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Comment 19 Mar 2020

It’s my gut feeling, but it’s backed by things that I’ve read on other message boards that allegedly come from multiple AAU coaches.  If you’re to believe this, Carton was allegedly upset at Holtmann because he was promised that the team would be changing to an up-tempo offense designed to feature him, and felt that he was lied to.

Comment 19 Mar 2020

Honestly, this is EXACTLY what this feels like.  I might get killed for this, but this whole thing feels like it has Fran McCaffery’s fingerprints all over it.  The kid was pissed about how he was being used, and another coach talked him into using a mental health condition as an excuse for an immediate transfer.

Comment 09 Mar 2020

That, and the whole thing was such a blatant rip-off of GoT's Battle of Winterfell episodes from last year, even including a montage of all of the characters on the eve of battle set to one of them singing a mournful song (in this case, Eugene doing his best Podrick with a version of Iron Maiden's "When the Wild Wind Blows").  I was half-expecting Carol to come flying out of a tree from behind Alpha in order to stab her in the heart.

Comment 08 Mar 2020

Pasqualone’s is legit, but it’s reservation-only and only open for dinner.  That, and it’s a bit far for only an hour lunch time.  Same goes for Layla’s, Yanni’s, Hoyo’s and Estilo Brazil (you would pass a Chipotle on the way there, if you want a decent quick-service spot).

Comment 08 Mar 2020

It sounds like you’re up near Busch Boulevard (the old Continent, for Columbus peeps).  Yikes.  The pickings right around there are slim, to say the least.  If you are feeling adventurous, there’s Helen Asian Kitchen- an authentic Szechuan-style Chinese restaurant that is located in an old strip club (seriously) near the intersection of I-71 and SR 161.  Despite the location, it’s always been pretty well-regarded.  Zaftig Brewing Company has a taproom at its production facility on Huntley Rd. that usually has food trucks around.  There’s a new taqueria (Dos Sabores) open at the intersection of 161 and Huntley, and a pretty decent Mexican place (Casa Hacienda Grill) on the east side of I-71.  And...that’s about it anymore (there’s also a Bob Evans, a Skyline and a Wendy’s, if you must).  If you’re more-risk averse, I would get on 71 North and head about 5 minutes up the road to Polaris Parkway.  Most of the options are chains, but they’re reliable and plentiful.

Comment 16 Feb 2020

In fairness, Ohio State had never really been QBU until Urban Meyer got here.  Outside of outliers like Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor and Art Schlichter, our typical pre-Meyer QB would be a competent but unspectacular game manager-type.

Comment 15 Feb 2020

Anthony Morelli also says hello.  Malcolm Jenkins owes half of his career NFL earnings and his Thorpe Award to that dude.  Both Morelli and Sackenberg were worse than McGloin.  At least he had...wait for it...moxie.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

You'd have to think that Colorado is going to at least reach out to Eric Bieniemy, although the question is whether or not CU actually cares enough about football to do what it takes to get him. If no one in the NFL is willing to give that guy an opportunity to prove himself as a HC (I can't for the life of me figure that one out, other than the- rather ugly- obvious), you'd figure that he would jump at a chance to restore his alma mater back to their glory days.

Comment 10 Feb 2020

That guy seems like he just wants to be a pro football coach.  He hasn't coached at the collegiate level at all in the past 15 years.  Why is it some kind of unforgivable slight if he doesn't want to coach college football?  It doesn't appear to be anything personal against you, Spartan fans.

If they're thinking down that road, though, they may want to consider giving Matt LaFleur's younger brother a call (maybe as at least an OC).

Comment 10 Feb 2020

The weather in Columbus isn't that much worse, if at all, than NY and DC, and there are teams there.  If I were the XFL, I would have been looking for college football-friendly markets where there are no current NFL franchises- Columbus, Birmingham, Austin, Omaha- and made sure that the teams were packed with alumni of the local schools.

Comment 10 Feb 2020

I missed a more obvious- and better, IMO- pick for this job:  Butch Jones.  He’s from Michigan, coached most of his career in that state, has experience in recruiting both Ohio and the South, and now has the Nick Saban seal of approval.  If he wants this job, Sparty should jump at the chance to hire him, underperformance at Tennessee be damned.

Comment 10 Feb 2020

Sparty can't afford not to hire a permanent replacement right now.  They're not OSU;  they can't just go out and hire an Urban Meyer type who will instantly fix the next recruiting class after a year under an interim coach.  Dantonio's last class was a disaster, and this year's has the potential to be even worse unless they have someone- ANYONE- in place.  Mike Tressel will be a deer in the damn headlights (see:  Fickell circa 2011), as he's in NO position to take over as a head coach at this level right now.  The thing is, we don't know how bad the potential NCAA shitstorm is going to be for MSU.  That will severely hamper their ability to hire anyone who isn't 1.) desperate for ANY head coaching job (see:  Bielema, Bret), 2.) an underwhelming Spartan loyalist (see:  Shurmur, Pat), or 3.) both (see:  Mariucci, Steve).  They're kind of screwed, IMO.

Comment 10 Feb 2020

Luke Fickell would not be a good fit in SoCal.  The Trojans- remember, this is the same school that turned Coach Eaux away- are too easily tempted by a bigger, "sexier" name than what they have now, and that's not Luke.  I can't imagine that ever working, although I couldn't imagine Mick Cronin ever taking the UCLA basketball job, so, what do I know?

Comment 10 Feb 2020

I wouldn't rule out Steve Mariucci here.  He's a native Michigander, he still has some name value due to his work as an analyst on the NFL Network, and he's (presumably still) close friends with the one unimpeachable god-king figure on that campus.  He's been rumored to be interested in getting back into coaching for years, and this could be an opportunity for him.  Sparty could view him as their version of Herm Edwards.  They could do worse.

Comment 10 Feb 2020

This certainly doesn't do much for the B1G as a whole, but I'm glad to see UC not lose a coach so quickly for a change.  Luke will have better opportunities than this one down the road, and he stays away from a potential NCAA hazmat disaster.

Someone else mentioned this on another thread:  Don't be surprised if Sparty turns to Pat Shurmur now.  He's still a name coach, and he's an alum up there.  The obvious downside is his lack of recruiting experience, although that never hurt Herm Edwards.  Another possibility would be Steve Mariucci (he being longtime friends with Tom Izzo), although he hasn't coached in quite some time.