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Comment 31 Aug 2019

My oldest son and his family live within a half mile of the Atlantic just north of Jacksonville. They ridden out two cat 3 storms in the last few years. Not going to risk a cat 4 so they’re heading inland and hopefully they’ll stay safe. 

Comment 21 Aug 2019

I watch the Bucks primarily. I used to live in front of the tv start to finish on Saturday but no more. I do check scores on my phone and sometimes I’ll turn a game on but not often. 

Comment 01 Apr 2019

Not the biggest but in the top ten according to this article from last year.

Which states have the biggest drug problems?

By Ashley Welch

May 14, 2018 / 4:23 PM / CBS News

As the opioid epidemic continues to wreak havoc on communities across the country, new data looks at where drug abuse is most pronounced and which geographic areas in the United States are most at risk.

The report from personal finance website WalletHub ranks the 50 states and the District of Columbia across more than a dozen key metrics, ranging from the rate of opioid prescriptions to arrest and overdose rates and meth-lab incidents per capita.

According to the report, the 10 states with the biggest drug use problems include:

1. District of Columbia
2. Missouri
3. New Hampshire
4. Michigan
5. West Virginia
6. New Mexico
7 Indiana
8. Rhode Island
9. Kentucky
10. Pennsylvania

Comment 01 Mar 2019

He did look good in the drills. One of the announcers even commented on one of his catches being pretty good. Weber had a good day, IMOP. 

Comment 27 Feb 2019

First game I remember is the '69 Rose Bowl.

Most memorable game for me was the 1997 Spring Game. It was the first game I ever took my youngest son to. His eyes were like saucers and his love of the Buckeyes was cemented that day. Seventeen years later he received his degree from OSU. 

Comment 26 Feb 2019

My initials. Rbesr.  I have a son Rbejr. Senior and Junior, not very creative but it works.

Comment 24 Feb 2019

True emotion from Gus, unlike so many scripted “tributes” we hear.

Two and a half years ago, we said goodbye to my second born son. In my life, I’ve buried both my parents, four grandparents, a sister and a brother. As much as these losses hurt, none of them come remotely close to the the pain I feel daily over the loss of my son. My heart goes out to the Chapman family.

Comment 18 Feb 2019

I was attending a Jaycee convention in my home state. I was happily divorced at the time and not looking for spouse #2. I got to talking to a female friend I'd known for years during the weekend. She told me her story of woe with her estranged husband. We spent a good bit of time talking, not realizing at the time what was happening. At the convention's end, she drove back to southern WV and I made my way back to Cbus. Several weeks later, out of the blue, I got a call from her telling me she had never been to Columbus and would I be willing to show her around. Needless to say I said yes and she drove north for the weekend. The surprising thing was I found myself heading south the following weekend after I got off work at midnight Friday night and driving to Beckley WV. These alternating weekend trips continued for about six months before we had enough and tied the knot. This was over thirty years ago and she's still the love of my life. It's the best decision I've ever made.      

Comment 08 May 2018

My youngest son played PYAA football as well as other sports when he was growing up. His senior year was the first time Pick North won the conference football championship.

Comment 07 May 2018

You've got to stop at Kermit's for their key lime pie. Best you'll ever eat. If you like authentic Cuban dining, go to El Siboney. The original location is on Catherine St. 

Don't park at Mallory Square. You'll feel like you've been gang raped.

We were there in November and there was still a good bit of cleanup needed after the hurricane but most of the tourist areas were in good shape.

Comment 09 Apr 2018

1997 game. My youngest son was six and this was his first one to attend. He worshipped Andy Katzenmoyer. My son was sitting on my shoulders when #45 came running by and spoke to him and gave him a huge high five. My son was in heaven. He still tells people about that occasionally.