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Comment 09 Jul 2020

Just rip the damn Band-Aid off now:  there are not going to be any college sports for at least as long as it will take to develop a successful vaccine for this thing.  It’s too damn dangerous.  Justin Fields and Shaun Wade’s last plays as Buckeyes were an interception and an ejection for targeting against fucking Clemson.  I think I’m going to throw up.

Comment 08 Jul 2020

1.)  OSU already has a new President, so this conversation is moot.

2.)  From things I’ve heard at YSU, Tressel is in over his head in that job.  As it turns out, being a successful football coach isn’t exactly relevant job experience for running an entire university.  He’d be a disaster as OSU President.

Comment 27 Jun 2020

Yeah, but as others have mentioned, a Natty in either ‘96 or ‘98 (or both) buys Cooper at least 5 more years, putting us in perfect position to hire Prime Urban as our next head coach.  As much as I cherish the Tressel years, I would trade them for Florida-era Urban Meyer here in Columbus.  I get chills thinking about what he could have done here.

As far as my answer to the question at hand:  I’ll go with 1996.  One, a Natty in that year means a win over Michigan.  I’ll take that over a win over Sparty in 1998.  Two, I just flat-out LIKED the 1996 Buckeyes more than the 1998 version.  That team played with a focus and hunger, particularly on defense.  I fully admit that the 1998 team was more talented, but, much like 2015 (although not as bad), they never seemed like they cared too much throughout the season.  The lasting image that I have in my head of the 1998 Buckeyes is Damon Moore injuring his shoulder while stupidly diving into the end zone on the pick 6 against Sparty- a move that ended up firing MSU up to come back to win that game.  That team didn’t deserve a Natty more than the inaugural Silver Bullets.

Comment 19 Jun 2020

I know this is going to get downvoted to hell, but, given the news about the Phillies players and Auston Matthews today, I just can’t see any freaking way that there are going to be any organized sports at either a collegiate or professional level in the United States until there is a vaccine for COVID-19.  I hope that I’m wrong, but, I just can’t see players taking the risk of being infected.  It’s just too dangerous.

Comment 03 Jun 2020

I don’t think this is even remotely arguable.  Better coach?  Urban, and it’s not even close.  More beloved by OSU fans?  Tressel, and it’s not even close.  Despite the fact that Meyer had just as many Buckeye bona fides as Tressel did, Urban is always going to be looked at as a polarizing outsider, much like he was at Florida.

Comment 14 May 2020

We’re not going to have a football season this year.  I’ve already made my peace with it.  Honestly, it’s not the worst thing in the world given all that is happening right now.  If anything, these past few months have given me a lesson on perspective.

Comment 09 May 2020

Shocking (/sarcasm).  Taulia is a borderline Division I prospect, who only had a scholarship at Alabama to keep his and Tua’s parents happy.  Once Tua left for the NFL, Saban no longer had any use for the kid.  They’re going to be fine at QB, if not a little thin.  Sounds familiar?

Comment 25 Apr 2020

I said all last year that the younger guys (Olave and the freshmen) were the best part of our WR corps, and that none of the veterans were on the level of Campbell or McLaurin.  Looks like the NFL agrees with that assessment.  The WR corps going forward should be better going forward.