith mixing it up with Kellen Winslow, Jr in the '02 NC game. Zeke for 85. Cardale in Bulldozer Mode. Eddie destroying ND. '97 Rose Bowl. Yankees collapse in '04. Steroid Baseball was a good time.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Spielman, Pace, Doss, Braxton
  • NFL TEAM: Eagles, by proximity. Tepid interest in the NFL.
  • NHL TEAM: Blackhawks white sweaters r the best in sport.
  • NBA TEAM: no interest
  • MLB TEAM: Appreciate good baseball. Hate the Yankees.
  • SOCCER TEAM: no interest

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Comment 25 Oct 2020
92 H Garrett had the best game of any defensive player for OSU. Not positive, but I think I recall reading that Vincent was hobbled and working his way back (again).
Comment 25 Oct 2020
This year's D will not be on par with 2019 because Chase Young. It just won't. I would say Okudah, also, but moreso CY. He forced the opposition to alter blocking schemes and impacted every play, whether he was involved with the play, or not. A step back is inevitable. These LB's are who they are, and CY covered up many mistakes or deficiencies at all levels of the D.
Comment 25 Oct 2020
Penalties, or lack thereof, were markedly down last year (2019). The 3 years prior were all under UFM and yes, it was a shockingly consistent problem. I do not miss the penalties one bit, but Day cleaned up that mess right away. Not an issue last year.
Comment 25 Oct 2020
Bucks did have a handful of calls go their way yesterday. No doubt about it. Still don't know how the sack of Fields late in the 3Q was not a safety. Two or three plays later #5 for NE gets a 15 yard targeting penalty vs Steele and is tossed. Two plays after that, Olave was hammered in the head/neck by a DB who clearly launched and no penalty. No consistency.
Comment 22 Oct 2020
No chance that Swinney leaves for the Jets. Zero. Lawrence to NYJ? Yeah, entirely possible, maybe even likely. Swinney is buoyed by the best DC CFB in B Venebles, and Venebles has now (I think) 2 of his own boys in the CU program, so his roots are laid down. Also, North Jersey is a long, long, LONG way from Clemson, SC. May as well be the moon. Very tough sell for a relatively young family such as Swinney's.
Comment 21 Oct 2020
Ramzy the metalhead. Wouldn't have guessed that. Not sure why, just wouldn't have. Hallowed is probably my favorite Maiden song, definitely top 3. Outstanding selection and the solo indeed slaps hard AF. Up the Irons, baby! Lol.
Comment 18 Oct 2020
Bennett is a nice college QB. That ain't gonna get it done, if the goal is a NC. Not going to happen. Similar to when Bill Swinney made the decision to go with Lawrence and Saban with Tua, Smart needs to make a shitty/difficult change in order to provide the rest of the roster a chance to win a natty this year. I'll say no more.
Comment 17 Oct 2020
My problem with GD is he comments on ***every. SINGLE EFFING. PLAY.***. Let it breathe, jackass. Even a fair catch punt! Every snap! Let it breathe.
Comment 13 Oct 2020
Indeed. Probably the best team 1-8 I've ever seen. I was a kid and can't really go much further than that squad. They pretty much represent my limit in terms of personal memories, but that was an incredible lineup. Right up there with any of all-time, I'd say.
Comment 13 Oct 2020
Morgan and Bench were among the top 3, or so, at their position of all time, all things considered (avg, power, baserunning, defense, driving/scoring runs). At least in the last 40-50 years it's very difficult to come up with 5 better infielders, collectively. After Rose moved to the Phils they had Bob Boone, Schmidt, Bowa, Trillo and Rose at 1st. Great. StL at one time had Porter, Pendleton, Ozzie, Herr and Clarke. Great. Grateful mentioned a great NYY infield a few years back that was loaded. But no, none of them matched the Reds of that era, as pretty much no team in history could match Bench and Morgan at the same time. Mid-late 70's Reds the greatest in my lifetime.
Comment 10 Oct 2020
Chizik. Sans Newton he doesn't even come close to sniffing any kind of Championship. Ed O does have a legit chance to surpass him tho. Currently number 2 and still making his case.
Comment 10 Oct 2020
Brent Venebles has been, and continues to carry Clemson Bill (I refuse to call a grown man "Dabo"). Venebles is the key to their success, IMO. Bill has certainly maximized recruiting opportunities, and he deserves credit for that. But still, people call him Dabo and he's good with it, which makes him a jackass. BV is the guy.