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Comment 12 May 2019

Why we go National for a TE is confusing me. We have PLENTY of talent every year in Ohio at a position that doesn’t require 5 or 4 star talent to be successful. Look at Iowa’s 2 TEs taken in R1 of the NFL draft. 1 was a walk-on, the other a 3-star get out of Nebraska. Shame on OSU for NOT offering Lachey and letting a program like LSU beat them to the punch. Get these kids that WANT to be a Buckeye in the fold and let Mick do his magic.

Comment 24 Apr 2019

Ok...Bortles a top 3 pick, Trubisky the 2nd overall pick and Ryan Tannehill picked 8th. Not 1 of those guys could hold a candle to Haskins in their 1 or 2 years starting in college. There are many more, for sake of volume I will end there. How Dwayne Haskins is falling out of top 10, is a mystery. Whoever takes him, franchise changer....go get’em Dwayne!!!

Comment 17 Apr 2019

What is being put in the water within the city limits of Pickerington?!? It seems for years, the talent on the gridiron and hardwood churns our elite kids EVERY year. How scary would their school be if Pickerington North was never built? But then again I guess one could say that for Hilliard, Westerville and Dublin too...but still, Pickerington just churns them out!!

Comment 10 Apr 2019

I see that Harrison and the QB are coming in from St Joseph Prep. Correct me if I am wrong, but didnt Philly Brown play there? Curious if he is getting involved from a relationship/reference standpoint.

Regardless, we need to see some BOOMS this weekend!